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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FASTOSIS (FASTing On Ketosis)

1. What is Ketone?
2. Where is Ketone originated?
3. What is the normal level of Ketone in Fastosis program?
4. What are the early preparation steps need to be prepared by me, who is new in running
this Fastosis program?
5. How many types of Ketone in our body?
6. What is the relevance between Ketone with Insulin hormone that I’ve already known?
7. Where and when does Ketone emerge in our body?
8. Why do we need Ketone?
9. What does Rejection and Selection mean in Fastosis program?
10. Why is that, in this Fastosis program, Fat or Cholesterol needs to be the main intake
compared to Carbohydrate and Protein?
11. Why is that, in this Fastosis program, also needs to routinely consume VCO (Virgin
Coconut Oil) and Immunator Honey®? Isn’t that Honey is sugar?

12. How many are stages or phases in this Fastosis program? What is the reason behind
13. Is it true that Carbohydrate is not the Essential element needed by our body? Why?
14. What is Glycation? Why is that I never heard that term from doctors?
15. What is the effect of Glycation to my health?
16. If I decided running this Fastosis program, do I still need to do exercises routinely?
17. Why do I have to do fasting in this Fastosis program?
18. What is HC? Why does HC happen if I run on this Fastosis program?
19. If I run on this Fastosis program where I’m no longer take any kinds of Carbohydrate,
isn’t there is high risk I will be having hypoglycemic condition?
20. To be honest, isn’t Fastosis program just like any kind of other diet programs? If not,
what is the differences and what causing those?
21. What suitable range of age that fits me to run this Fastosis program?
22. In the future time, will this Fastosis program become the solution to the health problems
that is going trendy lately? such as stroke, coronary heart, diabetes, weak heart, high or
low blood pressure?
23. Are there guidelines for me to run this Fastosis program?
24. My doctor said that Ketone is dangerous for my body, because it is toxic
(Ketoacidosis)? Why in this program Ketone is needed to be exist and even maintained
its existence?
25. This program heavily suggests to take lots of water intake. How about to those with
kidney failure problem? Do these people can do this Fastosis program?
26. How about maintaining nutrition balance (Macro and Micro) in my body if I’m running
this program, considering the fact that ONLY fat that must be eaten in the first stage or
phase of this program?
27. I used to be consuming vegetables and fruits to maintain fiber intake and maintaining
health of my digestion (Defecation). If I’m running this program, wouldn’t my health in
my digestion system will be disturbed?
1. What is Ketone?
Ketone is a molecule originated by Liver from Fat degradation (Fatty Acid) as a fuel
energy replacement for Glucose, where nowadays Glucose is common used as fuel energy
for our brain. It also can be used by all cells in our body, except Liver itself that can only
use Free Fatty Acid as a substrate for its metabolism.
All cells in our body can use Ketone or Free Fatty Acid as fuel energy, which is
processed inside cells’ Mitochondrial (or simply we can call it as Cell’s Energy Generator),
as a Glucose replacement. Only our brain cells that only can use Ketone molecule because
only Ketone molecule, due its small enough size, is the one that able to cross/penetrate the
Blood Brain Barrier (Brain’s blood divider and filter layer).

2. Where is Ketone originated?

Ketone is originated from Fat degradation (Fatty Acid) in our body only when Glucose
level in our body is declining. Ketone will only be produced in Liver if our body are in
Fasting condition, high intensity Exercising, and Low-Carbohydrate food intake.

3. What is the normal level of Ketone in Fastosis program?

Optimum Ketone’s target in our blood medical checkup in this program is ranged from
2.2 mMol to 6 mMol. If Ketone blood medical checkup is not available at our medical lab,
we can check our Ketone’s target through Ketone Urine checkup (aka Ketone Urine
analysis), ranged from +2 to +4.

4. What are the early preparation steps need to be prepared by me,

who is new in running this Fastosis program?
Before going into this program, we must prepare the main ingredients needed to be
consumed in Fasting hour and Feeding window time, such as Immunator Honey®, Virgin
Coconut Oil (VCO) and Green Tea.
Then we must learn well the program’s guideline given through email or through
viewing, and/or downloading them from google drive’s link given and then we can print all
of those documents and make hard copy of them.
We should not hesitate to ask anything about the program’s guideline which is still not
understandable to all PICs or mentors in WhatsApp group of Keto-Fastosis, or to the
person that refers us to this program.
When you start the program, the food choices and variations must or can be asked to
Keto-seniors in the group or to your mentor, so that we may not wrong in running this
program and it will give us maximum desired results.
5. How many types of Ketone in our body?
Ketone, or usually called Ketone Bodies, consists of three molecules, namely Aceto-
acetate, Beta Hydroxy-butyrate, and Acetone.

6. What is the relevance between Ketone with Insulin hormone that

I’ve already known?
Ketone is a molecule acting as fuel energy, same as Glucose, which only emerges
when the level of Insulin hormone in our blood is very low. In that condition, the opposite
hormone of Insulin, namely Glucagon, will become dominant in our body. This Glucagon
hormone, together with Adrenaline in our body will trigger Lipolysis process, which is the
degradation process of Triglyceride into Free Fatty Acid and Glycerol compounds. Each of
these compounds will be next transformed in Liver into Ketone (from Free Fatty Acid) and
Glucose (from Glycerol).

7. Where and when does Ketone emerge in our body?

Ketone is only produced exclusively in Liver from Fat (Fatty Acid) degradation. It is
also produced only when our Glycogen (our stock form of Glucose) in our Liver is already
depleted. This is happening because our Glycogen is used in our metabolism when we are
in Fasting condition or eating a very-Low-Carbohydrate food intake (source of Glucose).

8. Why do we need Ketone?

Ketone is needed to be our fuel energy source when we are in Fasting condition,
Calorie deficit condition, or eating food with a very-low-Carbohydrate portion. The presence
of this Ketone will prevent our body from hypoglycemic (symptom of low level of blood
sugar) reaction. When Ketone replaces Glucose as fuel energy in our brain, then our brain
cells will use Ketone as their energy source for their metabolism.
Ketone does have a greater potential energy compared to Glucose, and its
metabolism will significantly reduce the excess of Reactive Oxygen Species (aka ROS).
These ROS come as the result from oxidation process happened inside our cells (cells’
Mitochondrial), and therefore Ketone metabolism automatically will also decrease the
inflammation (irritation) level happened inside our brain. This is not occurring just only in
our brain, but it’s also occurring in all parts of our body. When all of our body cells use
Ketone as replacement to Glucose, then level of our ROS above will be significantly
9. What does Rejection and Selection mean in Fastosis program?
REJECTION is a condition when our Immune System becomes sensitive to recognize
any kind of abnormalities inside our body, like the emerging and existence of abnormal
cells. These kind of cells can be in form of Pathogens (Virus, Bacterium, Fungal and
Parasites), Cancer/Tumor, Damaged/Aged cells, and Infected cells.
This Rejection is triggered by a Challenge Reaction produced by the Immunator
Honey®, when it touches mucosal layer of our body. Such mucosal layer as like Oral path:
Tongue, Tooth gums, Under-tongue (sublingual), Mouth cavity, Esophagus, Intra-nasal
(inside of our nose), Intra-otitis (inside of our ears), Intra-ocular (eyes), Intra-rectal (anus
path), Intra-vaginal (vagina path), and sub-cutaneous (open wound or under skin).

