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Md Rabiul Hasan



First poem

The poem is all about a poem which helping a particular person in many things which includes reminding

him about the direction, reminding him how he finds his way through difficulties etc. From my point of

view, in place of poem it can be anyone in our life who can actually play the same role, who can give

proper direction in difficult situation etc. “He breathed its oxygen” which actually the use of imagery in

the poem. Proper meter and Rhymes are missing in this poem which makes it a free verse. The full poem

is part of verse. The good syntax of the poem makes the poem more beautiful, as an example-

“He breathed its oxygen,

Even when the book lay turned in the dust of his table.” In those given line writer used subject, verb,

object in right way.

Second poem

The poem is all about a silent place where nothing is moving. This not a normal thing from the perspective

of others. But the writer already experienced something like this before and he knows at the time of the

year it is normal. He also wrote that there is no way to go to mountain at this moment but this is not

making mountain dull at all.

Third poem

The poem is all about the people who are protecting the country, protecting us no matter what the

situation is. Difficult situation makes them stronger. When we read the poem, we can see that things

writer used most are metaphor and simile. Some examples are- “That the brave are like mountains” “The

calm are like the sky”.

Fourth poem

The poem is all about a person who is struggling at the moment of time to reach to his target destination.

But one thing which is motivating me about the person is no matter how difficult the situation is he is not

giving up at all.

Fifth poem

The poem is all about a mountain which is sitting upon a chair and watching the whole world. The

mountain is metaphoric representation of God.