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Keene State College

Music Department

Teacher Candidate Assessment of Performance (TCAP)
MU 475/MU 476 Music Student Teaching

STRAND 1: Contextualizing Learners and Learning


Cooperating teachers will be asked to identify one music class that the student teacher
will be working with during the 7-week placement to teach a music skill appropriate to the
curriculum goals and student needs. Student teachers will design 3-5 lessons that pro-
motes development of a music skill with the pre-approval of the cooperating teacher. Pri-
or to the student teaching placement, the ‘Classroom Profile form’ will be sent out to co-
operating teachers to complete the form and email it to the student teacher. During the
first week of the placement, student teachers will be asked to discuss this information
with the cooperating teacher. In addition, student teachers will ask the cooperating
teacher and make general observations about student, classroom, school, and district
characteristics. Submit the ‘Classroom Profile form’ and ‘Contextualizing Learners and
Learning’ commentary at the end of week 1.


The Contextualizing Learners and Learning Strand provides an overview of important

features of your classroom context that influence your instructional decisions during your
teaching of music. It provides evidence of:

(1) your knowledge of your students.

(2) your ability to identify and summarize important factors related to your
students’ music learning and the school environment. You’ll be referring to your descrip-
tion of students and the teaching context in your responses in subsequent strands.
Classroom Profile Form
(* to be completed by the cooperating teacher)

Student Names Specific Services (if applicable) Additional In-

Please use pseu- formation
donyms. 504=Legal Accommoda- APE=Adaptive Provide relevant
tion for a Student Physical Educa- background in-
EL GATE=Gifted or Talent- tion formation about
Pri L ed Education HI=Hearing Im- students’ specif-
ma- Lev MED=Medical Condition pairment ic accommoda-
ry el SP=Special Education RSP=Reading tions or modifi-
Lan (if IEP Specialist Pro- cations based
gua app gram on IEP/504).
ge lica S/L=Speech or
ble) Language Ther-
Study Team

Violin 1 Eng. 504 Extra time to

complete as-
signed work

Seat near

Seat in quiet
Allow extra
time for exams
Provide any
reasonable ac-
that are needed

Violin 2 Eng.

Violin 3 Eng.

Violin 4 Eng.

Violin 5 Eng.

Violin 6 Eng.

Violin 7 Eng.

Viola 1 Eng.
Viola 2 Eng. 504 Extra time to
complete as-
signed work

Allow extra
time for exams

Provide any
reasonable ac-
that are needed

Student should
be allowed to
go to the nurse
without ques-
tion if she is
feeling ill.

Waive atten-
dance policy.

Provide sup-
port for ques-

Contact parent
if student is
earning a
grade of D or

Cello 1 Eng. 504 Extra time to

complete as-
signed work
Allow extra
time for exams

Provide any
reasonable ac-
that are needed
Cello 2 Eng. 504 Extra time to
complete as-
signed work

Allow extra
time for exams

Provide any
reasonable ac-
that are needed

Cello 3 Eng.

Bass 1 Eng.

Bass 2 Eng. 504 Student will

have access to
guidance and
the nurses of-

Student will
not be required
to complete
oral presenta-
tions in front
of the class.

will be made
to have student
complete oral
on a 1 to 1 ba-
sis with the
Contextualizing Learners and Learning Commentary
(* to be completed by the practicum student during the initial interview and first observa-

Name of School:

Name of Cooperating Teacher:

Class Name and Grade Level(s): Level 4 Orchestra, Gr. 10-12

Student Characteristics:
(* including but not limited to students’ prior knowledge, skills, experiences in music, and
current mastery of grade level expectations)

99% of students in the Orchestra learned how to play their instrument in the MSD ele-
mentary string program. Few students study privately. Most students are able to play, in
tune, in the keys of D,G,C in a two octave range. Some students play with a characteris-
tic tone and advanced technique. Due to a lack of aligned benchmarks and grade level
expectations throughout the district, there is a large discrepancy of student achievement
and ability. Each student in Level 4 orchestra is expected to audition for All State.

Classroom Characteristics:
(* including but not limited to grade level, physical features of the classroom, availability
of technology, equipment and resources, classroom rules and routines, scheduling, and
time devoted each week to music)

Orchestra- Level 4 Grades 10-12

Location - Stage including ample chairs, stands, string bass stools, sound system and
video projector.

Additional school equipment - 9 string basses, 6 cellos, 2 16” violas and numerous 4/4
violins. Students with a financial need are supplied instruments.

Classroom rules and routines - All orchestra members are expected to be at their place
and ready to rehearse at the beginning of the period. Orchestra is a course offering and
as such will comply with the rules and regulations regarding any class at (NA).

Students warm up on their instrument, rosin their bows, tune, prepare music and individ-
ually work on sections of their music until Mr. Brien calls class to order. Once class has
begun, all unnecessary noise and activity will cease. At the end of rehearsal orches-
tra members will put away their instruments and music in assigned place.

Each student is responsible for his/her own music and instrument. At each rehearsal the
student will have their music, their instrument, tuner and a pencil.
All students are required to audition for NHMEA All-State.

Scheduling and Time - Class meets 5 days a week for 50 minutes each day. Students
are expected to prepare repertoire outside of the class period.

Technology - Students have limited access to technology in the music classroom. Avail-
able technology includes: piano keyboards, stereo equipment, tuners, metronomes. Until
two years ago, students had access to 5 iMac computers with MIDI capability and Finale
Note Pad software.

School and District Characteristics:

(* including but not limited to school population, student demographics, free and reduced
lunch rate, special education support services, and socio-economic background)

(NA) is a public high school with a current student population of 1500. The student-
teacher ratio is 15:1. The total minority enrollment at (NA) is 29%. The total economic
disadvantaged is at 42%, with 5% using the reduced lunch program while 36% use the
free lunch program.

Describe concept or music skill that will be the focus of the learning segment (3-5
(* this must be recommended and approved by the cooperating teacher)

The overarching skill I’d like to reinforce is sight reading rhythm. Mr. Brien said that this
areas is a struggle for both the level 3 and level 4 orchestras. I want my unit to be as
student centered as possible, including but not limited to team-building activities that in-
volve all the overarching standards : creating, performing, responding, and connecting.