This Challenge Reaction that was produced when the Immunator Honey® had
touched any of those mucosal layer mentioned above, will triggers the Antigen Receptor on
all our immune cells, and they’re becoming sensitive and aware, and thus, making our
immune cells can recognize the presence of abnormal cells in our body. The “can-identify”
effect of our immune cells will also trigger Immune Response reaction to those abnormal
cells and starting to initiate Rejection process to eliminate those abnormal cells.
The sensitization of our immune system is not just limited to Rejection only, but also
triggers the Tolerance of our immune system, for example in Auto-immune condition,
Allergies and Hyper-sensitivity. Besides that, this sensitive condition will also prevent Over
Inflammation that occurs, which might possibly emerges as the result of Abnormal Immune
Response in our body and even will cause negative effect to our health.
This sensitive condition will also triggers cleaning process to Impurities inside of our
body. Such examples of impurities are accumulation of plaques inside our arteries,
damaged and non-functional cells, foreign antigen which adhered at the surface of normal
cells (auto-immunity triggers), ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), Oxidized Protein/Fat,
Glycation (Caramelized Glucose), and many more kind of other matters, which disrupt the
balance of our body (aka Homeostasis). This is done through process called Phagocytosis,
meaning Impurities’ cleaning up process in our body as it is initiated by Immune Cells
(Phagocytes), just like Macrophage.
The sensitive condition will also triggers Rejuvenation (aka repairing / regenerating /
reverse aging), where sensitization of immune cells will trigger Signaling process
(communication) through fast cytokine process. When immune cells clean the location of
identified problem, then repairing signals occur in the same location that will trigger the
presence of Cell Regeneration materials and they start the Regeneration process to the
prior damaged / dysfunctional cells’ problem. All of these processes lead to Restoration to
cells’ functionality that previously was having problem losing their function due things like
infection, ROS oxidation, Glycation, etc.
SELECTION is a condition where Fat Metabolism is happening inside our cells’
Mitochondrial (aka Cells‘ Energy Generator). It is also occurring in Calorie deficit when we
are in fasting condition. All of these will trigger Selectivity to the existence of abnormal cells
inside our body. The selection process will take place to cells which have Anabolic
characteristics (fast growing or evolving), such as:
1) Cancer/Tumor Cells
is a type of malignant cells that only can use Glucose (from Carbohydrate) for their
metabolism. This happens because Cancer cells are type of cells in which their
Mitochondrial are dysfunctional or damaged. Thus, Cancer cells can only use
Glucose as their fuel for their energy metabolism through Fermentation pathway,
aka Lactic Acid Fermentation. This kind of energy metabolism pathway doesn’t
need oxygen. Unlike normal energy metabolism in normal cells that needs fully
functional Mitochondrial (aka Energy Generator), normal cells produce energy
through Oxidation process (in Mitochondrial) with Oxygen as its main element.
The result of Glucose Fermentation process, in these Cancer cells, is Energy and
Lactate Acid, in which this Acid will then affect our blood’s coagulation and pH level.
Lactate Acid will also increase our blood sugar level, from the Recycle process to
this Acid in our Liver, namely Cori Cycle. Then, this Lactate Acid will be re-
transformed again into Glucose.
For comparison, the result of normal cells metabolism, which is using Mitochondrial
to process Glucose (from Carbohydrate), Fat (from Fatty Acid), Ketone, and Protein
(from Amino Acid) will give results of Energy and metabolism’s residual in form of
CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and H2O (Water).
2) Glycolytic Cells
is type of cells that has highly and actively characteristic in using Glucose. More
than that, they are very dependent using Glucose for their metabolism.
Such cells are infected and damaged/aged cells which have degradation of
functionality in our body. These cells will be experiencing Selection process through
Calorie deficit condition and a very-low-existence of Glucose in our body.
Normal cells which are having infection will also be running into Mitochondria’s
dysfunctional, and in the end will also be using the Fermentation pathway, just the
same as happened in Cancer cells. This Glycolytic characteristic is a thing that also
be found in primitive cells, like Pathogens that is experiencing duplication inside
normal cells which is infected earlier by those Pathogens. This is why when the
infection is ongoing, the production level of Lactate Acid will also increase in our
body and usually followed by increased blood sugar level (Glucose).
3) Abnormal Immune Cells (Auto-immune)
In some Auto-immune cases, the abnormal immune response seen from those
cases is a sign from high Glycolytic activities in our immune cells. With a very-low
Glucose and Calorie deficit conditioned by Fastosis program, it will shift the
differentiation of these abnormal immune cells into anti-inflammation immune
response. This can be happening because Fat fuel becomes the trigger to change
the character of these immune cells from “Auto-reactive” into “Tolerance” to normal
cells in our body These abnormal immune cells previously can’t tell the difference
between abnormal or normal (foe or friend) cells.
10. Why is that, in this Fastosis program, Fat or Cholesterol needs
to be the main intake compared to Carbohydrate and Protein?
Fat is a form of fuel substrate that has the most Ketogenic characteristic, where Fat
only has 10% glycerol composition in which it can be transformed into Glucose. This means
that Fat has a very low possibility to trigger the spike of Insulin hormone reaction
(Insulinogenic), or even to be transformed into Glucose (Gluconeogenic).
Protein is a substrate which has characteristic becoming the main building block in
synthesizing new cells, the same as in cell regeneration and rejuvenating process.
Nevertheless, Protein has 56% amino acid composition that has Gluconeogenic
characteristic, which means that 56% portion of Protein can be transformed into Glucose
through Gluconeogenesis pathway. This also means that 56% portion of Protein has
Insulinogenic characteristic.
Carbohydrate is a substrate that has the highest composition able to be transformed
completely into Glucose in our body, where Carbohydrate has 100% composition that can
be used directly in Glycolysis process (aka Glucose metabolism in Cytoplasm). This makes
Carbohydrate has 100% Gluconeogenic characteristic, which automatically also 100%
Insulinogenic characteristic.
In Fastosis program, the main key is fasting, where fasting is a very-low-level of
Insulin condition, but in the same time is also a very-high-level of Glucagon condition.
Glucagon is a hormone opposite to Insulin, which is also produced in our Pancreas. When
we are in fasting hours, this very-low-level of Insulin condition will trigger Glucagon
hormone to be more active in degrading Fat (Lipolysis process) into energy, while in the
opposite way, the emerging and increasing level of Insulin hormone will cancel this
Lipolysis process.
Then in feeding window time in Fastosis program, Insulin hormone is continually
pressed down by choosing type of food intake that has macro nutrition ratio: High Fat and
very Low Protein or Carbohydrate. Best if we don’t consume Carbohydrate at all. The
purpose of this step in to maintain the dominance of Glucagon hormone in our body and
not disturbing the process or our body’s adaptation to Ketogenesis metabolism.
Optimum Ketogenesis will give optimum supply of Ketone in our blood for creating
Ketosis perfect condition and will be able to reverse many health problems emerged from
the past result of Energy Surplus did by Glucose, such as:
1) High concentration level of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species),
2) Caramelized Glucose in our body (Glycation),
3) and many abnormalities / other anomalies caused by high level of Glucose in
our blood.
11. Why is that, in this Fastosis program, also needs to routinely
consume VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) and Immunator Honey®?
Isn’t that Honey is sugar?
VCO (aka Virgin Coconut Oil) is a form of Fat that has a short molecule form of
Carbon chain, or MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) for simplicity. This kind of Fat is easily
broken down by Liver into Glycerol (substrate to make Glucose) and Fatty Acid (substrate
for Fat metabolism to produce Ketone).
This VCO supplementation will clearly help the transition process of our body from
Carbohydrate metabolism into Fat metabolism. The liver will produce Ketone faster as soon
as possible to replace Glucose that starting to significantly declining in our body. This is an
important step to ensure smooth transition from Carbohydrate metabolism into Fat
metabolism and to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemic effect that might be possible to
happen or, in the opposite, any excessive symptoms. But, as the Ketosis adaption process
is going on, which is becoming perfect in each day and usually after 3 months running this
program, then the VCO intake can be reduced or even don’t need to be taken anymore
because our body is already able to adapt with Fat metabolism in forms of any kind, such
as MCT or LCT (M=Medium, L=Long). Specifically for information, the type of LCT (Long
Chain Triglyceride) is a Fat form type which can be found dominantly in our body, which is
well known as Body Fat, saved and stored in our Adipose Tissue.

