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Lesson Design Template: MAT/Certification Elementary

Candidate Name: Amanda Elder Host Teacher Name: Susan Laughton

School: Government Hill Elementary Grade Level: # of Students: 22
Date & Time of Lesson: 04/07 10:30AM Length of Lesson: 20 minutes
Topic of Lesson: Kumak’s Fish Content Area: Reading

Materials: Include all materials including types of technology used: Kumak’s Fish book


RL.K.1- With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about a literary text using key
details from the text.
B-2. Make effective use of the knowledge, skills and ways of knowing from their own cultural traditions to
learn about the larger world in which they live

TRANSFER GOAL(S) (transferability)

Students will participate in discussion about the story, Kumak’s Fish

STAGE ONE – Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings (meaning)

Enduring Understanding(s): What Essential Questions will be Considered?
Students will understand that….
With teamwork, people can accomplish difficult things. How does the book, Kumak’s Fish, relate to life in
Every story has a beginning, middle and end.

STAGE ONE: Objectives STAGE TWO: Assessments

Evidence of Learning/Accountability -

Knowledge - What students should know…. Assessment(s)/Other Evidence:

Books have a beginning, middle and an end. Assessment is through class discussion.

Skills - What students should be able to do……. Assessment(s)/Other Evidence:

Think back to the story and tell what happened at the Assessment is through class discussion.
beginning, middle and end.
Give predictions as to what will happen next based on
visual clues

STAGE THREE: Opportunities to Learn (Acquisition)

MAT Elem. TD Temp
Ask students to think back to the last story we read about Kumak in Kumak’s House. What characters did we meet
in that story.

Processes and products for Learning Opportunities Strategies for Differentiation/ Multimodal
Instruction/Universal Design for Learning

Before beginning the story, ask students about the characters Read aloud with discussion to enhance students understanding
they met in the previous story about Kumak in Kumak’s House of the story.
(Kumak, his wife, his wife’s mom, his kids and Aaana). Next
show the students the cover of the story. Ask what they notice Partner discussion about the beginning, middle and end of story.
and what they think the story will be about.

Read the story to the students. Concentrate on predicting what

will happen next in the story and using the pictures to help tell
the story.

• At the end of the story, ask students to think about
what happened in the beginning of the story. Give
them time to think about it and then turn to their
shoulder partner and tell them what happened. Do this
again with the middle and end of the story.

MAT Elem. TD Temp