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Prior to Conversion to Chaos: His Holiness, Cardinal-Astral Scarus
After his Conversion to Chaos: Apostate-Cardinal, Arch-Heretic, Despoiler of Vraks


Lord Xaphan was the successor to the former Cardinal-Astral, Borja, to whom he was a former
protégé, and whom aided his rise through the Adeptus Ministorum. He was enthroned as
Cardinal-Astral Scarus on San Artorus.

Before taking his place in the council chamber, he took upon a pilgrimage to visit his new diocese
including the shrines and cathedrals of the Scarus sector, where he preached that all those under
his domain were being as well protected as possible. The pilgrimage took 5 years, and his full
entourage was over a thousand strong, consisting of preachers, deacons, chatelaines, and
menials. This number also included his bodyguard of Adeptus Sororitas sisters, a gift from the
Abbess of the Order of the Argent Shroud. Even fanatics of the Redemptionists joined his
entourage, where they believed Lord Xaphan was on a crusade to rid the sector of heresy,
supposedly sent by The Emperor himself.

When he visited the planet of Thracian Primaris, the Cardinals sermons were attacked by
thousands of rioting frateris and hundreds were killed as the Adeptus Sororitas and the Adeptus
Arbites restored order. Even so, he continued to attract followers, some even going as far to call
him a messiah.

It was here that Xaphan began to realise his power, and his voiced his concerns to Deacon
Mamon. The Cardinal-Astral knew that he had it within his capability to start a holy war against
the enemies of the Imperium, but the Inquisition would not be so tolerant, especially by the
Ordo Hereticus. The Witch Hunters had banned the Ecclesiarchy from commanding armed men,
a ban enforced since the Age of Apostasy, caused by another Cardinal - Vandire. Mamon
suggested that Lord Xaphan should choose a secure location from which to potentially plan his
war of faith ʹ the chosen planet was called Vraks, a Departmento Munitorum Armoury World. It
was also the site for the Basilica of St Leonis the Blind. It would be the final stop on the Cardinals
pilgrimage, where the attached Cardinal Palace would be his new home.

After landing on Vraks, and completing the pilgrimage, all seemed to be well, until he retired to
the Palace, where he sealed himself in with his inner circle of trusted advisors, including the
Deacon Mamon. The Battle Sisters of the Order of the Argent Shroud took up residence in a small
priory next to the Basilica of St. Leonis, where they formed an Honour Guard to the saint͛s bony
Needing an army to fully realise his crusade, Cardinal-Astral Scarus Xaphan ordered his trusted
preachers and deacons to spread the word that Vraks was potentially under threat, creating a
frateris militia. Lord Xaphan was now well and truly the planets saviour, and the mob͛s messiah
to protect them from heretic forces.

It was at this time that the most loyal of Xaphan͛s followers, his inner circle took up the name
͞Disciples of Xaphan͟, led by Deacon Mamon, and including the commanders of the frateris
militia, and the Steward of the Citadel. With the highest members of the military of Vraks now
under his control, in all but name so that the ban had not been broken, Xaphan͛s gospel had
spread to even the labour gangs and penal workers, leaving only the Adeptus Arbites precinct
outside of his control.

However, with this new power and obvious attempt to bypass the ban placed on the
Ecclesiarchy, the Ordo Hereticus were forced into action, and they signed the Cardinal͛s death

A Vindicare Assassin had been secretly deployed onto Vraks, entering the citadel disguised as a
pilgrim. His first shot with his sniper rifle destroyed a decorative pillar, but the shot was
eventually stopped by the refractor field hidden in Xaphan͛s rosarius. The sniper͛s follow up
shots killed two of the Cardinal͛s guards, and in his flight, the assassin killed an acolyte preacher.
The soldiers in the vicinity gave chase, forcing him into a dead end, where the assassin killed at
least five more guards before being shot. The vindicare assassin was labelled as a traitor, and the
resulting riots lasted for over a week before the Adeptus Arbites precinct was overrun.