Immunator Honey® is merely a tool to be used in Fastosis program to specifically

make condition for our body, especially our immune system, to be always in ALERT or
sensitive, therefore our immune system will be able to identify every kind of abnormalities in
our body. These abnormalities can be in form of the presence of antigenic cells such as
Pathogens or even Cancer cells.
These abnormalities can also be in form of excessive Inflammation condition
happening before, which is caused by immune cells that previously has over reactive and
high inflammation condition. The sensitive condition, triggered by Immunator Honey®, will
restore the balance in our immune response and prevent the occurrence of over
inflammation which is actually is an attempt of our body trying to clear up existing problems
or previous abnormalities. The sensitive condition will also optimize the ongoing
rejuvenating process, but still at the same time will maintain the intensity of our immune
response so that our body won’t experience over inflammation symptoms that has negative
effect and harm our own body. This can be happening when all receptors in the surface of
our immune cells becoming high sensitive and able to arrange better signaling process
between cells (aka Negative Feed Back Loop), so that to make a better condition, our
immune response will be more controllable and in some way becoming a natural
Thermostat to prevent the possibility occurrence of over inflammation indication.
The immune cells that already becoming sensitive are also helping the smooth
transition into Ketosis condition, where the possibility occurrence of hypoglycemic
symptoms will be more controllable and won’t cause continuation inflammation effect. This
can be obtained from sensitivity of our immune system which is now able to prevent the
occurrence of over inflammation effect explained earlier above paragraph.
This immune system sensitization will be also triggering more active human immune
system activity, which is making bigger energy consumption in our body, caused by
immune cells that has new capability of immune-surveillance. This new capability of our
immune cells need bigger energy needs to search any foreign antigens / abnormal in our
body, such as antigen from Pathogens or Cancer cells.
This immune system activity will also trigger Phagocytosis process to any impurities in
our body, just like scavenging process done by Macrophage to any plaques in blood
arteries. This phagocytosis activity will also need bigger energy consumption.
By then, overall, immune system activity will definitely and significantly increase the
need of energy required, aka increased metabolism in our body. It will also create bigger
Calorie deficit, which will accelerate the degradation rate of Glucose (Glycogen = Stock of
Glucose in our body) and also will speed up the transition process to expected Ketosis

Immunator Honey® is merely a tool to be used to trigger the immune system

sensitization, which is only happening when our body is experiencing threats. Immunator
Honey® uses protein comes from Cow’s Colostrum, processed with ultrafiltration
technology and becomes into a very small particle size (Dalton size). This very small size
has a purpose to match the size of protein in any kind of Viruses antigen, which is known
that Virus’ antigen is in form of a protein, coated with Glucose (aka Glycosylated Viral
Protein – shortly Glycoprotein). Therefore, this ultra-filtrated protein must be infused with
honey so that it will create enzymatic process that triggers the attachment between
Glucose from honey and Glucose coated in the surface of those virus cells.

This is why Immunator Honey® must use Honey, simply as a carrier media so that
the effect of Immunotherapy can be established. The effect originated by non-real threat
from Immunator Honey® will make our immune system becoming alert. This is where the
sensitization process of immune cells is increased, in which this condition make them have
new capability: Immuno-surveillance to search non-self-antigens (foreign or malignant) in
microcellular environment inside our body.

Immune response originated from this Glucose-coated protein (Immunator Honey®)

will inflict Alert condition in adaptive immune cells, such as CD4 (T-Helper Cells), CD8 (T-
Killer Cells), CD56 (NK Cells) and CD19 (B-Cells). As known also as Lymphocyte Subset,
these immune cells have jobs to select and search any infected cells and also any
malignant characteristic cells (Cancer cells) in our body.
12. How many are stages or phases in this Fastosis program?
What is the reason behind it?
Fastosis program consists of 3 stages or phases: Induction, Consolidation, and
Maintenance phase. We’ll go detail each of them:
Induction Phase
Induction phase is a phase where our body is forced to use, until depletion, all
Glucose stocks in form of Glycogen stored in Muscle mass and Liver. The purpose is
when the Glycogen is depleted, then our body will initiate Ketone production in Liver
as fuel energy replacement for those depleted Glucose, and then it is sent to every
inch of our body, especially for our brain cells.
The main goal of Induction phase is to achieve a stable level of fasting blood
sugar below 80 mg/dL. Usually in medical lab, we have to do fasting minimum 12
hours before our blood can be checked its properties. With this quite low blood sugar
level, and in the condition that our body do not suffer hypoglycemic symptom, have
proofed that the body has already shifted from using Glucose to Fat metabolism and
also Ketone becomes a dominant fuel energy supply to our body.
Fasting in the main key in this program, which is the fast way to deplete
Glycogen stored in our body. Therefore our control in Fasting window time is the main
goal in this phase. Fasting is a MUST DO in minimum 16 hours, in which be advised
to stop eating before 08:00 pm and break fasting after 12:00 am in the next day. By
then, automatically, we only skip breakfast from our eating routine daily habits.
Fasting condition is a condition where our Insulin hormone becomes very low,
and in the opposite our Glucagon hormone becomes very dominant. Fasting condition
is also a condition where our digestion system is resting, therefore our intestine is no
longer consuming lots of energy to digest solid food intake. To achieve this, clearly
only Fat source in form of liquid that can be consumed as Calorie source or No-
Calorie-drink can also be consumed in fasting time. Protein and Carbohydrate, even
in form of liquid, is not allowed to be consumed in fasting time so that our fasting
condition becomes a controllable condition in Insulin hormone increased level caused
by drink intake.
Then in incoming feeding window time, induction phase only allows animal
source which can be consumed as food intake and avoids any vegetal source in the
food. Exception only in SMALL amount in form of food seasoning such as onion,
pepper, chili, and etc. Sugar and sweet sauce is prohibited even we use them only for
seasoning due to its high level of Carbohydrate in its composition.
This is a must-do-step in order to easily control our limit source of Carbohydrate
that can be taken by our body. Because if not, we will postpone or even stop the
Glycogen depletion process inside our body, because we still take source of
Carbohydrate above permitted level. The permitted maximum level of Carbohydrate in
induction phase is only 10 grams per day, therefore by choosing only animal as food
source will easily maintain our Carbohydrate intake below daily permitted level.
Fiber source in making our digestion streamlined can be obtained in form of free
Carbohydrate, such as plain gelatin, green jelly grass, seaweed or other fiber
supplement as long as has no calorie value at all or very low.
Consolidation Phase
Consolidation phase is a phase where our body is re-introduced again with
Carbohydrate element comes from Vegetable, where the source itself must be
chosen by selecting the ones with a very low net Carbohydrate value in order to
maintain the permitted level of Carbohydrate intake in this phase, which is below 15
grams per day.
This purpose of this phase is to maintain and strengthen the Ketosis condition
previously obtained from Induction phase and this very low Carbohydrate vegetal
source will not easily refill Glycogen back again in our body, especially in Liver.
In this phase, our fasting blood sugar level is not supposedly and easily to be
triggered back again up to above 80 mg/dL because the adding Carbohydrate from
food is supposedly not to refill Glycogen again, therefore causing the balance of our
blood sugar level is raised up. Nevertheless, if we find our blood sugar level is raised
back up again in this phase, then it is a MUST to repeat induction phase to re-
strengthen our Ketosis condition first, before moving up again to Consolidation phase
which allows the adding of Vegetal source as our food menu add-up.
To easily choose which vegetal source has a very low net Carbohydrate value, it
is suggested to consume vegetables that has high fiber only, such as those in plant’s
foliage, stems, and buds. Please be noted to avoid vegetal source consumption
comes from roots, fruits, seeds and other parts from plants that still has a high level of
net Carbohydrate value.
In this consolidation phase, fasting time must be prolonged into minimum 18
hours. The reason is because if we are already in Ketosis condition, our body should
already be easier to access our stocked Body Fats and use them effectively as
energy source without adding too much of food intake from outside. The phase’s goal
is to stabilize and make our body’s capability becoming efficient using our Body fat
that is stocked in our Adipose Tissue as our energy source, so that our body can
adapt with no-food condition much longer.
Maintenance Phase
The Maintenance Phase is a phase where our optimum Ketosis condition is
maintained. This phase has the highest permitted Carbohydrate intake compared to
previous phases, which is 20 grams per day and our body is supposedly having blood
sugar level far more stable below 80 mg/dL.
In previous phase, the adding vegetal source comes from highly-fiber-contained
part of plants will not trigger the increment of our fasting blood sugar level. Therefore,
in the maintenance phase, we are allowed to add more vegetal source comes from
fruits element, but still have to choose the lowest net Carbohydrate value, such as
sour fruits like berries. But please be noted that this low carbohydrate fruit
consumption still must be limited so that our permitted Carbohydrate intake won’t be
violated, which is 20 grams per day.
In this phase, the effectiveness of using our Body Fats should be very optimum
so that our fasting time can be prolonged again to minimum 20 hours daily. By then, it
would be much easier in this phase to maintain optimum Ketosis condition, where our
available feeding window time will be short enough to limit our intake of energy source
from food and our own Body Fat.
During maintenance phase, our body will become very efficient in using energy
source comes from our stocked Body Fat and will create a very effective adaptation to
no-food condition. Our ability to survive without food will be highly efficient, thus,
inside our body, the created selective condition will also be highly efficient in battling
abnormal cells that might still has energy extravagant characteristic, such as Cancer
Cells, Pathogens, Damaged/Aged Cells, and other over reactive cells that used to be
having a very high inflammation. Our inflammation will also become very low and thus
creating an optimum level of health because by the body’s ability to establish highly
efficient condition from a very low energy source from food. Therefore, our normal
and healthy cells will be the only cells that can survive in this condition of our body.

