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Assignment #1

Resource Fair

A resource is any one of the following tools that we as Historical Inquirers can use in
order to further explore what happened in the past. World War 2 included many countries with
different reasons and perspectives on why or what they were fighting for.

Students must research 1 of the following resources and present it to a small group of
people. Each presentation will be 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the group of students will rotate
and go to the next station.

● 5 partnerships will present each day = 30 mins with breaks and moving tables
● Every person that is presenting that day presents for 5 minutes to each group of people.
● Therefore, presenting 4 times - the exact same presentation. This allows you to practice
and become an expert at your resource.
** Students will use handouts/ visuals to enhance the resource

Resources:​ Choose one and write down in the google doc what you would like to present on
History of the War
1. http://www.warmuseum.ca​ - Canadian War Museum
2. https://www.iwm.org.uk/learning-resources​ - Imperial War Museum
3. https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005137​ - US Holocaust Museum
4. https://www.nationalww2museum.org/students-teachers/student-resources​ - WW2
Museum - New Orleans
5. https://ww2db.com​ - WW2 Database
6. https://www.junobeach.org​ - Juno Beach online Museum of Canadian War Effort

Human Experience
7. http://www.canadianletters.ca​ - Canadian Letters and Images Project
8. https://www.yadvashem.org/holocaust.html​ - World Holocaust Remembrance Centre
9. http://www.thememoryproject.com/stories/WWII​ - Veteran Stories from 2nd World War
10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/world_war2/​ - Children in World War 2
11. http://www.nmai.si.edu/education/codetalkers/html/chapter4.html​ - Code Talkers - The
Role of twentieth-century American Indian warriors
12. http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dhh-dhp/pub/boo-bro/abo-aut/chapter-chapitre-05-eng.
asp​ - Aboriginal People in the Canadian Military

Learning Resources
13. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/defence/caf/militaryhistory/wars-operations/wwii.html
- Second World War - Government of Canada
14. http://archive.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/06/remembering_d-day_66_years_ago.html​ -
Photos from World War 2
15. http://thecanadianencyclopedia.com/en/article/second-world-war-wwii/​ - Military
engagements during World War 2 and other links for further information
16. https://www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/exhibitions/newspapers/intro_e.shtml​ - Primary
Sources (Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War)

Student will be assessed on the following:

I will give a check mark in the box if it has been completed

Student Name: Knowledge of Prepared Ability to answer Smooth content Ability to engage 1 paragraph summary of resource
resource audience questions delivery the audience