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Skyfall Words and Music by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth 1-76 cm) 2 AR Fm7 cad Gout G En FB Play section 3x HS SR iit tie a ¢ = Fa. ‘Fa. Se. FB. cont. sim. is the end, hold your breath and count feel cm AM Em? cmd Gaus o — = = ye and then hhear_ my heart burst is the end P've drowned and dreamt this mom ent, Ab sky when it crum-bles,- when it crum-bles, so o-ver-due,- 1 sweptaway, I'm sto Em? cmp a ‘we will stand. tall, face it all___to-gethver, we FE 709) a wwe will stand tal faceit all together at cm Ab Fim? cm Ab F Fm? =)- 2, Sky-all is cn Ab F Fm? cm AS ‘2 thou-sand miles and poles apart, F m7 cm A F Fmt = NN where worlds collide and days are dark {you may havemy number, you ean take my name; but you'll never