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15.0 Release

ANSYS Mechanical
Introduction to Structural Nonlinearities

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Welcome to the Introduction to Structural Nonlinearities in ANSYS Mechanical
training course!

This training course covers basic procedures for performing structural

nonlinear analyses using the Mechanical Interface.

It is intended for users already familiar with the procedures for performing a
linear static analysis in the Mechanical environment.
• Prerequisite is ANSYS-Mechanical Introduction-Part I

Advanced Nonlinear Materials and Advanced Contact are covered in separate


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Course Materials
The Training Manual you have is an exact copy of the slides.

Workshop descriptions and instructions are included in the training manual.

Copies of the workshop files are available via download from customer portal

Several advanced training courses are available on specific topics. See the
training course schedule on the ANSYS homepage http://www.ansys.com/
under Services >Training...

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Course Objectives
Review Background on Nonlinearities
• Types of Nonlinearities
• Theory & Assumptions
Present General Set-up Procedures in Mechanical
Introduction Large Deflection
Introduction to Contact Technology
Introduction to Metal Plasticity
Convergence Diagnostics Tools

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Topics Covered
Main Chapters

1. Overview
2. General Procedures
3. Introduction to Contact
4. Introduction to Metal Plasticity
5. Buckling
6. Nonlinear Diagnostics

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