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Lesson Plan Template 2

Date Subject Number of students Grade

11\3\2018 Patterns KG 2 \ 2

Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

- Concentrate on managing the students and time.

Learning Outcomes: Materials

(Link to the ADEC K-5 curriculum document)
Students will be able to …… (Write the outcome word for word)
- Worksheets.
(K2PA2)Term 2
- Stamps
Students will be able to copy simple repeating patterns. - Cubes
- Colors
- I pads
Lesson Introduction
Questions to be asked during whole group activity (Identify
Blooms Taxonomy for each question) A minimum of 1 low
level question and 2 high level questions is expected:

Whole group activity: Time10:00

Remembering (low level):
- I will play a song about patterns.
- Tell students that a pattern is a design that repeats. Understanding (low level):
- Then draw on the board a simple pattern and ask - Who will Explain what the meaning of patterns?
the students what they see? What the difference
between the shapes and what they think the next
shape will be. Start to explain and introduce the Applying (low level):

Active Engagement:
Analyzing (high level):
- Call few students and do with them a simple
pattern. (Boy , Girl , Boy , Girl). - What is missing or what comes next in the pattern ?
- Ask them what comes next in the pattern.

Evaluating (high level):

Link: (Bullet points)
- Which is the correct pattern?
 I will ask them where we can see a pattern in our
class room or outside. Then we will play a game
with the big cubes (Do patterns with them). Creating (high level):
Learning Center Resources or Materials
Learning Center 1 Learning Center 2 Learning Center 3 Learning Center 4
- Do a pattern on the - Create a pattern. By - Solve the pattern. - Using I pads to
worksheet with the using (the stamps) Complete the draw a pattern.
teacher. pattern by using
colors pens.

Small Group Learning Centers: Time 10:30

Learning Center 1 Title: (Worksheets) Learning Center 2 Title: (Stamps activity)

- The students in this activity should answer the - The students should create a pattern by using three
worksheet with the teacher. Cut the pictures and do colors of the stamps. (HA)
a pattern ( LA).

Learning Center 3 Title: (Colors) Learning Center 4 Title: (Bullet points)

- The students should complete the patterns by using - The students should draw a pattern as they want
the colors (MA). ( LA – MA)

Closing activity: Time: 10:45

- Ask the students to come back to the carpet. Start asking them about what they did in the corners. And displays
their work on the board.

Assessment for Learning:

- While they are on groups. Watch what they are doing and ask them some questions to make sure that they
General Comments

Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus