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Dear Mr. Pandi S. Thanga
Your Portfolio Statement
Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is about diversifying your investments across different asset classes like equities (shares) & debt (bond
instruments); in order to optimize the risk-return balance on your portfolio.
When you diversify across asset classes, you give yourself the margin or flexibility to counter market uncertainties. It also
ensures that poor performance of any one asset class doesn't jeopardize your entire investment plan.

Factors that affect asset allocation

The asset allocation decision is based upon your risk appetite. Risk appetite basically says how much risk you can tolerate
on your investments so as to achieve optimum return. Some of the indicators that give an insight into your risk appetite are
described below:
1. Age :Your age is the single greatest indicator of your risk appetite. A young person will have a higher risk appetite
when compared to an older person; because of lesser responsibilities and a longer investment horizon.
2. Investment Horizon : People of the same age may not have the same risk appetite if their investment horizons
are different. For example, a 30 year old with a 3 year investment horizon would have a lower risk appetite
compared to a 30 year old with 25 year horizon.
3. Personal circumstances :It is possible at times that there is a change in your personal circumstances which
might inspire you to change your strategy. For example, If there is an increase in liabilities, you might choose to take less
risky assets so as to mitigate risk on your investments.
Portfolio Details

The table displayed below provides you with a detailed summary of all your ULIP policies. For each policy, you can
find the fund wise break up of your investments. The fund values are as on 12/02/2012.
The funds have been divided according to their equity and debt component. For eg: The 1st column includes all our funds
which have a 100% equity component- Maximisier, Multiplier,Flexi growth & R.I.C.H. A complete list of these funds has
been provided in the terms & conditions.

Flexi Growth Flexi Balanced Balancer InvestShield Life Protector Pinnacle

R.I.C.H. Multi Cap New InvestShield InvestShield Preserver Pinnacle II
Multiplier Balanced Balanced Pension CashPlus Highest NAV
Maximiser InvestShield InvestShield Fund B
Multi Cap Gold InvestShield
Growth Cash
Opportunities Income
FUND NAMES Blue Chip Money Markets
Dynamic P/E Return

Equity: Max Equity: Max 60% Equity: Max 40% Equity: Max 30% Debt: Min 0%-Max 100%
POLICY NAME Policy No 100% Debt: Min 40% Debt: Min 60% Debt: Min 70% Debt: Min 100% Equity: Min 0%-

LifeTime Super 03937906 40404.22 172765.34

TOTAL 40404.22 172765.34 0.00

Your Portfolio Statement Name

Current Asset Allocation Ideal Asset Allocation

On analysis of your current allocation, we observe Here we provide you an asset mix that is ideal for your age,
that the Debt-Equity mix of your portfolio is: considering a 10-30 year time horizon and a moderate risk taking

Debt 81 % Debt 30 %
19 % Equity 19 % Equity 70 %
30 %

81 %

70 %

Therefore, to achieve the Ideal Asset Allocation, you would need to Increase your equity component from 19 % to 70 %.
You can do this by switching between the funds available in your policy(ies).
Online Switch:
You can switch your funds online on our website www.iciciprulife.com Login with your ePIN >go to online transaction >select switch>
execute switch.If you do not have an epin, you can generate it by clicking http://www.iciciprulife.com/fpw/index.jsp
Visit www.iciciprulife.com to access a world of information in a few clicks. Our website provides a range of services like online premium
payment, statement downloads, fund switches and lots more. Log onto www.iciciprulife.com to get your policy information anytime, anywhere.

Are you sufficiently insured?

It is vital for you to have an insurance cover which is in sync with your individual net worth. What is most7 important is to arriveat the optimum amount
of insurance you require. To calculate this insurance amount, we use the concept of Human Life Value,through which, a certain worth can be
attributed to the financial support that you provide to your parents, spouse or children.It can be used as a benchmark to arrive at the amount of
insurance you need to provide your family with adequate financers and security, even in your absence.

