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VESDA Tech Tip

Connecting to your VESDA

The diagrams below show you how to connect to your VESDA detector using a personal computer
or laptop running Xtralis VSC. The Xtralis VSC software package is available as a free download
via our website once you have logged in or a copy can be obtained from your local VESDA
distributor. If required, we recommend using “Easy Sync” or “MOXA” RS232 to USB convertors.

RS485 (15 way cable) RS232 (9 way cable)

VLC505 or connection type
for Xtralis VSC
VESDAnet via High Level Interface
15pin socket

VLC500 Use VESDALink

RS232 (9 way cable)
(RO version) via connection type
9pin socket for Xtralis VSC

RS232 (9 way cable) Use VESDATalk

VLF250 or 500 connection type for
via 9pin socket Xtralis VSC

Straight through Ethernet cable

VLI via Ethernet Use BACnet/IP
socket connection type
for Xtralis VSC

Type A to Type B USB cable Use BACnet

socket connection type
for Xtralis VSC

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