With the law enforcement gone, the chain gangs working in the labour zones started looting the
armouries, and their guards either fled or fought back, only to have their orders countermanded
by Xaphan͛s officials. The Master-Prefect of Vraks was killed as he attempted to flee to his
shuttle, and the Prioress of the Order of the Argent Shroud was arrested along with those of her
battle sisters who were captured during the fighting. They were interred in the dungeons while
the former occupants became yet more soldiers for Xaphan͛s army.

Finally, the censorium tower was attacked and the resident Astropaths killed. Vraks had fallen,
and Xaphan had now fallen to chaos completely.


[See also: The Siege of Vraks]
In the power vacuum that followed his ascent as the sole leader on Vraks, months of infighting
between the rebels foundered a new order, the strongest and most dedicated joining the
͞Disciples of Xaphan͟. Realising that a retaliatory attack was a case of when, and not if, Xaphan
decreed that Vraks was to become a slaughterhouse. Defence lines were reinforced, new
minefields planted, laying razor wire, weapons drill, and practising ranging shots with artillery
were the focus of rebel forces. It was estimated that over 8 million troops made up Xaphan͛s
forces. Included among these were rogue psykers, released from the prisons, who apparently
gave visions and prophecies to the Cardinal, proclaiming they were from the gods.
After several years of fighting, Space Marines wearing dark blue power armour were found to be
fighting alongside the Vraksian renegades ʹ they were the warriors of Lord Arkos, a former
champion of the Alpha Legion. Lord Arkos soon became one of Xaphan͛s most powerful allies,
with his promise of yet more Traitor Legionnaires.

After nine years, and despite the full encirclement, and breach of the second defensive line
around the citadel, Xaphan had lost interest in the success of the campaign. Instead, it would
promise only greater slaughter, and with the advice provided by Lord Arkos, its continuation
would become a bloody sacrifice to the dark gods of Chaos. Conjured by sorcerers within the
Alpha Legionnaires, the sky turned to a red and black mass of clouds.

With the coming of yet more chaos space marines, Cardinal Xaphan͛s position became gradually
weaker, as the traitor legionnaires were not under his direct control. With the planetfall blocking
off access to the Krieg 19 Siege Regiment, Xaphan took to hiding in the heart of the citadel, as
greater powers at work took control over each of their factions in a loose alliance. Even Lord
Arkos of the Alpha Legion did little to establish control. Only Deacon Mamon stayed loyal to
Xaphan, with his appointment to the Disciples of Xaphan.

Over the years of warfare, Xaphan had hoarded his stocks of a deadly chemical weapon, known
as TP-III, in the event that the Siege Regiments should break through, to be used as a weapon of
last resort. Instead, the followers of Nurgle ʹ Chaos Space Marine Warbands known as the Lords
of Decay, and the Apostles of Contagion ʹ decided that the trapped guardsmen should become a
sacrifice to their god in a matter that was pleasing to him. Despite fighting for the same cause,
the armoury guards were attacked by the Chaos Space Marines, who seized the TP-III, who then
unleashed it on the men of Krieg. Their use of the toxin destroyed the defence and killed the men
of Krieg.

Indeed, by the time that Marshal Kagori took command of the 88th Siege Army, it was deemed
that Cardinal Xaphan was superfluous to the sieges continuation ʹ even an Officio Assassinorum
operative killing Xaphan would not end, or at least quicken the end. The defenders were by now
too dedicated to the Chaos Gods, and with the Chaos Space Marine Warmasters present, they
had likely taken command.

It was especially apparent that Xaphan was purely a symbolic leader with the coming of Lord
Zhufor of the Skulltakers. Having secured control of the largest and most powerful faction on
Vraks, the follower of Khorne decided to attack the other traitor marines if they did not follow
him. This show of strength left only Lord Arkos and his Alpha Legion as potential enemies, but to
save his warband, Arkos made a deal with Zhufor, to give him the Cardinal, who had trapped
himself in his fortress.