Age (years) 30
HLV Multiple (corresponding to your age) 10
Insurance required (HLV) 10 * Current Annual Income

TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1.Flexi Growth comprises Flexi Growth; Flexi Growth II/ III/ IV; Pension Flexi Growth and Pension Flexi Growth II. R.I.C.H. comprises R.I.C.H;
R.I.C.H II/III/IV; Pension R.I.C.H; Pension R.I.C.H II. Multiplier comprises Muliplier; Muliplier II/III/IV; Pension Muliplier and Pension Muliplier II. Maximiser
comprises Maximiser;Maximiser II/III/IV; Pension Maximiser Pension Maximiser II.2. Flexi Balanced comprises Flexi Balanced; Flexi Balanced II/III/IV; Pension Flexi
Balanced and Pension Flexi Balanced II. 3 .Balancer comprises Balancer;Balancer II/III/IV; Pension Balancer and Pension Balancer II. New Investshield Balanced fund
is available with Investsheild Life New policy only.4.Secure Plus comprises SecurePlus & Secure Plus Pension and have the following composition : Equity Max 20%;
Debt Min 80% 5. Protector comprisesProtector; Protector II/ III/ IV; Pension Protector ;PensionProtector II. Preserver comprises Preserver; Preserver III/ IV and
Pension Preserver. 6.The ideal asset allocation is only a suggestion. It may vary if the timehorizon of your investment or risk appetite is different from the one
shown. You can visit us at www.iciciprulife.com and use the Asset Allocator tool which will consider your income levels risk taking capacity & attitude towards risk
among other factors to obtain an accurate asset allocation. 7. The Human Life Value (HLV) multiple suggested is a simplistic indicator and may vary with factors such
as income; expenditure; lifestyle and life stage. You can visit us at www.iciciprulife.com and use the Human Life Value Calculator to obtain a moreaccurate value.
8. Responsibility for investment decisions / actions lies with you.You can contact your financial advisorfor further details. 9.Investments in ULIP's are subject to
market risks. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the units may fluctuate based on the performance of fund and factors influencing the capital market and the policy holder
is responsiblefor his/her decisions. Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. 10. Name of the company; product(s); fund(s) do not in any way indicate the quality
of the products; its prospects and returns. For more details onrisk factors and terms and conditions; please read sales brochures carefully before concluding a sale.
11. #: RGF (T1) has MinimumGuaranteed NAV of Rs 15.03 and terminates in DEC2013. 12. *: RGF (T2) has Minimum Guaranteed NAV of Rs 14.69 and terminates on 27 JAN 2014.
13. @: RGF (T3) hasMinimum Guaranteed NAV of Rs. 14.50 and terminates in FEB2014. 14. $: RGF (T4) has Minimum Guaranteed NAV of Rs.14.50 and terminates in MAR2014.15.

FUND NAME-SFIN( Segregated Fund Identification Number)

