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Noel Sunne

Fred Assam Elementary

7700 E. Willowwood Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57110
605.582.1500 | Work
605.212.5577 | Cell

April 16, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

Jaime Sichmeller is a talented, dedicated young woman who has excelled as a student
teacher in her fourth-grade placement. I am continually impressed at the degree of care,
presentation, and thoughtfulness she gives not only to every lesson, but also to each
student. She is bright, thoughtful and caring, and works well with others. In short, I
highly recommend her to the teaching profession.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Sichmeller since the middle of January
2018. She quickly and actively involved herself in the life of our classroom. Ms.
Sichmeller was very welcoming to feedback and showed implementation of that
feedback very quickly. She also interacted well with staff members and parents during
her student teaching experience.

Fred Assam is a diverse school, and Ms. Sichmeller quickly demonstrated the ability to
appropriately differentiate her instruction to meet the needs of all learners. Ms.
Sichmeller employed a variety of strategies, lessons, and projects to balance the cultural,
socioeconomic and developmental needs of our diverse student body. Ms. Sichmeller
effectively works with a variety of students.

She successfully employed engaging activities that were integral for her students’
success in the classroom. She is adept in using technology to enhance student learning.

Ms. Sichmeller’s greatest strength as an educator is building, maintaining, and using

rapport with her students. She is aware of how students learn and develop and provided
learning opportunities that support not only her students’ intellectual development, but
also their social, emotional, and personal learning. Ms. Sichmeller is aware of different
learning styles and adapts her instruction based on the whole child.
At the same time, Ms. Sichmeller was able to assert herself as a classroom authority.
She commanded respect in the classroom and set clear expectations for behavior. The
students clearly respect her and respond to her management approaches. She used
appropriate positive behavioral supports, redirections, and successfully conferred with
students one-on-one to develop individual behavior plans when necessary.

Ms. Sichmeller has blossomed into an exceptional teacher and I know she will be an
asset to any staff. Ms. Sichmeller has earned my highest respect and highest
recommendation. I trust she will earn yours, too.


Noel Sunne
Fourth Grade Cooperating Teacher