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Meeting Contents for the meeting of the month of April 2018

Lease Audit Update (For reference only)

1. Now, we care signing one document with tenant which is related to ACH or Online
Payment :-

2. Need to Check Holdover Activation/Deactivation while doing Lease Audit :-

Sometime we can easily check that Holdover still activated with new amendment of the same month. In
that case we need to inform Stemmons Leasing Team to Deactivate the Holdover after checking the
activated amendment.

It is also found that previous amendment activated with the current amendment. In that case we need
to do the same thing what we did for Holdover activation.

Few updates related with Lease Audit mentioned below Boxer and Retail both tenants:-

a) Tenant Code:- r-gofug

In this tenant point no: - 6 (6.1) Utility & Services - Electric clause has been mentioned but no Electric or
Cam/Utility should be charge for this tenant page No: - 02, please take a note no need to tick mark yes
on Gross/Electric Clause.
Rental Adjustment Clause: - (CPI) - Tenant Code: - r-gofug

Normally while we started working on Lease we know that in Boxer Standard Lease Point No:- 39 relates
to CPI clause but in Retail we found the same clause in Point No:- 37 – Rental Adjustment clause on
page No:- 04, kindly take a note and find all the related clause while working on lease audits, details
mentioned below:-

b) Tenant Code:- busie

Sometimes we receive Addendum related with Electric clause only, we don’t need to process and
also we confirm with Sherrie ma’am, just put the comment (No need to process)
Direct Deposit

Now onwards we will create and post a separate batches of every tenants who paid direct
deposit in JBA & JBB properties. We will not combine the batch with file which we exported
from amegy site.

JBA direct deposit provided by Treasury team (Prashant) every day.

FW Combining

Cash Receipts

When you count the No coupons batch just make sure the attached files and title should be

See below example.-They attached wrong file.

Counterpart saved the no coupons files in below path.

\\Boxerproperty.com\Departments\Accounting\Stemmons Accounts Receivable\No Coupons


01) Tcode : makdi

This case is closed.

1. Check no 1007, Bank has credited $ 386.71 but as per word amount is $384.71
2. We posted as per bank gave credit ($386.71)
3. As per process we created case for difference amount $2 for adjustment
4. Case #75-3524, Bank has debited
5. After bank adjustment we reversed the check no 1007 and posted new entry with
6. Now what happened we received NSF for $386.71 but we already reversed that and
posted new entry $384.71
7. We hold the NSF and inform to counterpart.
8. Again bank had made the adjustment of $2
9. After that we posted NSF FOR amount $384.71 and paperwork assigned to PM.

Update AR and RE NSF T Code -

Treasury Research Project 75-3524
Check Prop 7322a.msg

02) Payable suspense and past tenant checks

If we posted any check for unidentified tenant in payable suspense in any property, after
that we mailed to counterpart for right tenant code but sometimes they didn’t get reply so we
forgot and we don’t take follow-up for that check and property accountant came to AR for this
property payable suspense is not clear.

 So it is your responsibility to take follow up of that check up to we get reply for right tenant
 Once we get reply then please post that in ledger and reverse from payable suspense.
 Same is applicable for past tenant checks we mailed for furniture sold or reinstated.