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“Land Water” Temporary installation at Jakarta History Museum,

by Nikhil Chopra, for Jakarta Biennale 2017

Berlin, 25 April 2018 Annissa Gultom, Indonesia

Wo ist Indonesien ?
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Archaeology/History Research
2013 Museological Research
Other Research
Museum Internship
Curatorial in Archaeology/History
2010 Curatorial in Contemporary Subject

Museum Project Development
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2007 Non Museum Work


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Recent Works : 2017

 April 2017 – Dec 2017

Collection Management of Bank Indonesia Museum
 April 2016 - Dec 2017
Jakarta History Museum NEW permanent exhibit
 Feb-Dec 2017
Jakarta Biennale 2017 : JIWA
April – Dec 2017
Collection Management for Bank Indonesia Museum

“Collection Management”
April – Dec 2017
Collection Management for Bank Indonesia Museum

“Collection Management”
Going forward
Museum Education and Assistantship

Museum Clinic is a limited time consultation sessions open for any museum workers, owners, managers to consult their issues.

Museum Training established so far are crash courses and introduction on basic museum practices that are still relatively not yet widely discussed.
Jacatra, was found in 1527.
In 1619, VOC changed the port city into a citadel called Batavia, one of the largest spice trade center in southeast Asia,
and also one of the strongest colonialism knot in the region. In 1945, the Japanese occupation changed its name back to
April 2016 – Dec 2017
NEW permanent exhibit of Jakarta History Museum
What’s new?

"Nederland's kostbaarst sieraad",

"Netherlands most precious jewel".

Johan Braakensiek,
in 'De (Groene) Amsterdammer',
Weekblad voor Nederland, the Netherlands.
14 October 1916
Feb – Dec 2017
Jakarta Biennale 2017: JIWA

 The Indonesian word that refers to a

combination of “spirit”, “soul” or a feeling that

you can sense from an individual, a group of
people, a community, a place, a period, an
atmosphere and so on
Room 1A12-1A14
Rise of VOC, Embryo of colonialism
Temporarily new

Mathieu Abbonanc
Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc’s project Sector IX
B, is a fictional film addressing scientific and
artistic questions related to the colonial
collections and the role of the Museum. A
young anthropologist leads a researcher
between Dakar, where she lives and works (in
the IFAN Museum), and the Musée de
l'Homme in Paris. The main protagonists
thanks to the „magical“ power of the studied
objects travels true time and space.
What’s new?
Banda, 1621 - Breda,1667
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