13. Is it true that Carbohydrate is not the Essential element needed

by our body? Why?
Carbohydrate is the source of Glucose in our body obtained from food. As for
Glucose, it is a molecule / substrate that can be produced by our own body when there is
no source of Glucose (Carbohydrate) obtained and consumed from food.
Our own body can make its own needed Glucose through Gluconeogenesis process
in Liver, where the process begins from the conversion of Glycerol which is broken down
from Triglyceride (Fat) chain molecule. Triglyceride itself obtained from food or our own
stocked Body Fat. And also the Amino Acid (from Protein) can be converted into Glucose
using the same process (Gluconeogenesis) in Liver.
Other sources that can be used as the material / substrate to make Glucose is the
Lactic Acid, obtained from the result of energy metabolism done by Erythrocyte (red blood
cell) and Muscle cell which is having hypoxia (low oxygen) condition. Hypoxia condition
occurs when we’re doing exercise and then our muscle is experiencing contraction and
causing lack of oxygen at where the working muscle cells is located. This Lactic Acid is
then recycled into Glucose through the process called Cori Cycle in Liver, and after that the
produced Glucose is distributed back again to our blood through Liver.
Acetone is a bye-product in the process making Ketone in Liver. When our body is in
Ketosis condition, this Acetone can also be converted into Glucose. Firstly, the acetone is
converted into Lactic Acid via detoxification in Liver, and then with Cori Cycle process,
these Lactic Acid is converted into Glucose and distributed back in our blood.
All cells in human body can use Fatty Acid or Ketone as fuel energy source. But,
there are some cells that cannot use other kinds of source of fuel energy except Glucose.
Those kind of cells are Erythrocyte (red blood cells) and about 20% of our brain cells which
is still having primitive characteristic which means those 20% brain cells have no
Mitochondrial (aka Cell’s energy generator), so that their metabolism process is a Glucose
metabolism which is using Fermentation pathway, and in the final resulting Lactic Acid.
They do not need oxygen to oxidize Glucose just like any other kind of cells in our body that
still have Mitochondrial.
In Ketosis condition, our body will produce enough and appropriate amount of
Glucose needed by those cells, so that there should be no need for an excess amount of
Glucose in our body. So why we were still consuming Glucose manually from our food? We
should realize that the increased Glucose level at our blood, caused by over consumed of
Carbohydrate from our food, which will automatically increase our blood sugar level, and by
then will trigger Insulin hormone reaction which is needed to push back those excessive
blood sugar into our own body cells to maintain the safety and balance of blood sugar level
in our body.
Too high blood sugar level in our body will be dangerous to our chemical balance
condition in our blood because Glucose is a kind of molecules that has a Reductant (can
reduce other molecule’s electron) characteristic. This characteristic often ‘attacks’ Protein
and Fat molecules, and thus causing instability to these molecules and also other
molecules. All these reduced molecules becoming easily oxidized by ROS molecule which
is already been there in our body. This is the root cause of the Hardening effect in Protein
and Fat molecule which should not been their previous characteristic. For example, protein
molecule that should be elastic and fat molecule that should be soft and slippery.
14. What is Glycation? Why is that I never heard that term from
Glycation is a form of attachment / adhesion that happened between Protein or Fat
with Glucose molecule, causing disruption of bio-molecule functionality.
In simple way of saying, Glycation is the same analogue with caramelization of sugar
affecting to our own body cells, such as:
1) Collagen layer in arteries wall, causing hardening effect,
2) LDL molecule surface that can be oxidized-affected and easily stuck to blood
3) Immune cells surface which is causing its receptor disrupted and making
immune cells cannot pinpoint target or recognize foreign antigens,
4) Myelin layer in neuro system in our brain and all of our body which is causing
de-myelination process,
5) Cells surface in eyes’ retina,
6) Crystalline hardening in eyes’ lens,
7) Damaged Beta-cell, which is cells that produces Insulin hormone, in pancreas,
8) and many other cells in our body.

15. What is the effect of Glycation to my health?

Glycation is an effect from hyper-glycaemia that happens every time we consume
large amount of Carbohydrate. All kind of Carbohydrate sources will be broken down first
into simplest form, called Monosaccharide, such as Glucose, Fructose and Galactose in
our small intestine, before distributed to all parts of our body.
High concentration of these Glucose, Fructose and Galactose in blood will cause
Glycation process happened in all parts of our body, in form of Nitrogen chain molecule (N-
terminal) attached to Protein molecule in our body cells. In long term, these Glycation effect
will become the root cause of Pathologic occurrence of all kinds of disease, such as
Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Imbalance hormone, Auto-immune, Neuro-degenerative
and Cancer.
16. If I decided running this Fastosis program, do I still need to do
exercises routinely?
Sports or Exercises is an attempt from human to create Hormesis. This Hormesis is
one of processes that trigger stress level in our body but its goal is to increase our body’s
capacity building resistance of our body cells’ stress level. By then, exercises will create
better Homeostatic (Equilibrium) condition when our body’s cells have become invulnerable
to every kind of stress situation which can cause damage.
Exercises will also create sensitization to Insulin hormone in our body so that our
body’s cell will easily absorb and use distributed Glucose in our blood faster, and to avoid
hyper glycaemia that could be possible happened due to large amount of Carbohydrate
This Insulin’s sensitization is in contrary with Insulin’s Resistance, where Insulin
resistance is a form of pathologic disease that is causing blood sugar level easily spiked.
And if the Insulin’s Resistance is already took place, then it is the Glycation which becomes
future problem and triggers domino effect causing the emerging of any kinds of chronical
Fastosis program really encourages to implement exercises routinely in fasting time,
in which by exercising at the same time with fasting, it will create higher energy demand
and will also trigger our body to release stocked Body Fat as fuel energy. Besides that, a
created higher demand will also trigger higher production of Ketone in our blood. Therefore
making prolonged fasting time will be easier to do without hunger or frail feeling. Exercises
in Ketosis condition is very different from exercises in conventional Glucose metabolism
condition. In Glucose metabolism, doing exercises will make Glycogen’s depletion process
becoming faster and trigger hypo-glycemic symptom, while in Ketosis condition, exercises
will precisely trigger more Ketone productions which will increase energy level in the fasting
Exercises which is done in fasting time will also trigger faster Glycation purging
process in our body so that making easier for us to obtain and maintain optimum blood
sugar level in Fastosis program. It is targeted that optimum blood sugar level can reach and
stable below 80 mg/dL.

17. Why do I have to do fasting in this Fastosis program?

Fasting in Fastosis program is one of attempt to create Calorie Deficit which causes
Glycogen’s depletion process in our body. When this stocked Glycogen is depleted, then
our body will initiate Ketogenesis process in Liver, producing Ketone as a fuel energy
replacement to Glucose in all parts of our body, especially to brain cells.
Fasting condition is a condition where our Insulin hormone level is very low, which
automatically will maximize the level of Glucagon hormone as its antagonist. This Glucagon
hormone is the one hormone responsible for triggering stable Lipolysis (Fat degradation)
process every time in doing Fastosis program.
Fasting will also accelerate the purging process of Glycation that created abundantly
in previous of our life style caused by consuming high amount of Carbohydrate in daily diet.
This Glycation’s purging will speed up our body reaching targeted optimum blood sugar
level in Fastosis program that is below 80 mg/dL.
Fasting is also a condition where our digestion does not work so that the available
energy in our body can be fully directed and used for other needs, such as restoration of
our damaged body cells, immune cells activity against foreign threats, and getting rid of any
toxics in our body, and also triggering regeneration our body cells and thus resulting
Reverse Aging effect.

