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BSI Case Study Overbury Ltd

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management ISO Revisions

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

How the ISO revisions helped Overbury to focus

on continual improvement, achieve operational
efficiencies and ensure client satisfaction
“Our business is really customer Overbury’s Objectives: How Overbury benefitted:
focused. We’re never totally
• To be one of the first organizations • Ensure high levels of customer
satisfied. We’re inquisitive, to achieve ISO 9001:2015 and ISO satisfaction are achieved
we look for feedback and 14001:2015 certification
opportunities to improve. The • Streamlined management systems
new standards help us do that, • Gain a visible advantage in a making efficiencies
competitive market
they really fit the culture of • Embedded a culture of continual
how we do things; a continual • To deliver excellent customer improvement
improvement loop.” service
Paul Brazier,
Commercial Director, Overbury
BSI Case Study Overbury Ltd ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

Introduction ITV – Media City, Salford

Overbury, part of Morgan Sindall Group
plc, is one of the UK’s leading fit out and
refurbishment specialists. The organization
employs over 500 people, is headquartered
in London and has offices in Bracknell,
Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. Recent
examples of projects that Overbury has
worked on include the fit out of ITV offices
in Media City, Salford, the PWC offices at
More Place, London, and the iconic BBC
Broadcasting House in London.

Every project is different, but one thing

each refurbishment has in common is
Overbury’s focus on continual improvement Liz Collett, Environmental Manager at Neil and Liz kept up to date with the
and the customer’s needs. Overbury saw this as “a real improvement changes to the standards by reading the
This commitment to continual from the older version.” draft versions to gain an early insight as to
improvement and delivering excellence what they might contain. Members of the
was one of the key factors that made Why adopt the new standards Overbury teams also attended BSI revision
Overbury focus on becoming one of the events to hear from experts, share their
first organizations in the UK to achieve
Flexible standards that own experiences and to understand what
certification to the newly revised versions can help drive efficiencies other organizations’ first impressions of
the new standard were. They also made
of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. and deliver a better
BSI aware that they wanted to make the
Client background customer experience transition early.
Overbury was originally certified to At Overbury the teams involved in quality
BS 5750, the first quality management When Overbury learnt that ISO 9001 and environmental management saw
system standard and subsequently moved and ISO 14001 were due to be updated the new standards as an opportunity to
to ISO 9001. It was also an early adopter it wanted to identify how this could help work together to align these management
of ISO 14001 environmental management improve business. It wasn’t long before systems where possible. As the two new
systems. it became apparent to Neil Pike, Head of standards are both based on the new
Business Improvement at Overbury, that high level structure (Annex SL) it made
Although it felt that ISO 9001 was written
the revisions were “in total alignment with sense to have a common approach
with manufacturers in mind, it achieved
our business philosophy” and “they were rather than treating each management
certification due to customer demand.
likely to support our focus on achieving system standard separately. This made
When the standard underwent a revision
complete client satisfaction.” Having both the transition to the new standards more
in 2000 Overbury saw that it became
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 there was an straightforward.
more relevant to the business. Paul
opportunity to align the management
Brazier, Commercial Director at Overbury Overbury achieved certification to
systems, tackle the transition together and
explains that “the 2000 version of ISO ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 in
make efficiencies in the business. Neil goes
9001 matched what the Overbury business September 2015. The critical work involved
on to say that Overbury’s decision to tackle
actually did much more as it was designed in getting the business ready to transfer to
the transition to the new standards in an
with service organizations in mind and it the new standard took about six months.
integrated way “has been fundamental in
helped them to focus on the customer.” The “readiness reviews” carried out by BSI
helping us drive efficiencies”.
ISO 14001 certification initially helped the at Overbury prior to the final assessments
business remain legally compliant and Preparation and implementation were considered invaluable as they
deliver efficiencies such as minimizing Overbury decided early on that it wanted to highlighted any potential weaknesses in its
waste and other environmental impacts. be one of the first organizations to achieve systems and helped Overbury to make sure
The new standard helped Overbury focus certification to the new version of ISO 9001 it was on track with their transition plans.
on risks and opportunities, leadership, and and ISO 14001. As soon as it was aware of
context of the organization as it was much the changes to the standards, Neil and his
more aligned with the way Overbury works. team presented them to the main board. Continued overleaf >>
BSI Case Study Overbury Ltd ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

The benefits

The readiness review will One of the biggest advantages the new
Take a look at the
give a balanced view of standards have brought is the increased standard and see how it
where you are and where use of risk-based thinking. Liz explains that fits what you already do
“when it came to looking at our ‘interested
you need to focus
parties’ and the risks and opportunities
Organizations that make the transition
associated with them, we identified that

© BSI Group
And when it came to the assessments to the new standard will start to realize
our supply chain was potentially a risk
carried out by BSI, the team at Overbury benefits earlier, enabling them to focus
was pleased to see that the focus was on other areas of the business. So what
on establishing whether it had met
ISO 9001:2015 brings would Overbury say to other organizations
the requirements in the key new areas benefits that you may thinking about upgrading to the new
of the standards including “context of not even foresee standards? “Don’t be afraid” says Paul. “By
the organization,” managing risks and achieving this new standard it will improve
opportunities, and leadership. your business”. Neil goes on to say “it really
but also an opportunity. If we were able
does give you the freedom to embrace
to upskill them we would be in a strong
The challenges effective management, focus on what
position to win more work”. This meant that
One of the first challenges that Overbury your organization’s outputs should be and
by discovering an unexpected opportunity,
encountered was that some of the bring efficiencies across all areas of the
Overbury has discovered a new potential
terminology in the new standards were business.”
competitive edge that could help it grow
different to the previous versions. It the business.
needed to check its interpretation of
the new standard to ensure it kept on Top tips for other organizations Start your transition
track. “Throughout this process we liaised Now that Overbury has successfully to the new standards
closely with BSI” said Liz. Documenting made the transition to ISO 9001:2015 and find out how BSI can
the environmental management system
(EMS) is also a new requirement of
and ISO 14001:2015 it believes this puts help your business make
the company in a strong position to start
ISO 14001:2015, and initially it was a to reap the business benefits. It also
excellence a habit.
challenge to ensure that it was done
as the standard intended. However this
enables the team to look ahead and focus Call: +44 (0)345 080 9000
on making further improvements to the
did result in reducing the amount of quality and environmental management
documentation, which was a pleasant and systems, manage risk, and focus on
unexpected benefit. opportunities.

9001 14001
Quality Environmental
Management Management

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