With his Disciples slain by the Alpha Legionnaires and rampaging Terminators loyal to Zhufor, the
Apostate-Cardinal Xaphan was taken alive and thrown into his own dungeons, much like he had
done in his fall to his enemies.
Before Lord Zhufor left the Siege of Vraks, he had given the Cardinal to the sorcerers loyal to
Nurgle, who had transformed him into a Chaos Spawn, finding a form that was pleasing to their
god. He had turned insane in the madness that ensued from his change, and was now little
better than a beast. He was slain by the Grey Knights as they cleared the inner defences.

Cardinal-Astral Borja
Deacon Mamon
Lord Arkos

Birth ʹ Unknown
Death ʹ 830.M41

͞The Scarus sector is a tinderbox ʹ one spark may soon become a great conflagration. I shall light the
͞When the maelstrom descends, Vraks shall overflow with blood and skulls, and even the dead shall find
no peace. Millions shall be sacrificed in their names, and the true gods shall rejoice... I have seen it, for I
am the messiah of the coming apocalypse.͟

! "
Lord Xaphan had no known military equipment, other than a Refractor Field disguised as a Rosarius. He
currently has no models or rules officially made for him, and it͛s unlikely that there will be any due to his
general non-combatant role, and with Forge World having moved on from the Siege of Vraks.

This was Xaphan͛s most loyal core of followers during the uprising, filled with men picked by himself or his
closest advisors such as Deacon Mamon, who would then go on to become the commander of the

By the start of the Siege of Vraks, there were an estimated 50,000 members of the Disciples. It is
theorised that Deacon Mamon had formed them at the behest of Lord Arkos, and that Mamon himself
was a sleeper agent of the Alpha Legion warband, The Faithless.

In the game of Warhammer 40,000, they can be found in a couple of variant army lists. They are rarely
accepted for tournament use, being found in Imperial Armour books.
‘ Imperial Armour Volume V ʹ The Siege of Vraks part I
‘ The Defenders of Vraks
‘ Imperial Armour Volume VI ʹ The Siege of Vraks part II
‘ Servants of Slaughter
‘ Imperial Armour Volume VII ʹ The Siege of Vraks part III
‘ Servants of Decay
In all three lists in which they are present, Disciples of Xaphan are Elite choices, with a stat line similar to
that of Imperial Guard Veterans, although they are slightly more expensive, due to their elevated
leadership value.

They can choose to be equipped with Lasguns, Autoguns, Shotguns, or Laspistols and Close Combat
Weapons, and are armoured in Flak Armour.

Like Imperial Guard Veterans, they have wide access to Heavy and Special Weapons, and also have access
to Vox Casters. Unlike the current Veterans, however, they may not take the specialisations.

It should be noted that ͞The Defenders of Vraks͟ army list was designed in 4 Edition, and as such has
slightly out-dated rules, and practises, such as the wargear armoury, and as such, the Disciples of Xaphan
champion has access to the armoury, where they are able to purchase standard equipment ʹ the rules of
which can be found in Codex: Imperial Guard that was present at the time, itself written late in 3 Edition.
In addition, it includes access to a couple more pieces of Chaos themed equipment ʹ the Chaos Banner,
and Unholy Relic, both which have similar effects to their Imperial counterparts.

In all instances, they have the Infiltrate Special Rule, but lose it should they take a Chimera as a transport.
The ͞Servants of Slaughter͟ list shows them take a decrease in points cost, as the Champion costs nothing
extra. One recurring theme is the availability of the Champion to be equipped with a Sniper Rifle. With the
exception of ͞The Defenders of Vraks͟ (due to having access to the armoury), they are the only models in
their respective lists which may take that as a weapon.

There are no dedicated models for them as yet, but Forge World has produced a range of Renegade and
cultist models/extra͛s which are useable in this manner.

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