18. What is HC? Why does HC happen if I run on this Fastosis

HC or Healing Crisis is a process where our body is trying to eliminate and expel any
kinds of impurities stored inside our body that is disrupting homeostatic (equilibrium)
condition of all our body cells’ functionalities.
This HC thing will happen when our immune system is doing its Rejection function,
which previously had finished identifying many kinds of abnormalities forms inside our
body, such as Pathogen cells, Malignant cells (Cancer), Infected cells, Damaged / Aged /
Dysfunctional cells, and Filth inside our body (plaques in arteries, glycation, chemical
All of those identification to any kinds of abnormalities forms will trigger elimination
process by activating many chemical reactions inside our body, such as attacking,
coagulating, cleaning up, and finally disposing.
When this HC begins, the inflammation reaction will also emerge in our body where
some symptoms could come up in the elimination process. But this risen inflammation,
when our immune system works, is a natural controllable process. Our immune system will
always maintain the balance between the attempt to eliminate those abnormalities and by
monitoring the negative feedback loop resulted from other body cells if the inflammation
beginning too high and endangering other body cells’ functionalities.
This is why Immunotherapy is important thing in Fastosis program which is also
functioning as sensitization to immune system ability to see inside our body’s situation
when the elimination process is taking place and action to those founded abnormalities.
While the metabolic therapy in Fastosis program triggers selectivity to those abnormal
cells existence through created Calorie Deficit environment, and through Fat metabolism
that needs optimum mitochondrial function, it will also create the same elimination process
to those abnormal cells which are heavily dependent of a large amount of Glucose. In the
opposite, try to imagine when those kind of cells are in Calorie Surplus condition from
Glucose as the main source. The lack of Glucose element will trigger natural elimination
from those kind of cells. For example: the emerged effect to the existence of the primitive
cells (without mitochondrial) such as Bacterium, Virus, Parasite and Fungal disease; and
also to those normal cells that already infected and becoming highly Glycolytic (very
dominant in using Glucose in their energy cell metabolism) characteristic.
Malignant cells like Cancer cells will be experiencing the same selection process
while Cancer cells are dysfunctional mitochondrial cells which is causing these cancer cells
become dominant in using Glucose as the most universal fuel energy substance on earth.
Glucose can be used as energy producer without oxygen and directly can also be used
without the existence of mitochondrial, aka cells’ energy generator, used with oxygen.
By then, Cancer cells are type of cell that changes its metabolism process using
Fermentation pathway which is only happening at Cytoplasm (Cell’s body) and without
oxygen. This Fermentation pathway will produce Lactic Acid as result of its metabolism.
Therefore Cancer cells will also automatically experience the same selection process
from the very-low-level of Glucose in our blood, so that they will be having energy source
deficient effect and will die in the end. Nevertheless, not all of Cancer cells are easily
selected because some of these cancer cells will might still be dormant (silence) caused by
their slower metabolism and thus some of them still might survive. But with the effect of
very-low-level of Glucose will make these dormant cancer cells to be exposed in the end to
our already-activated and sensitive immune system. Our optimum immune system is now
able to see the existence of dormant Cancer antigen cells so that they can be identified and
The effect of Calorie deficit is triggering elimination process to excessive Protein
inside our cells, especially to the Protein that had already been having Glycation
(Caramelized). The cleaning up process in this Calorie deficit condition is known as
Autophagy. This process will trigger accumulation of body cells’ purification and cause a
reaction of immune system to eliminate impurities that cause inflammation or symptom.
The same thing is happened with attached Glycation to Fat and Protein molecule structure
will be purged through Glycation’s degradation process in Calorie deficit condition. The
Autophagy process will recycle to these materials to be used again as energy source whilst
Calorie deficit takes place.
Basically, those elimination processes are actually the so called Healing Crisis, or HC
in short. This HC is naturally an attempt of our body to restore the balance (equilibrium) of
disrupted Homeostatic, and sometimes these risen symptoms are assumed in medical as
disease symptoms which re-emerge again after previously had been stated fully recover.
Healing Crisis just like reminds us back in the past of our previous life style, where old
symptoms might were already occurred before. This is called Reversal or Retracing where
all of the clauses from the risen past symptoms has not actually been fully recovered or
cleaned up from our body. This is usually happened when those past symptoms is quickly
shut with prescriptions and drugs that actually manipulate those symptoms and we are
given quick ease by those drugs. The truth is that those drugs are actually closing down the
exit way of risen clauses, and ironically ‘push down’ all of those clauses deep inside our
body cells. That’s what we called postponed HC process whilst this postpone will become
accumulation with other pushed down clauses, and in the end will give systemic failures
condition to our body, to our immune system and to our normal metabolism. In the end,
those systemic failures will manifest into form of chronic diseases, like in this present time.
This is why it’s important to fully understand the occurrence of this natural Healing
Crisis process where illnesses (symptoms) is the same like sounding Alarm when a clause
factor disrupting body’s homeostatic condition. And when we want the function of the Alarm
to be silenced, it cannot be done by manipulating the risen symptoms, but must find the
way to erase the clause factor.
Human body has natural instrument that will always try to restore the balance. When
the condition is already fully supporting the balance restoration process, then the process is
a GO (green light) to execute. For example, when our immune system able to re-identify
the existence of abnormalities and trying to do elimination attempt, and also when our
metabolism has gone better by again not taking foods that contain Glucose which can
cause oxidative stress in our body. Calorie deficit from fasting condition definitely will trigger
efficiency in our body by getting rid of inefficient and extravagant cells, the same as
abnormal cells in our body.
This Healing Crisis, simply said HC, is an elimination process established by our own
body and it needs lots amount of energy. Therefore, usually before HC begins, we are
usually experiencing condition like increased metabolism and energy, and more frequently
feel hungry. These signs indicate that our body is nearly ready to begin the elimination
process that requires huge amount of energy. Please be noted that when this process is
ongoing, enough quantity of rest is very needed and also heavily advised to discard any
unnecessary activities. When HC takes place, there is usually a drop in our appetite which
is a natural initiation of our own body to diverting energy usually used in digestion into HC
process. If we fully understand this, then we should let the process takes place by fasting or
by not taking solid food and only taking Calorie source in form of liquid or soft when
The key in choosing nutrition when the HC takes place must also be right, where Fat
ratio must be very high so that Insulin response do not spike which will make inflammation
level experienced getting higher and higher.
Increased Calorie intake through high Fat source such as VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) is
more recommended than other source that might still has Protein component, because
Protein itself still able to trigger Insulin response in certain amount.
Symptoms arise from the Healing Crisis are actually the signs of using alternative
pathway of human detoxification beside Feces (through Colon) and Urine (from Kidney).
These things happen when the amount of resulted impurities from the elimination process
is bigger than the usual body’s capacity and speed in processing those impurities to
become feces or urine. Automatically, this pile of impurities in the blood will trigger
inflammation reaction in our body such as fever, burning body, dizziness, limp, weary, pin
and needles, nausea, and etc.
The body will try to compensate this such faster elimination process by opening
alternative pathways such as through skin (epidermis), mucus (slime), and mucous
(mucous layer on our body such as mouth cavity, tooth gum, tongue, esophagus, throat,
and ulcer). Examples of alternative pathway used by our body to compensate faster
impurities elimination process is such as below:
* Skin (Epidermis) : Itchy, Rash, Pimple, Ulcer, Dried skin, etc.
* Mucus (Slime) : Cough, Cold/snot, Leucorrhoea, Thick Menstruation in large
amount, and etc.
* Mucous : Oral ulceration, Swollen gum, Swollen tonsil, Itchy in throat,
Breathless/Heart burn, Chest pain, Nausea, Gag, Increased
Ulcer acid, Diarrhea, Red eyes/Watery eyes, Itchy nose,
Ringing in ears, etc.
Healing Crisis process usually begins with emerged symptoms described above, and
the intensity will increase in the second day. On the third to fourth day is the range time
where the elimination takes place through Urine pathway and Feces pathway and is also
increasing, thus decreasing the output of the elimination through alternative pathways. On
the fourth and fifth day usually there will be significant changes in energy level and we
experience great refreshing effect in our body followed by the degradation of all previous
symptoms’ intensity.
The Healing Crisis process can also take place quite long, ranged from one to two
weeks, if the available energy is not sufficient, such as when the energy is allocated to the
food digestion process or when we are having an essential nutrition deficiency in our body.
It is very important to really know and fully understand when the process is taking place,
and do not try to cover it up with drugs who will manipulate the elimination process.
Because if so, the drugs will postpone the process and its effectiveness in cleaning up.
The best way to help muffling and give ease when the HC process is taking place is
