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Units 1 – 2: Exercises

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutiérrez Alarcón

Strategy plus At least

People use the expression at least to say

somethiung good in a bad situation. Or the
listener might respond to a negative
statement with an at least statement for the
same reason.

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

My girlfriend’s
always running

Well, at least
she calls to say
she’ll be late.

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

Page 7: Complete each conversation with always and a
continuos verb. Add at least to each response.

1. A My boyfriend ___________________(check) his messages, even at the

B Oh, that’s annoying. But he doesn’t answer his phone during a movie,

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

2. A My girfriend _________________ (tell) jokes. She never takes anything
B Well, she has a good sense of humor.

3. A Sometimes I’m so disorganized. I _______________ (lose) things, like

pens and stuff.
B Yeah, but you don’t lose anything really valuable, right?

4. A My sister _________________________(ask) fort money. She asks nicely,

so it’s hard to say no.
B Well, she asks politely.

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

Page 9: Find the adjectives on the left in the
student profiles, and guess their meaning. Then
circle the best options to explain them.

1. Experience I should have contact with / ignore my mother’s culture.

2. Disadvantaged The children are poor / rich.
3. Humble I think / don’t think I’m really good at things.
4. Considering This is something I am / I am not thinking about.
5. Diverse The students are all the same / different.
6. Introverted I’m very outgoing / not outgoing at all.

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

Grammar: Present Perfect vs. Simple
Now compare these sentences:
Present Perfect (I have done) Simple Past (I did)
I’ve smoked 20 cigarettes today. I smoked 20 cigarettes yesterday.

Today is a period of time that continues up to the Yesterday is a finished time in the past.
present. It is not a finished time. So we use the So we use the simple past.
present perfect.
Yesterday Present
Today (finished
(unfinished Past time)

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

Present Perfect (I have done) Simple Past (I did)
Examples: Examples:

• Dan hasn’t been sick this year. • Dan wasn’t sick last year.
• Have you seen Ann this morning? • Did you see Ann this morning?
(It is still morning) (It is now afternoon.)
• Have you seen Ann recently? • Did you see Ann last week?
• We’ve been waiting for an hour. • We waited (or we were waiting) for an hour.
(= We are still waiting.) (=We are no longer waiting.)
• Pierre has lived in Quebec for six years. • Pierre lived in Quebec for ten years.
(= He still lives there.) (= He no longer lives there.)
• I have never played golf (in my life). • I didn’t play golf when I was on vacation last

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

Exercises: Right or wrong? Correct the wrong

1. She is married since 1990.

2. He has left school last year.
3. I lived in Brighton for two years, but then I moved to London.

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

4. Who has written the play Hamlet?
5. Aristotle has been a Greek philosopher.
6. Abrahan Lincoln was President of the U.S from 1861 to 1865.
7. I haven’t eaten anyhthing yesterday because I haven’t been hungry.

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

Page 14: Complete the conversations with the
present perfect or simple past.

1. A ____you ever____________(hear) of kitesurfing?

B Yes, I________. But I ____________________(never/do) anything like that.

2. A _____ you and your friends ever _________ on a big roller coaster?
B No, we__________. I _____always ________(hate) roller coasters.

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

3. A ______you ever________________(stay) up all night?
B Yes, I _________. My family ___________(go) camping two years ago, and
none of us ____________(sleep) all night.

4. A _______ you ________ (do) anything different last summer?

B Yes, I ________. I ______________(learn) to play African drums. I _______
always _________(want) to play them. I ____________________(never/be) to
Africa, though.

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn

Ms. Lizeth Karina Gutièrrez Alarcòn