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Installing the TSC Label Printer

1. Run the TSC Driver

2. Select the Window Driver Setup.

3. Click Run.

4. Click Install Printer Drivers and click Next.

5. Choose the TSC TTP-247 and click Next.

6. Specify the Port and click Next.

7. Specify Printer Name. Just click Next. (Note: Do not mark printer to be the default

8. Click Finish.

9. Click Close.

10. Turn-on Printer and go to the TSC TTP-247 Printer Properties and click on Preferences.

11. Go to Page Setup and click on Edit. Width = 2.50 Height = 0.75

12. Click on Advanced Options. Vertical Offset = -0.10

13. Go to Stock.
Method = Thermal Transfer
Type = Continuous
Post-Print Action = Tear Off

14. Go to Options
Print Speed = 2.00 in/sec
Darkness = 15

15. Go back to Printer Properties – General and change printer name to

Monarch 91416 (203 dpi)

16. In GIMS-SE, go to Setup -> Company Information. In the Device Options tab, select
Thermal for Employee Label Printer.

17. Your printer is now properly configured and ready for use.

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How to Share the Label Printer:
1. Test the printer on the local PC and make sure it is printing correctly in GIMS.
2. Right-click on the printer, select
the printer properties and go to
the Sharing tab. Give the printer
a name that is easily

3. Go to the PC that the printer is going to be shared to, and install the Monarch driver.
4. Use the Add Printer wizard and
add a Local Printer and uncheck
the option to automatically
5. Select LPT1 as the port to use
and hit next.

6. Select the Monarch 9416 (203 dpi) driver from the list or select the Have Disk option and
navigate to the Seagull directory and select the Monarch.ini.
7. Select “Keep existing driver” and hit next.
8. Do not use this printer as the default printer, and hit next.
9. Do not share this printer, and hit next.
10. Do not print a test page, and hit next.
11. Press finish and install the monarch
driver. A security warning may pop
up, but always click continue
12. Right click on the installed printer and
hit properties.
13. Go to the Ports tab and hit add port.
14. Select Local Port from the list and hit
New Port.

15. Type in the PC name and the printer name
for the port name like the screen shot to
the right and press ok.
16. Close the printer screen and the printer
should now show as a networked printer
like the screen shot below.
17. Print a test label to confirm installatio

Resetting the Printer:

1. Go to the Printers and Faxes folder and Add a Printer
2. Choose Local Printer and uncheck the box that says Automatically detect my printer
3. Choose either USB or LPT1 for the port based on what cable you’re using.
4. Choose “Generic” as the Manufacturer, and “Generic / Text Only” as the printer.
5. Choose Keep existing driver and hit next.
6. Choose No for set as default and hit next.
7. Choose No for Sharing the printer and hit next.
8. Choose No for Print Test page and hit next.
9. This should finish setting up the Generic Printer and hit finish.
10. Copy and paste the text below into a Notepad file and print it to the Generic Printer.
11. The red light should flash on the printer and INVOTECH, 1321, 1321231 should print
upside down twice.
12. The printer’s settings have been reset and it should be fine to print again.
13. Change the Generic Printer’s port to FILE, so that it does not conflict with the Label Printer.

{I,A,0,0,0,0,0 |
B,1,1,0,0,0 |
C,156,,,20,0 |

{F,138,A,R,E,075,325,"FMT138" |
T, 50,30,V, 20,160,2,50,10,10,A,B,0,2,850 |
T, 100,25,V, 47,160,0,50,24,22,A,B,0,2,850 |
T, 200,35,V, 65,160,0,50,14,18,B,B,0,2,850 |}

{B,138,N,2| E,0,0,1,1,0,1 |
50,"INVOTECH" |100,"1321" |200,"1321231" |}

InvoTech Systems, Inc.

16530 Ventura Blvd., Suite 603
Encino, CA 91436
(800) 820-2111
sales@invotech.com support@invotech.com