by using natural attempt like resting, sunbathing, warm water soaking, sauna, massage,
reflexology, sponging, and etc.
To help accelerate the usage of main detoxification pathways through Feces and
Urine, it is suggested to drink more water, and can add mineral supplement like salt and
other needed electrolytes. If the feces is blocked / detained caused by lack of fiber intake,
then smooth fiber sources like gelatin or green jelly grass can be used as addition to
accelerate impurities expelling in colon. Usage of supplement with Laxative characteristic
can also be used to help solving constipations problem that might occur along with ongoing
HC process, and can accelerate the diversion from alternative expelling pathways into main
pathways through Colon in form of Feces. Feces in form liquid or watery will speed up
Colon draining process and give more rooms for newly Feces forming.
Healing Crisis is a staging process in purifying our body from any kinds of stored
clause, and this process is happening when body’s condition and energy is sufficient
enough to trigger the elimination. But for chronical diseases which is form of manifestations
from many clauses accumulation inside our body, will not be easily cleaned up through one
or two times of HC process. Because it’s not possible all of these clauses are excluded out
in one time, which if able can cause too much impurities resulted from elimination and
trigger excessive inflammation and can endanger our body’s condition.
Therefore this process surely will happen several times until totally cleaned up and all
clauses are completely lifted out from our body, and in each elimination round that is
passed through, there will be changes and progresses in health level or even reduction
from diseases’ manifestation previously experienced. By maximizing our immune system
and conditioned metabolism, surely the next elimination process will be easier to begin
with, which automatically speed up chains of cleaning up, resulting perfect health and free
from all kinds of clauses’ form stored since past time.
Healing Crisis in Fastosis program is something to be expected to show up when we
thought our body has health issues, because by this emerging of Healing Crisis, it shows
that Fastosis program successfully makes our immune system and metabolism conditioned
to be able to heal themselves (Self-Healing).
Optimum adaptation to master Fasting condition will trigger faster emerging of
elimination process (Healing Crisis) and this is the main purpose from Fastosis program to
inflict Therapeutic Effect to many human health problems due to previously wrong life style,
like high level of Carbohydrate consumption which is causing increased in Oxidative stress
level in our body, and Calorie surplus condition that happened every time which can cause
multiple metabolism problems combined with many kind of forms of diseases’
manifestations that might be present right now in our body.
The purpose of Fastosis program is to make human realize that the medicine for all
kinds of human’s diseases, has been there in our body since our birth. Immune system and
human metabolism are the humans’ natural medicine, whenever conditioned to work
optimally, then they would be able to get rid many diseases’ manifestations existed in
Because the main basic of immune system to be able working is to reject (Rejection)
all kind of abnormalities happened in our body, and humans’ selective metabolism
(Selection) that is able to use Fat as a fuel source. This will create natural selection inside
our body against the existence of abnormal cells which have anabolic (growing)
characteristic, and inflammatory or over-reactive.
The combination between immune system and its metabolism capability are the basis
creation of this Fastosis program. But the physiological fundamental is the main
determinant of immune system effectivity and its metabolism to work, and those must
become our main priority to be monitored and watched. Because risen problems in the
physiological fundamental definitely will affect immune system and its metabolism
performance, and even could ruin them when our stress level becoming high and
That is why physiological condition will always be the changing variable in successful
immune system and its metabolism to purify our body from any disease clauses to human,
and this physiological is the fundamental that only can be healed through faith and
confident to God or Allah. This is why our body’s recovery and restoration only comes from
God or Allah, because without His permission, then humans physiological will be vacillated
and we will be in fear which lead to stressful condition and then suppress immune system
functionality and our metabolism.
19. If I run on this Fastosis program where I’m no longer take any
kinds of Carbohydrate, isn’t there is high risk I will be having
hypoglycemic condition?
NO, because Fastosis program’s goal is to change modern humans conventional
metabolism who depend on Carbohydrate as energy source to obtain Glucose, into Fat
metabolism which uses Fat as its energy source.
When our body is able to use Fat effectively, then there will be no more symptoms
such as Hypoglycemic, because our body has already had a molecule called Ketone in
which this kind of molecule is replacing the function of Glucose in our body especially for
the need of energy metabolism in our brain.
This Ketone is not just obtained from Fat from our consumed food, but it is easily
obtained from all body fat we had. This is why the humans’ metabolism who have Ketone in
their blood will not suffer hypoglycemic and will not make humans depend on food every
When we only can use food’s energy source that comes only from Carbohydrate, then
it is definitely that our body is much relied on food, because Carbohydrate aka Glucose
cannot be saved in huge amount in our body. Glucose, in form of Glycogen, which is stored
in muscle mass and Liver will run out in 24 hours only and will easily trigger hypoglycemic
effect when this energy substrate is depleted. If humans, back in the time when food must
be found or be hunted, then it is definitely the Glucose metabolism which is counting on this
Carbohydrate will not survive long enough to sustain the process/effort/time needed to
obtain source of food. The hypoglycemic effect that always shows up will be very
destructive, and it is contrary to all activities that need energy such as the attempt to find
their food.
Humans will become a very weak creature in hypoglycemic condition and will not
easily survive in lack-of-food conditions caused by natural disaster for example. This very-
low survival capability, owned by this type of humans that counts on this Glucose
metabolism, does not represent on how humans in the past time can evolve and survive
through any kind of conditions on this earth.
The Fat metabolism, resulted by Fastosis Program, will give back the true humans’
survival capability where humans were destined to be able using Fat as its main energy
source, in which there are no symptoms like hypoglycemic which slow down humans’
activities and effort to search for food, to survive in any kind of conditions on earth. This is
the true humans’ way of life, who are destined to be the high-level-tier creature that stands
in the top of earth’s food chain.
20. To be honest, isn’t Fastosis program just like any kind of other
diet programs? If not, what is the differences and what causing
Fastosis program is not just sheer diet program. This program gives back the true
humans’ way of life where food is not the humans’ activity retarder on earth. By
transforming into Fat metabolism, resulted also from Fasting-controlled condition, which
uses humans’ dietary habit in the past (Hunter and Gatherer), then Fastosis will be
restoring humans’ high-level survival capability for present modern humans that become
already weak, and in heavily dependence with food availability at any time.
Present humans is a type that so vulnerable to all kinds of disease, especially Energy-
surplus-caused kind of disease. This thing happened because the effect of high
Carbohydrate dietary habit program, causing present humans is no longer able to access
their energy reserve stored in their body in form of Fat. Because of their nowadays way of
life, they will easily have symptom when losing their food source, even only for 24 hours.
This condition occurs caused by present humans actively do use their Insulin hormone, a
type of hormone that always shows up when we are consuming food with high ratio of
Carbohydrate composition in each food we are taken.
This Insulin hormone is a type of anabolic hormone, which means this hormone will
trigger fat forming and will stop fat burning. When this hormone becomes dominant in our
body, then we lose our natural capability to easily access our body fat reserve when there
is no food available. Hypoglycemic symptom will always trigger an instinct in ourselves
back to finding food, where in this nowadays world food source is available and abundant
everywhere and making us easily acquire food again, and then we use it to ease our
hypoglycemic symptom.
This is the main factor causing nowadays humans becoming so weak and vulnerable
to food shortages condition, and even more, creating a condition where human body will
always encounter Energy Surplus any time. That’s why Fastosis program will turn back that
humans’ survival capability into Energy or Calorie deficit all the time, where this condition
will even trigger kind of Resistance forming to every kind of diseases that might be
appearing from inside and even infection threat from outside. Calorie deficit condition that
trigger the effectiveness of Fat metabolism, will establish natural selection inside human
body, where only normal and healthy cells will be preserved. Automatically, this kind of
condition that will form a very invulnerable body to kind of stresses caused by food
shortages, infection attacks, cell mutation (malignancy/cancer) in human body, and prevent
the emergence any kinds of metabolism disease happening now.
The Calorie deficit condition, supported and combined by Fat metabolism, will easily
be carried out, compared to usual human conventional metabolism that depends on
Glucose from Carbohydrate sources. Calorie deficit condition will never cause negative
effects just like when it is happening on the conventional metabolism condition, which is
experiencing hypoglycemic, when our body losing too much Glucose in our blood, where
our blood can store only a few Glucose, in form of Glycogen.
Fat metabolism will make nowadays human easily back experiencing any kind of no-
risen-symptom Calorie deficit, where this only condition will trigger a high and natural
selectivity in our body at the end.