Maximiser -ULIF 001 22/10/01 LMaximis1 105;Balancer -ULIF 002 22/10/01 LBalancer1 105;Protector -ULIF 003 22/10/01 LProtect1 105;Pension Maximiser -ULIF 004 03/05/02
PMaximis1 105;Pension Balancer -ULIF 005 03/05/02 PBalancer1 105;Pension Protector -ULIF 006 03/05/02 PProtect1 105;Secure Plus -ULIF 007 11/08/03 LSecPlus 105;Cash
Plus -ULIF 008 11/08/03 LCashPlus 105;Secure Plus Pension -ULIF 009 17/11/03 PSecPlus 105;Preserver -ULIF 010 17/05/04 LPreserv1 105;Pension Preserver -ULIF 011
17/05/04 PPreserv 105;Maximiser II-ULIF 012 17/05/04 LMaximis2 105;PensionMaximiser II-ULIF 013 17/05/04 PMaximis2 105;Balancer II-ULIF 014 17/05/04 LBalancer2 105;
Pension Balancer II-ULIF 015 17/05/04 PBalancer2 105;Protector II-ULIF 016 17/05/04 LProtect2 105;PensionProtector II-ULIF 017 17/05/04 PProtect2 105;Invest Sheild
- Life-ULIF 018 03/01/05 LInvShld 105;Invest Sheild - Pension-ULIF 019 03/01/05 PInvShld 105;Invest Shield Cash -ULIF 020 03/01/05 LInvCash 105;Preserver III-ULIF
021 13/03/06 LPreserv3 105;Maximiser III-ULIF 022 13/03/06 LMaximis3 105;Balancer III-ULIF 023 13/03/06 LBalancer3 105;Protector III-ULIF 024 13/03/06 LProtect3 105;
New Invest Shield Balanced -ULIF 025 21/08/06 LInvShldNw 105;Flexi Growth -ULIF 026 20/03/07 LFlexiGro1 105;Flexi Growth II-ULIF 027 20/03/07 LFlexiGro2 105;Flexi
Growth III-ULIF 028 20/03/07 LFlexiGro3 105;Pension Flexi Growth -ULIF 029 20/03/07 PFlexiGro1 105;Pension Flexi Growth II-ULIF 030 20/03/07 PFlexiGro2 105;Flexi
Balanced -ULIF 031 20/03/07 LFlexiBal1 105;Flexi Balanced II-ULIF 032 20/03/07 LFlexiBal2 105;Flexi Balanced III-ULIF 033 20/03/07 LFlexiBal3 105;Pension Flexi
Balanced -ULIF 034 20/03/07 PFlexiBal1 105;Pension Flexi Balanced II-ULIF 035 20/03/07 PFlexiBal2 105;Preserver IV-ULIF 036 27/08/07 LPreserv4105;Maximiser IV-ULIF 037
27/08/07 LMaximis4 105;Flexi Growth IV-ULIF 038 27/08/07 LFlexiGro4 105;Balancer IV-ULIF 039 27/08/07 LBalancer4 105;Flexi Balanced IV-ULIF 040 27/08/07 LFlexiBal4
105;Protector IV-ULIF 041 27/08/07 LProtect4 105;Multiplier -ULIF 042 22/11/07 LMultip1 105;Pension Multiplier -ULIF 043 25/02/08 PMultip1 105;Multiplier II-ULIF 044
25/02/08 LMultip2 105;Pension Multiplier II-ULIF 045 25/02/08 PMultip2 105;Multiplier III-ULIF 046 25/02/08 LMultip3 105;Multiplier IV-ULIF 047 25/02/08 LMultip4 105;
RICH -ULIF 048 17/03/08 LRICH1 105;RICH II-ULIF 049 17/03/08 LRICH2 105;RICHIII-ULIF 050 17/03/08LRICH3 105;RICH IV-ULIF 051 17/03/08 LRICH4 105;Pension RICH -ULIF 052
17/03/08 PRICH1 105;Pension RICH II-ULIF 053 17/03/08 PRICH2 105;Return Guarantee -ULIF 054 18/12/08 LRGF1 105;Pension Return Guarantee -ULIF 055 18/12/08 PRGF1 105;
Health Saver Preserver -ULIF 056 15/01/09 HPreserv 105;Health Flexi Growth -ULIF 057 15/01/09 HFlexiGro 105;Health Multiplier -ULIF 058 15/01/09 HMultip 105;Health Balancer
-ULIF 059 15/01/09 HBalancer 105;Health Flexi Balanced -ULIF 060 15/01/09 HFlexiBal 105;HealthProtector -ULIF 061 15/01/09 HProtect 105;Health Return Guarantee -ULIF 062
15/01/09 HRGF1 105;Return Guarantee II-ULIF 063 27/01/09 LRGF(T2) 105;Pension Return Guarantee II-ULIF 064 27/01/09 PRGF2 105;Health Return Guarantee II-ULIF 065 29/01/09
HRGF2 105;Return Guarantee III-ULIF 066 26/02/09 LRGF(T3) 105;Pension Return Guarantee III-ULIF 067 26/02/09 PRGF3 105;Health Return Guarantee III-ULIF 068 26/02/09 HRGF3
