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A period of five hundred years past, Machiavelli Niccolo had sent letter to one of his

friends Francesco vettori explaining to him oh how he had spent his day chatting with the
local; farmers and putting traps to cathch the birds for his evening meal.Macvhiavelli
metioned of his politics work that he had done toward the end of the letter. The politics
work was entitled the prince.
On his writing , Machiavelli does notb manoevore around the bush but hit the nail
directly on the head. On his political work manual that he called then effectual mtruth,
the political allies are not friends iregardless of whether based at home or abroad.
Machiavelli gives a warning to any person who might try thinkm that the political allies
are friends. He say that he ensure to ruin rather as opposed to preservation. According to
Machiavelli, the political allies can only be friends in a case where there is an interest
benefit to them.
In his teachings, Machiavelli says that in a case where one is based in a country wherea
majority of people are not good, it could therefore be wise for one to learn on how to do
as they do. Inorder to safeguared the institution, one must practice the secular virtues
irrespective of theit incompatibility with the religious virtues. For a leader to
appropriately safeguared the republic, he should be clever like the fox and have sufficient
of power like the lion
Machiavelli also suggests that, it could be good to inspire the fear in their allies and their
foes as well as as their ministries. In the arena ofm politics, ruioning of the virtues is led
by some of the virtues while the contrary lead to a well being of the republic.
Prerogative also known as royal prerogative is a type of unique sovereign with different
powers. This power on a practical basis belongs to the monarch. However, in some of
the situations, the members of the cabinet can use this type of power a similar case to the
prime minister. To indicate the exclusivity of the power, tewrm royal prerogative is used
to show the sovereign.
According to Locke teaching, one of the most outstanding problem in the constitutional
theory is the executive power. On the radical legislative supremacy and the extra-
constitutional prerogative is interpreted as a general endorsement. The Locke sawn law
and thye coextensive are the two major assumptions based on the two scenarios.This may
sometimes be mistaken. The executive treatment by Locke brings to the attention of the
audience the constitutional conception and the role of the authority with the superiority to
the normal legislature. It is important for the prerogative be in line with the set legal
limits.The liberal constitutionalism have the major elements described as per locke and
Talking of the civil society by Rousseau is talking of the way the life of human being will
be as shaped by the society influence. The agreement that the community formulate and
form the basis to follow them form the mode of staying together as a community.
Learning of the rationale and the moral value for the basis to look after one another and
also leaving together. Similarly, by allowing to leave together , one gets a chance to learn
the individuals brute instincts and the individuals temper.
The absolute authority in a given state was an absolute manarch in the time of Rousseau.
For all the citizens acting in a collective manner,Roosseaue managed to give an
appropriately definition for sovereign for every citizen oin a republic that has well been

Throughout the history, democracy has served as the gateway for the despotism. This has
been driven by the fact that democry is mob ruled. Where democracy is demanded, the
rulling is done on the basis of the will of the majority. When democracy get pronounced
in such an angle the voice and the right of thr minority are neglected and even
sometiomes ignored without reasons.
The government has no constraints in this case because the democracy is deictated
according to the will of the majority. In such ba case more that fuifty one percent will
easily be persuaded and belive on something that has no tangible evidnce. If individuals
are put at an avenue involving thoughts and the democracy prevails, the most funded
avenue will have the majority most of whiom have no crue on the major finding on ty
whatever they do support.More that have of the mojorty supporter fail to understand due
to the great influence subjected to them. The dager of the democracy may set in when the
mob take the reign preparing a clear path for anarchy development
According to Publius,factions would be the greatest danger to the new government. He said that a
majority of colonial government currently have a strong faction grip..The popular democracies has a
reccurent history of failure since the countrie lacked the natural tendency to resist on the degree of
faill.The structure of the democracy is the primary determinat on the government performance. For a
pure democracy that Publius figured it to contain a smaal number of citizens with a potential mto
assemble and carry out government administration as individuals. Publius say that the democracy will
be a dager in sotuations that favoirs the majority and thye peoples in power. The dagers are ,ost
prominent where the voice and the rights of the minority is ignored or treated with desgrase.