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The Working Wonder Of Vedic Astrological Remedy

Astrology is the most trusted spiritual science that works on the fundamental basis of your past birth
actions and your birth horoscope, which, according to late spiritual Guru, Sri SriYukteshwarGiri Swami
Maharaj is the portrait of one’s unchangeable past and probable future results, and helps an individual
to escape from the universal servility or thraldom.

Astrology demystifies your past birth and future probability

Astrological remedies contain the power of miraculous healing, something that is still an inexplicable
mystery to the modern science and technology. Indian Vedic astrology says that the divine Almighty
Lord Vishnu has the supreme power authority to absolve a sinful soul of its Sanchita Karma. It
champions the fact that reincarnation of human soul is the reflection of his/her past birth deeds or the
way he/she lived in their karma, which is of four types – Sanchita, Prarabdha, Kriyaman and Agami.

The working power of remedial astrology

Vedic horoscope astrology recommends remedial measure using the specific details in your birth chart
and then it suggests accurate solutions, so that you could progress in every sphere of your life.
Astrology works on the fundamental principle derived out of Vedic astrology science, which is
accredited to have been the most perfect and dependable source for astro remedial solutions.

Types of Vedic astrology remedies

The remedial measures recommended under the fundamental principle of Vedic astrology involve
various dimensions or methods, some of them are –

 Gemstone recommendation – All the nine planets and their effects in a person’s certain aspect
of life are studied in astrology. Post summation of such study, gemstone is recommended to
contain the malefic effects of planetary transit. As a matter of fact, gemstone entails
respective wavelength of sunlight and releases positive vibrant energies which are powerful to
help the wearer stay protected from bad influences of planets. As a result, the wearer
experiences equanimity and positivity all around his surroundings.

 Rudraksha–Sanctified beads of Rudraksha contain subtle divine energy of Shiva-Shakti is so very

useful in astrological remedy.

 Yantra–Energised Yantras retain astrological power to bring forth peace and prosperity, and so
are used for a variety of astrological measures to cure someone’s problems caused by malefic
cyclic transit of a planet.

Other energised stones used as astrological remedial measures –

 Crystals
 Parad
 Locket/amulet
 Rosary
 Mantras
 Pooja

Vedic astrology also recommends certain curative measures related to your problems based on tips and
suggestive pieces of guidance. It should be noted that the sole objective of remedial measures is to
help you rid of your problems caused by unfavourable planetary movements shown in your horoscope or
chart. The effective ways recommended thus are based on thorough study of your birth chart or
kundali which can render transformative results and resolve your problems miraculously.

Positive changes happen in your life when an Best Astrologer In Delhi carries out an in-depth study of
your birth chart. This surely calls for consulting an erudite astrologer so that accurate and effective
astrological remedial measures will be provided in order to help you ease out your situations.

Will astrological remedy deliver permanent solution to the problems?

Astrology is a dependable science of predictions. It provides solutions to your problems on thorough

study of your horoscope and its given celestial variations, characteristics of your zodiac and other
mathematical calculations. Details as provided in your horoscope facilitate astrological conclusions
which later expedites the process of remedial measures. Hence, astrology doesn’t vouch for permanent
solution to your problem, but it surely vouches for its reliability in helping you to figure out problem
areas in your life, with certain remedial measures to be followed to mitigate the malefic influences of
planetary transit demonstrated in your kundali.