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Legend Personal Data Summary Version 1.

This document identifies the personal data about members held within the Legend Club Management System. It is provided to assist Legend customers in the generation of data flow diagrams and the provision of information the their members

What data do we hold? Where does this come from? What do you do with the data? What do we do with the data Where might the data go? (not exhaustive) How long kept for?
Personal Details Non personal Details
Member Number Home Club Member form Administer membership Store it in database at secure datacentre 3rd party systems (driven by customer) Customer determined redaction by retention policy
Barcode Membership Status Member online joining bookings Conduct backups on your behalf Example list - customer to confirm/add to See data redaction process instructions
Title Mailing address indicator Member PAR-Q purchases Export to reports database Fitness eqpts eg Technogym
Forename Date captured Import from taken over club attendances Process scheduled reports Libraries
Surname Date signed API from third party cancellations/terminations BI systems
Gender Head member indicator Member direct interaction payments Card schemes (giftcards)
Date of Birth Agreement Name & details Collect Direct Debits Finance Systems
Address 1 Agreement Price details retention activities mailchimp - email
Address 2 Membership fees mandrill - email
City Termination Date DDM - letters
County Termination Reason Maintain personal details with changes dotmail - letters
Postcode Payment history Market own services briefyourmarket
Email Address Usage/Attendance Market 3rd party services messagebird
Employer Bookings dotmailer
Occupation Booking Penalties perkville
Ethnic Origin Events activepoints
Medical Info Expiry date Allow export by customers to: bounts
Home Telephone Competency assessments 3rd party systems listen360
Work Telephone Matriculation Date BI systems gympass
Mobile Telephone Customer spreadsheets verifone
Emergency Name & Number Sales Emails CAP2
Photograph Prospect Status SMS Services
Marital Status Marketing Source Letters
Communication Preferences/Consents Promotion Legend access (with appropriate permission)
Direct Telephone Referral from Reports output to Support Staf
Direct Post Where a member now email addresses Database Administrators
Direct Email Enquiry type paper Implementations staf
Direct Text Origin Date electronic Developers (by exception)
3rd Party Telephone Prospect Type
3rd Party Post
3rd Party Email
3rd Party Text CRM
Account Name Risk score
Bank Sort Code Last visit
Bank Account Number Visits last 3 months
Bank IBAN Last Interaction
Bank BIC
Mandate Reference Other Items
Member Interests Custom data (UDF's)
Member Eligibilities (note cust to define if personal)
Member Goals Notes
Medical Info (note cust to define if personal)
Sales - Member Objections
Document management uploads
Legend Personal Data Summary

Date Version Commentary Author

2/2/2018 1.0 Initial draft for confirmation by Legend staf COO
4/14/2018 1.1 Passed for distribution approval COO