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Job Description Ref no:`

Teacher of English – Jeddah, Saudia Arabia

Role Profile

Job Title Teacher of English (Female only)

Directorate or Region MENA Department/Country Teaching Centre, KSA

Teaching Centre
Location of post Pay Band Fulltime Locally engaged

Reports to Senior Teacher Duration of job Indefinite

Purpose of job
The core aims of the job are :

To plan, prepare and deliver high quality (DELTA level) English language classes or corporate training
sessions, including development of materials, taking account of individual learning styles and ensuring a
welcoming, professional learning environment. Any staff without DELTA-level qualifications will be aspiring
to deliver at that level and will be working towards that aim, supported by the management team and
teaching colleagues.

To conduct placement testing and carry out core administrative tasks to assist the centre in reaching its
audience and customer satisfaction targets and in functioning efficiently and smoothly.

To engage in continued professional development in order to keep up-to-date with developments in the
field and to facilitate consistent provision of high quality teaching.

Context and environment

1 of 5 British Council Recruitment Team November 2014

There are 3 BC centres in KSA. Riyadh is the largest, with around 1,100 adult ss per term, Jeddah is
slightly smaller (850 ss) and Al Khobar is relatively small. The main products are General English to quite
low-level students, but we also run some higher level class, IELTS Prep and some Teacher Training
courses including CELTA. There is also significant business in corporate work, with quite a lot of
sponsored corporate ss, and also a lot of off-site work both in the main cities and outside them.

The teaching centre in Jeddah has 13 classrooms, fully equipped with Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs,
Promethean +2) Women’s classes are located in the Farsi centre where they share the 4th floor with the
Men’s Teaching Centre. While the students are segregated and have separate entrances into the
building, the staff room for teachers is mixed and both men and women work side by side, share the wide
range of resources, and participate in professional development sessions together.

The YL business is now much better established in Jeddah and Riyadh. Jeddah TC has run a successful
summer school 4 years running now, and since 2013 year-round “winter” courses have properly taken off
and we are now averaging 120 ss a term in the 4 winter terms. All courses are currently being run at the
main BC site on the weekday evenings (our busy time) – as we expand the programme further the next
step will be to run more courses on Saturdays (weekends) when we run only limited adult courses at the
moment. The programme is now fairly well established in Jeddah and we are working on materials,
assessment and feedback to parents, and also on teacher training and preparation.

Saudi students are very motivated and hardworking, and they are interested in sharing their culture with
other students. There are also many students from other Arab countries and from Asia. Saudi Arabia has
been largely unaffected by the recent changes across much of the rest of the Middle-East, and many
observers predict that it will continue to maintain its economic and political stability.

Support British Council’s global English strategy by
 delivering teaching to the highest standards of ELT
 enhancing British Council’s reputation as a world authority in ELT
 continuing professional development and sharing of best practices


 Ensuring teaching meets learner needs and expectations

 Ensuring teaching meets Teaching Quality standards and organisational expectations
 Maintaining good relationships with customers and colleagues
 Supporting the teaching centre’s activities and British Council plans

Main duties

Plan, prepare and deliver up to 24 contact hours of high quality EFL lessons to adults and YLs, or
1 other on-site, off-site/partner premises that meets the needs of different customer groups taking into
account individual learning styles

Monitor progress and provide regular feedback to help manage students’ performance throughout
the course, and actively promote learner autonomy

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Contribute to the development, evaluation, and improvement of English language courses,
3 materials and related services, in order to meet students’ needs by actively working as a
member of the teaching team

4 Complete teaching related administrative tasks to specified standards

Actively engage in professional development and performance management to ensure quality and
5 high standards in teaching and learning, and maintain British Council’s position at the forefront of
best ELT practices

Contribute to the development of lasting, mutually beneficial relationships by enhancing students’

understanding of contemporary UK

Support local marketing and promotional strategy, and assist the teaching centre team in delivering
excellent customer service
Ensure safeguarding and guidelines are applied and upheld in line with standards and policy for the
following areas:
8  Child protection
 Equal Opportunity and Diversity
 Health and safety
Key relationships:

 Other teachers
 Teaching centre management team
 Teaching centre administration team
 Customer services staff
 Other wider BC teams
 Wider EFL community

 Learners
 Parents
 Partner schools
 Corporate Clients

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Other important features or requirements of the job
During Ramadan teaching patterns change and men’s teaching can finish as late as 02:30.A male
teacher in Jeddah may be expected to teach until 22:30 every evening.

Saudi society is strictly segregated and all teaching currently takes place single-sex groups.

Teachers work evenings and some terms may be required to work split shifts. The working week is
Saturday to Thursday and teachers have either a Friday/ Saturday or Thursday/Friday weekend.

Teachers are also required to attend regular compulsory INSETT session as well as staff meetings.

Please specify any passport/visa

Valid & transferable Iqama
and/or nationality requirement.
Please indicate if any security or
Criminal records check, employment pass and relevant ministry
legal checks are required
for this role.

Person Specification
Essential Desirable
Behaviours  Making it happen (essential) Interview only
(global  Working together (essential)
Please note: the other behaviours below will not
be assessed at interview. However, all
behaviours will be used for performance
management purposes.

 Being accountable (essential)

 Shaping the future (essential)
 Connecting with others (essential)
 Creating shared purpose (essential)

Skills and Teaching Skills – level 1 = essential (centres can Interview

Knowledge determine level if more experience required)
(all skills =  Classroom management (1)
 Course and lesson planning (1)
Level of skills  Subject knowledge (1)
by centre  Understanding your learners (1)
need  Learning technologies (1)

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Experience 2 years post-certificate i.e. CELTA/Trinity cert  Young Short listing
TESOL experience learners and interview
 Adults General English 18+ (800+ hours) aged 11 to 13
(400+ hours)
 Young
aged 14 to
17 (400+

Qualification Cambridge CELTA/Trinity cert TESOL (global Recognised Short listing only
s minimum standard) diploma in EFL
i.e. DELTA
extension or
PGCE/B.Ed in
Primary or
relevant subject

Submitted by Taufique Hasan Date 17.11.14

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