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Lisa Madigan

September 13, 2017

Via electronic mail

Ms. Christina McClemon
Associate General Counsel / FOIA Officer
Office of the Governor
100 West Randolph Street, Suite 16- 100
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Christina.Mcclernon@illinois. gov

RE: FOIA Request for Review —2017 PAC 49216

Requester: Ms. Natasha Korecki
Date of FOIA Request: July 26, 2017
Dear Ms. McClernon:

As you are aware, the Public Access Bureau received a Request for Review of the
response by the Office of the Governor (Governor's Office) to a Freedom of Information Act
FOIA) request submitted by Ms. Natasha Korecki. The Governor's Office submitted a written
response to the Request for Review and records for our confidential review on September 8,
2017. After review of that response and those records, we have determined that additional
information is required to determine whether the Governor's Office's denial of Ms. Korecki' s July
26, 2017, FOIA request was proper.

Please address the following issues in a supplemental written response to this

As requested in this office's August 16, 2017 and August 29, 2017, letters, please
specifically address the applicability of sections 7( 1)( 1) and 7( 1)( m) of FOIA ( 5 ILCS
140/ 7( 1)( 1), (
1)( m) ( West 2016)) to communications between the spouse of the Governor
and other parties. In particular, please describe Ms. Rauner's official relationship to the
Governor' s Office and its employees.

Please identify any parties on the responsive e- mail communications who do not have a
State of Illinois e- mail address by name and affiliated organization, and describe their

500 South Second Street, Springfield, Illinois 62706 • ( 217) 782- 1090 • TTY: ( 217) 785 - 2771 • Fax: ( 217) 782- 7046
100 West Randolph
1001 East Street,
Main, Chicago, Illinois,62901
Carbondale, Illinois
60601• ( • ( 312) 814- 3000 • TTY: ( 312) 814-3374 • Fax: ( 312) 814- 3806
618) 529- 6400 • TTY: ( 618) 529- 6403 • Fax: ( 618) 529- 6416
Ms. Christina McClernon
September 13, 2017
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official relationship to the Governor' s Office and its employees. Please provide any
supporting documentation of those relationships, such as contracts or engagement letters.

Please provide further information about the factual basis for the assertion that
communications are exempt under 7( 1)( g) of FOIA ( 5 ILCS 140/ 7( 1)( g) ( West 2016)).
Please identify which communications are asserted to be exempt under 7( 1)( g), and
provide any documentation that those communications were provided under a claim that
they are proprietary, privileged or confidential.

This information must be submitted to our office within seven ( 7) business

days after receipt of this letter. Under FOIA, "[ t] he Public Access Counselor shall forward a
copy of the answer to the person submitting the request for review, with any alleged confidential
information to whichinthewriting[.]"
required to, respond
request pertains redacted from the copy. The requester may, but is not
5 ILCS 140/9.5( d) ( West 2016). If you claim that any
portion of your written response is confidential, please send two versions of your response
letter: a complete copy for this office' s confidential review and a redacted version suitable
for this office to forward to the requester.

Please contact me at ( 217) 782- 9078 or nolson@atg.state. il.us if you have

questions or would like to discuss this matter. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

41 -
Deputy Public Access Counselor
Assistant Attorney General, Public Access Bureau
cc: Via electronic mail
Ms. Natasha Korecki
POLITICO Illinois Playbook
nkorecki@politico. com

Via electronic mail

Mr. Matthew Swift
Associate General Counsel / FOIA Officer
Office of the Governor
100 West Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Matthew. Swift@illinois. gov