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Learning activity 2 / Actividad de aprendizaje 2

Evidence: Blog “My favorite vacation” / Evidencia: Blog “Mis vacaciones


My favorite
My favorite vacation was in 2005. I went to Espain. I traveled by plane. It was
not a good flight, because I'm afraid of heights. I went to many places in Madrid.
I visited the santiago bernabeu stadium, also restaurants and parks. They were
beautiful and funny. I stayed in a beautiful hotel. In november, I spent some
days in a Town called Pozuelo de Alarcon. It was fantastic.I ate delicious food
and I met many friends. I came back to Bogota in December. My vacation was
fantastic because I had never traveled by plane and I was able to meet the best
football team that is Real Madrid. I rested a lot, I met new friends and I knew
beautiful places.