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The cochin port has proposed for the development of multi user liquid terminal at puthuvypeen area by
engaging EPC contractors .The structural system consist of MULT jetty ,Approach trestle ,Mooring and
Berthing dolphins with RCC deck supported on Bored cast In situ RCC piles for handling LPG ,crude ,POL
products ,chemicals and other liquids with installation of marine loading /unloading arms and other
terminal facilities required for operation .The mult jetty is also an import for bunker fuel and for re
export of crude oil to refineries at Mumbai .

The MULT terminal contain a service platform which will be planned for providing numbers of loading
arms (2 for LPG and 6 for NON LPG).breasting dolphins ,mooring dolphins and approach trestle for single
lane traffic along with a pipeline trestle for 10 number of pipelines .The jetty is aligned at an angle of

The berthing structure is designed to handle the following:

 Vessels of capacity ranging from 10000 to 80000DWT

 LOA 100m to 230m with a minimum parallel body of 40m
 To accommodate future capacity of 1.6MMTPA of LPG


The other structures are fuel oil storage tank farms with 2 numbers of 20kl tanks.

BARGE JETTY is planned to handle vessels of capacity ranging from 500 to 5000DWT with an LOA
ranging from 40m to 120m.

Installation of 2 nos Marine Unloading Arms and 2 nos Dock lines for handling LPG on MULT jetty is be
carried by IOCL .Also the installation of LPG Cooling systems is done by IOCL.

The material for filling behind the berths is excavated from the dredged material available at the
western side of the LNG tank farm .All the works are carried out in dry workable conditions till the
final handling over of works.

It is always better to avoid the formation of cold joints and construction joints are provided
perpendicular to the direction of major reinforcements.

Batching of concrete is done at site using a M1 C STETTER which can make a maximum of 7 cubic meter

For trails 9 cubes are casted out of which 3 are tested on 7th day and the rest on 28th day after casting.

Curing is done in 3 ways : curing by direct water ,curing of concrete with absorbent material and kept
damp , membrane curing.

Concrete is rejected if it is porous or honey combed.

The different tests conducted for reinforcements are:



Minimum nominal cover provided to reinforcements shall be 75mm for piles and 50mm for beams and
slabs .

The transportation of all units will only be allowed either after 28 days after fabrication or after the
required compressive strength is reached.

The different pile tests done are as follows:

 Initial pile load test-vertical load

 Initial pile load test-lateral test
 Routine test
 Integrity test
 Dynamic test