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Nickel Chromium Alloy 600 (UNS N06600)

Property SI/Metric Value

Density g/cm3 8.42
Melting Point Degree Celsius (℃) 1475
Yield Strength
Tensile Strength MPa 330
Young’s GPa 150
Chemical Percentage (%) Carbon= 0.50
Composition Manganese=0.25

Advantage  Resistance to corrosion to organic or inorganic compound

 More Machin able compared to 304 stainless steel
Resistance to oxidizing environments at high temperature
Disadvantage  Require large tool to handle the loads

Materials come into a lot of shape and types. It contains variable chemical composition
for each material according to the types of the materials. Materials engineering give exposure
to the surrounding materials involve for certain uses or in engineering field. Materials selection
take place when it is to be chose depend on its purpose and surrounding environment. There
are several parameters or criteria that can be consider before choosing a material such as the
mechanical properties, chemical composition, avaibility, cost and others consideration that can
take into account.

In this exercise, the material selection is important for uses of the industry as it need to
suits the working environment of the industry. One of the criteria is the materials can withstand
working temperature up to 950 degrees Celsius and corrosion resistant as it deals with
chemicals. There are several materials that can suit the production of chute for long term and
those materials can be discuss and compare for better selection.

Literature Review

Nickel is a silvery white metal with chemical element of atomic number 28 in periodic
table. Pure nickel belongs to the transition metal and it is hard and ductile. It has a melting
point of 1455 ℃ and a density of 8.9 g/cm3 (Budinski 2002). Nickel alloy, chromium nickel
alloy Inconel 600 is commonly used for application that require corrosion and high temperature
resistant. It has 72% of Nickel and Cobalt, 15.50% of Chromium, 8% of Iron, 0.15% of Carbon,
1% of Manganese, 0.015% of Sulfur, 0.50% of Silicon and 0.50% of Copper.
Due to high content of chromium, it can resist corrosion in variety of environment under
oxidizing conditions and its high nickel content enable it perform well in reducing
environment. The nickel content also has an excellent resistance to alkaline solutions. The other
properties of this material is that it is non-magnetic, excellent mechanical properties and have
high strength and good weld ability under a wide range of temperature. Nickel chromium alloy
600 (UNS N06600) are most commonly used in chemical, pulp and paper, aerospace, nuclear
engineering and heat treating industries. It also can be shape into sheet, plate, bar, pipe and
tube and also wire.