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Good teaching pays off. When you provide students with constant opportunities to read and to
write, and when you actively and assertively teach into their best efforts, their literacy development will
astonish you, their parents, the school administrators-and best of all, the student themselves. – Lucy

Cotabato Foundation College Science and Technology (CFCST) envisioned to be a Haven of

Intellectuals in 2023. The probe for excellence halts the delusion of every individual concern on
becoming globally competitive - leveled to the graduates of universities. In spite of the good outlook of
the administration still basic problems are still apparent. Learning environment that is conducive for
everyone’s learning is not well provided, materials for students’ ingesting are deficient, and complaints
of poor educational system arises.

Quality and relevant education could not be achieved by the students alone. They need
facilitator of learning which are competent in their field and willing to sacrifice for the attainment of the
schools’ vision.

Administrators should seek advancement in terms of technology because we are now in the 21st
century-we should be competent Colleges should provide pathways into vital, high demand occupations
useful for society.

The reality that we are in a far-flung area should not be a hindrance for us to strive for
advancement because we have adequate sources to be a catalyst of a better change. We should not
restrict ourselves to use what we have for the benefits of the many. Let’s not get blinded again by those
on authorities governed by their personal interests. Put an end to the very obvious ignorance of our

To make students’ future better, we need to consider what skills they will need-and teach them.
Education is not just reading and writing but adapting the reality. Students are sent in college to finish
degree, to chase the horizon where dreams collide. Let them get out from the cell of passivity and hear
their voices.

The school does not need spectacular infrastructures instead the school should focus on
relevant education and real issues that will help students be prepared for life after studies. Together,
let’s get out from our comfort zones and explore the beauty of future foreseen by our vision.