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Rewrite the stars Transcribed by Jorge Vidal Benj Pasek and Justin Paul 3125 NC Bb Youknow I wantyou Wsnot a secret try|_ to hide Tknowyouwant me sodon'tkeepsayingourhands| are tied | Youclaimit'snot in the cards_| — and fate is pulling you miles_| " Eb F Gm — a-way_ andout| of reach from me. but youhere in myheart | sowhocanstopme if I —de-cide thatyou're | my des-ti-ny. Whatifwe | re - write thestars. say youweremade_| — to_ bemine. nothingcould | keep us apart ‘You'dbetheone| _Iwasmeant to find_| 6 F Gm Eb Bb F Irsuptoyou| __ andit’sup to me. Noonecansay| what we gettobe. Sowhydon'twe re-write thestars, “Maybe the world, could be ours. tonight? 6 cm Gm By Youthinkit'seas-y a Bhsus Youthink I don'twantto run, to you Butthereare mountains. and there are doors that we can't | walk through 1 knowyou'rewon-der-ing_why becausewe're a-ble to be| just you and me{— within these walls Butwhenwe go out-side_| youre gonnawake upand see| that it was hope| less after all. Gm Eb Bb F Gm re-write thestars, howeanyousay. you'll bemine. Everything | keeps us_ apart andI'mmnotthe one | youweremeant to fin, It'snotup to you. It'snotup to me_| wheneveryonetells| us what wecan be. Howcanwe | re - write thestars.| say that the world, can be ours tonight |All T wantis to fly withyou_| —— All Fwantisto fall with you. So justgivemeall Itfeelsim-| possible sibleim} possible Saythatit's | possible. Howdowe | re-write the stars} Sayyouwere made. be mine. Nothingcan | keep causeyouaretheone | I wasmeant to find, It's up to you, and it's up to me_| Noonecan say| what we — get to be. Why don't we = write the stars_| oO —!. Bhsus_Bb Bhsus Bb changing the world. 102 Bhsus_Bb Bysus Bb By Youknow i wantyou It’snota secret I try|_ to hide We'rebound to breakand my hands. are tied