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TT Material % Weight Manufacture / Supplier

1 Water 15 n/a
2 Acticide MBS 0.1 THOR
3 Natrosol 250 HBR 0.3 ASHLAND
4 AMP 95 0.2 ANGUS
Mix with low speed 5-10 mins
6 Triton CF-10 / Rhodoline WA9 0.15 DOW / SOLVAY
7 Optifoam AW6110 (silicone-based antifoam) 0.15 REDA
Mix with low speed 5-10 mins
8 Titanium dioxide 2310 10 KRONOS
9 Wondergloss (kaolin clay for ext high gloss) 2 REDA
10 Masil 723 (Alumium Silica) 1 REDA
11 Calcium carbonate - CaCO3 5 n/a
12 Silica (quartz, sand) (5-11 Micron) 12 n/a
Mix with hi-speed 30 mins until get fineness < 50 microns
13 Water 3 n/a
14 Opti-C-12 0.5 REDA
15 Propylene glycol 1.3 DOW
16 Acticide EPW 0.5 THOR
Mix with low speed 5-10 mins
17 Opticryl 2960 45 REDA
18 Optifoam AW6110 (silicone-based antifoam) 0.2 REDA
Mix with low speed 5-10 mins
19 ACRYSOL RM-2020 0.6 DOW
Mix with low speed 5-10 mins
20 Acticide HF 0.3 THOR
21 Water 2.3 n/a
Total 100

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