21. What suitable range of age that fits me to run this Fastosis
Fastosis program can be applied in all range of age. The difference only at the fasting
application. For toddler or infant or children (under 10 years), or teenager (under 20 years),
which is in growth time, does not really need the fasting application and only focus on the
choice of the source of the food. Because in the growth time condition, it definitely needs
energy surplus to support optimum growth process. This condition also applies to pregnant
or breast-feeding mothers where energy surplus is necessary for the fetus growth and also
for breastmilk forming in their body.
But one thing to be noted, is that Carbohydrate is not the only energy source we can
use to grow, because we surely will get much more energy from Fat intake. Fat has bigger
calorie than other macro nutritious, such as Carbohydrate or even Protein, where Fat has 9
Calories potential amount of energy in each grams, as for Carbohydrate and Protein has
just 4 Calories potential amount of energy in each grams.
Fat is also the most effective form for molecule’s safekeeping energy, and Fat can
only be changed into energy by cells who have Mitochondrial (aka cell’s energy generator)
inside its cytoplasm (aka cell’s body). This Mitochondrial only exists in advanced-tier
creature such as human and mammals, and by then Fat is the most selective energy
source in creating energy-supplied-selectivity condition inside our body.
This is the key reason when humans’ body has returned to their Fat metabolism, then
it will be difficult for primitive creatures like Pathogens to survive living inside humans’ body,
and this new capability, called Natural Anti-Infection, will protect humans’ body from any
kinds of infection from their environment. Kids and children will no longer easier get
infected in their growth time becoming adults.
22. In the future time, will this Fastosis program become the
solution the health problems that is going trendy lately? such
as stroke, coronary heart, diabetes, weak heart, high or low
blood pressure?
DEFINITELY. Fastosis program will establish reversal process to any kinds of
metabolism problem in nowadays, because this program is an attempt to restore humans’
immune system capability to see any abnormalities in their body, such as excessive
inflammation reactions resulted from bad metabolism condition. Combined with fasting
application and dietary habit that supports Fat metabolism, humans’ bodies ROS ( Reactive
Oxygen Species) level will become very low, in which this ROS is the one that trigger
chemical reaction to Fat and Protein molecules, whereas they are the main cells’
composition in humans’ body.
This ROS is making cells in our body becoming reactive and dangerous because its
Oxidative Stress characteristic that is effecting significantly to Fat and Protein. Moreover,
the triggering source of these oxidations is the presence of high amount of Glucose
molecules in our body, where their characteristic as Reducing Agent will easily reacts with
Fat and Protein molecules causing instability of those molecules. The basic fundamental of
all modern diseases nowadays come from the dominant presence of Glucose used as
energy source. This Glucose metabolism is a metabolism that always creates the existence
of ROS both in high level and amount in our body.
That is why our body cannot keep Glucose in high amount, because if not quickly
turned in more stable form such as Fat, then high level of Glucose in blood will cause high
level of oxidations that will be damaging many other cells in our body.
But, with the humans’ dietary habit nowadays which always counts on Carbohydrate
as energy source, then it will not so easy to prevent hyperglycemic from happening in each
food intake, wherein each hyperglycemic happening condition will trigger Glycation
(caramelized) effect to Fat and Protein molecules. And over time, all of these Glycation
effects will cause those oxidized cells to be malfunctions because the occurrence and
accumulation of those molecules’ instability. This is the why the term Metabolic Disorder is
often happening nowadays, which not long will be manifesting into lots of chronical disease
For example: The Glycation effect which is happening at Collagen layer in wall
arteries’ cell, causing the Collagen layer to be weaken and the arteries become stiff. In this
thing happens in our brain, then definitely Stroke is the result, or when it happens in our
heart, then Arrhythmia is the result. When the glycation effect is triggering oxidation in
Lipoproteins like LDL, then these LDL will get stuck and form plaques in arteries. If this
continues, then Cardiovascular like coronary heart is the result.
Glycation is also affecting Beta cells in our Pancreas where these cells in the cells
that produce Insulin hormone in our body. When this happens, then definitely decreased
output of Insulin production is happening. And when all other cells are experiencing
resistance caused by always-active Insulin hormone from previous high Carbohydrate
dietary habit, then these combinations will manifest and becoming Diabetes disease, where
this kind of disease becomes global health problem all over the world.
The neuro-degenerative diseases is also the effect caused by the Glycation to neuro
cells all over our body, especially in our brain. Such Alzheimer, Parkinson and many other
neuro problems is the manifestations from these Glycation’s effects, caused by high
Carbohydrate dietary habit which cannot be easily controlled. Why? The answer is simple,
the Glucose surplus, which is easily found in every food we take.
Fastosis program will begin the cleaning up of extravagant Glucose in form of the
Glycation, by creating Calorie deficit and starting Fat metabolism. These will scrape and
breakdown the formed caramelization, to be re-used as energy source when our body is
experiencing Calorie deficit. And to create this Calorie deficit, it definitely will be easy if we
have Fat metabolism which will not causing hypoglycemic symptom as if we are in other
deficit condition problem.