105;Return Guarantee IV-ULIF 069 31/03/09 LRGF(T4) 105;Pension Return GuaranteeIV-ULIF 070 31/03/09 PRGF4 105;Health Return Guarantee IV-ULIF 071 31/03/09 HRGF4 105;Anmol
Nivesh -ULIF 072 28/04/09 LAnmolNiv 105;Return Guarantee V-ULIF 073 29/04/09 LRGF(T5) 105;Pension Return Guarantee V-ULIF 074 29/04/09 PRGF5 105;Health Return Guarantee
V-ULIF 075 29/04/09 HRGF5 105;Secure Save Guarantee -ULIF 076 29/05/09 LSSavGtee 105;Secure Save Builder -ULIF 077 29/05/09 LSSavBuil 105;Return Guarantee VI-ULIF 078
17/06/09 LRGF(T6) 105;Pension Return Guarantee VI-ULIF 079 17/06/09 PRGF6 105;Health Return Guarantee VI-ULIF 080 17/06/09 HRGF6 105;Pinnacle -ULIF 081 26/10/09 LPinnacle
105;Return Guarantee VII-ULIF 082 16/11/09 LRGF(T7) 105;Pension Return Guarantee VII-ULIF 083 16/11/09 PRGF7 105;Health Return Guarantee VII-ULIF 084 16/11/09 HRGF7 105;
Multi Cap Growth -ULIF 085 24/11/09 LMCapGro 105;Opportunities -ULIF 086 24/11/09 LOpport 105;Bluechip -ULIF 087 24/11/09 LBluChip 105;Multi Cap Balanced -ULIF 088 24/11/09
LMCapBal 105;Income -ULIF 089 24/11/09 LIncome 105;Money Market -ULIF 090 24/11/09 LMoneyMkt 105;Pension Multi Cap Growth -ULIF 091 11/01/10 PMCapGro 105;Pension
Opportunities-ULIF 092 11/01/10 POpport 105;Pension Bluechip -ULIF 093 11/01/10 PBluChip 105;Pension Multi Cap Balanced -ULIF 094 11/01/10 PMCapBal 105;Pension Income -ULIF
095 11/01/10 PIncome 105;Pension Money Market -ULIF 096 11/01/10 PMoneyMkt 105;Dynamic P/E -ULIF 097 11/01/10 LDynmicPE 105;Pension Dynamic P/E -ULIF 098 11/01/10
PDynmicPE 105;Discontinued - Health-ULIF 099 01/07/10 HDiscont 105;Discontinued - Life-ULIF 100 01/07/10 LDiscont 105;Discontinued - Pension-ULIF 101 01/07/10 PDiscont 105;
Pension Return Guarantee VIII-ULIF 102 12/10/10 PRGF(S1) 105;Return Guarantee VIII (5 Yrs)-ULIF 103 12/10/10 LRGF(T8) 105;Return Guarantee VIII (10 Yrs)-ULIF 104 12/10/10
LRGF(S1) 105;Pinnacle II-ULIF 105 26/10/10 LPinnacle2 105;Return Guarantee IX (5 Yrs)-ULIF 106 22/12/10 LRGF(T9) 105;Return Guarantee IX (10 Yrs)-ULIF 107 22/12/10 LRGF(S2)
105;Pension Return Guarantee IX (10 Yrs)-ULIF 108 22/12/10 PRGF(S2) 105;Health Return Guarantee IX (5 Yrs)-ULIF 109 22/12/10 HRGF9 105;Health Return Guarantee IX (10 Yrs)-
ULIF 110 22/12/10 HRGF(S1) 105;Return Guarantee X (5 Yrs)-ULIF 111 13/01/11 LRGF(T10) 105;Return Guarantee X (10 Yrs)-ULIF 112 13/01/11 LRGF(S3) 105;Pension Return
Guarantee X (10 Yrs)-ULIF 113 13/01/11 PRGF(S3) 105;Maximiser V-ULIF 114 15/03/11 LMaximis5 105;Highest NAV A-ULIF 115 15/03/11 LHighNavA 105;Highest NAV B-ULIF 116
15/03/11 LHighNavB105;Highest NAV C-ULIF 117 15/03/11 LHighNavC 105;Smart Trigger Equity -ULIF 118 15/03/11 LSTEquity 105;Smart Trigger Debt -ULIF 119 15/03/11 LSTDebt
105;Return Guarantee XI (5 Yrs)-ULIF 120 17/03/11 LRGF(T11) 105;Return Guarantee XI (10 Yrs)-ULIF 121 19/04/11LRGF(S4) 105;Pension Return Guarantee XI (10 Yrs)-ULIF 122
19/04/11 PRGF(S4) 105;Return Guarantee XII (5 Yrs)-ULIF 123 10/09/11 LRGF(T12) 105;Return Guarantee XII (10 Yrs)-ULIF 124 10/09/11 LRGF(S5)105

For any clarifications, please contact us on 1860 266 7766* or write to us at lifeline@iciciprulife.com.*Call Centre Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday, except
National Holiday. When calling our customer service, please do not prefix “+” or “91” or “00” before the number. Timings: 9 am. to 9 pm. IST.
Customers outside India can call us on our International Customer Service Helpline: +91-22-6193 0777. Charges as applicable.