23. Are there guidelines for me to run this Fastosis program?

Guidelines to start this Fastosis program has been designed and stored in our Google
drive, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_I-yOeV04BIWTFFcWdKX2pvdUE, with open
access for everyone who has interest and want to know more about this Fastosis program.
It consists of 3 main documents, that is:
1) Fastosis Protocol, which is the basis outline of Fastosis program needs to be
applied in each assigned phases so that Ketoers (term for people who do Fastosis
program) can obtain adaptation to fasting condition by using ketogenic dietary
2) i-KetoFast Program, which is consisting of each step-by-step in carrying out
each phase’s program, equipped with food samples, supplementation schedules
and many lists and important notes such as Keto-proofed vegetables list, Keto-
proofed fruits list, Fat sources list, and etc.
3) Fastosis FAQ, which is, now that you read, consisting of all questions commonly
arise when discussing and talking about Fastosis program
Lots of documents will be provided in that shared link written above. Feel free to use it
and wisely carried out. One of our principles is “Free knowledge to everyone who needs it,
as we are also happy helping other and then we help ourselves”.
24. My doctor said that Ketone is dangerous for my body, because
it is toxic (Ketoacidosis)? Why in this program Ketone is
needed to be exist and even maintained its existence?
This Ketone if often misunderstood with Ketoacidosis condition, which actually means
a failure systemic condition in diabetes case.
Ketoacidosis happens when insulin production decreases and blood sugar level
becomes high. But this low level of insulin at the same time also triggers Fat degradation,
which results Ketones in blood in huge amount. And by then problem are the high amount
of Ketone is produced at the same time with the high-increased level of blood sugar, which
forms pathological condition called Ketoacidosis.
Ketoacidosis is a condition where Ketone is produced in very high amount in our
body, above 15 mMol, and always along with high level of blood sugar, over then 200
Persons who apply Fastosis program are happening Ketosis condition which is very
different situation compared to Ketoacidosis. In Fastosis program, Ketone is produced due
to the combination of fasting conditioning and ketogenic dietary habit (Nutritional Ketosis,
not Ketoacidosis). Simply said, in Fastosis program, the produced Ketone is a result of the
decreased level of insulin hormone and Glucose in blood and will trigger the risen level of
Glucagon hormone as supporting hormone for Fat metabolism. The decreased level of
blood sugar triggers Fat energy usage as Ketone production source in our Liver, where
Ketone is produced to replace the diminished Glucose in our brain, so that when Ketone
has become dominant the need of energy in our brain, there will no such thing like
hypoglycemic comes up.
The Ketone effect, as one of the main output of Fastosis program will never be higher
than 7 mMol/dL. Nevertheless, for the program effectiveness, our standard targets and sets
the amount of minimum blood’s Ketone must be at 2.2 mMol, where this indicates our
mastery to fasting condition with applied ketogenic dietary habit. Fastosis program
prioritizes the amount level of fasted blood sugar must reaches below 80 mg/dL, which
means the low-level blood sugar condition is not affecting our body’s metabolism condition
that has been adapting with fasting.
With this low-level blood sugar, the automatically will speed up the selectivity process
to abnormal cells in our body and will trigger comprehensive corrective, which replace
cannot-keep-up existed many cells in our body caused by the Calorie deficit condition and
applied Fat metabolism.
For example: Cells which have anabolic characteristic such as inflammatory immune
cells, malignant (cancer) cells, infected cells or pathogens, damaged/aged cells, and many
other abnormal cells in our body.
25. This program heavily suggests to take lots of water intake.
How about those with kidney failure problem? Do these people
can do this Fastosis program?
The main reason of why we must take lots of water intake in this Fastosis program is
due to the diuretic (highly urinary frequency) effect caused by the detached of water
content which previously attached to Glycogen. This Glycogen is used up and eventually
exhausted for energy metabolism when we no longer consume Carbohydrate. It will run
into Glycogenolysis process which is the Glycogen’s metabolism to be used as metabolism
substrate inside our cells, so that is why the water molecule (H2O), which was previously
attached to the Glycogen, will be detached/released and secreted by our kidney in form of
One gram of Glycogen will bind three grams of water, therefore our body will lose
water three times when those Glycogens is run out when used and discharged in form of
urine. But persons which is in the Nephropathy (kidney failure) condition where urine
cannot be secreted perfectly, will not easily experiencing dehydration compared to other
persons who have normal kidney. Therefore, the amount of all liquids (water and any kind
of liquids’ form) needed by nephropathy patient will also be very different.
The Nephropathy patient can run the Fastosis program, but they must limits the
amount of liquids (water and any kind of liquids’ form) taken as if they were using
conventional dietary habit, because nephropathy patient will not release urine as much as
others who have better kidney who also running this Fastosis program.
And this Fastosis program actually can reverses back those decreased kidney
function experienced by nephropathy patient, because kidney failure is caused by high
level of Oxidative stress at kidney’s cells, as this is effected by the high level of Glucose
level in their blood, or by infection that attacks the kidney’s cells. Fastosis program, which
gives the Glucose decreasing effect in blood significantly without any side effects like
hypoglycemic, will automatically reduce the oxidative stress on kidney’s cells, and the
immunotherapy side of Fastosis program will also clean up any infections on the kidney’s
The selectivity condition on cells got infected or damaged, will too, triggers new
kidney’s cells regeneration. This can happen because Fastosis program also increases
high level of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that triggers those damaged cells
regenerations faster than conventional dietary habit condition which is difficult creating
faster cells’ regeneration.
26. How about maintaining nutrition balance (Macro and Micro) in
my body if I’m running this program, considering the fact that
ONLY fat that must be eaten in the first stage of phase of this
Nutrition for human is a composition of Macro nutrition and Micro nutrition.
Macro nutrition is a nutrition that is really needed in huge amount, in grams per
each day.
Micro nutrition is a nutrition that is only needed in small amount, in milligrams per
each day.
Nutrition (Macro or Micro) is a substance in our foods, which provide structural,
functional, and energy element for our body. Essential nutrition is a nutrition that must be
obtained from our foods because our body cannot make them in enough amount to fulfill its
need every day.
Fiber is not classified as a nutrition because it is not an essential nutrition needed to
make we can survive.
Essential nutrition needed by human, are as follows:
1) Water
2) Energy obtained from Fat, Protein or Carbohydrate. But there is no such thing
like Essential Carbohydrate as energy source, because Glucose derived from
Carbohydrate’s sources can be quite easily synthesized by our own body in
enough amount.
3) Nine types of Essential Amino Acid (Protein) which are Histidine, Isoleucine,
Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Valine.
4) Two types of Essential Fatty Acid (Fat) which are Alpha linolenic Acid (Omega
3) and Linoleic Acid (Omega 6).
5) Thirteen types of Vitamin needed in small amount for our body, which are
Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin
B7, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K.
6) Seven types of Macro Minerals needed in small amount for our body which are
Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Sodium, Chlorine, and Magnesium.
7) Eight types of Trace Minerals needed in very small amount for our body which
are Iron, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Molybdenum, Iodine, Bromine and
From all essential nutrition written above, all of them will be very easier to be found in
animal sources than in vegetal sources.
Animal sources has very much high nutrition’s bio-availability compared to vegetal
sources, therefore almost impossible for essential nutrition deficiency condition to take
place in our body.
Fat and protein content will also be easily found in animal sources, also with micro
nutrition such vitamins and minerals.
Fiber is not part of essential nutrition because fiber cannot be absorbed by our body
as nutrition which gives structural function or even energy. But fiber can help forming feces
mass to prevent constipation condition to take place in the early adaptation of Fastosis
Because of that, the recommended fiber in the beginning Induction phase is fiber
which has no or very small amount of net Carbohydrate, such as gelatin, green jelly grass,
seaweed, or fiber supplements free from fiber Carbohydrates like Inulin and Psyllium husk.

27. I used to be consuming vegetables and fruits to maintain fiber

intake and maintaining health of my digestion (Defecation). If
I’m running this program, wouldn’t my health in my digestion
system will be disturbed?
Fastosis program consists of three phases which are Induction, Consolidation and
Maintenance phase.
Induction phase is a stage which is focusing on animal sources consumption as our
foods in its feeding time, where vegetal sources is temporarily not allowed in this phase.
The purpose is to create a condition where Carbohydrate intake automatically will be very
low (Net Carb below 10 grams/day), and will accelerate stocked Glycogen cleaning up
process in all of our body, especially in our Liver. Therefore it will speed up Ketogenesis
process to take place much faster, as expected in this Fastosis program.
When we consume foods with high nutrition like Fat and Protein, then it’s confirmed
these nutrition will much more absorbed in our intestine, because humans’ intestine is very
effective in breaking down Protein and Fat using digestion enzymes, therefore making
absorption process easier in the intestine. This is definitely will reduce lots of feces mass,
compared to when we used to get feces mass when we still consume Carbohydrate and
vegetables, where fibers are type of Carbohydrate that cannot be absorbed by humans’
intestine, because fibers’ Glucose molecule structure are denser and difficult to dissolve in
water. That is why from the beginning of the program, when more of Fat and Protein are
taken from food, there will be not much feces produced. Because of what is eaten, is
absorbed by our body much more than when we still on previous high Carbohydrate and
fibers dietary habit.
Nevertheless, fiber sources which has a very low Net Carbohydrate values are
allowed to be consumed in this phase, such as fiber that comes from gelatin, green jelly
grass, seaweed, or fiber’s supplements like Inulin, Psyllium Husk, and etc.
Our digestion health corresponds with Vegetal condition in humans’ intestine, where
colonic bacteria can get their prebiotic source from fibers which has a very low net
Carbohydrate values. And this fiber functions just like a sponge which will clean up intestine
path from any impurities brought into, to become feces mass.
When we enter Consolidation phase, phyto-fiber sources like high fiber vegetables
are allowed, and then it’s definitely fiber sources can be back obtained with much more
choices than when in Induction phase. But still in Consolidation phase, it must be noted that
the total allowed and absorbed Net Carbohydrate values is below 15 grams per day.
Consolidation phase is a phase that tests the effect of adding more Net Carbohydrate
value into our food intake through high phyto-fiber sources like vegetables, and sees the
effect to our fasting blood sugar level which is previously at optimum level in Induction
phase (below 80 mg/dL). If truly the previous Induction phase we have been through has
establish perfect Ketosis condition in the adaptation process, then it should be no effect on
the stability of fasting blood sugar level previously obtained although we have added extra
amount and choices of phyto-fiber sources with a slightly higher level of Net Carbohydrate.
Nonetheless, if there is effects that rise the fasting blood sugar level back above 80
mg/dL, then it is really recommended to go back and repeat the Induction phase and re-
strengthen our adaptation process to Ketosis condition.
Maintenance phase is a phase which has more-allowed-absorbed Net Carbohydrate
values, such as adding fiber source from high fiber level of fruits like Berries. Please noted
that the factor of serving size of allowed fruits must be paid attention, in which the list of
permitted fruits is in program’s guidelines. Maintenance phase keeps total amount of Net
Carbohydrate values below 20 grams per day.
It is suggested to routinely control fasting blood sugar level minimum once every two
weeks in maintenance phase, because when if our fasting blood sugar level is climbing up
above 80 mg/dL, then automatically must go back and repeat previous phase, or even back
to square one, the Induction phase in order to speed up our fasting blood sugar level back
again to optimum level below 80 mg/dL.