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NO. I3089
JULY 2009

CLIENT: Celanese (Nanjing) Chemical Co.

Nanjing, China

UNIT: HE‐323 Vertical Acid Reboiler

812 tubes, Alloy C276
3/4” O.D. x .065” wall

PROBLEM: Thinning of outlet tube ends (hottest section) with up to 65% wall loss.
Tubesheet/ligaments have active corrosion with tube‐to‐tubesheet welds
corroded completely in some spots, weakening the joints and creating leaks.

SOLUTION: In an extremely critical situation, CTI fabricated – within 48 hours ‐

over 800 tube‐end Shields, .028” wall thickness x 6” long, made of C276
material. “Collars” were also fabricated due to the extreme erosion/corrosion
at the tube openings. Celanese expedited the air freight of material Nanjing.
CTI personnel hand‐carried all tools and equipment to China, arriving in
Nanjing before a Purchase Order could even be issued. All Shields/Collars
we installed via mechanical expansion into the outlet and the unit then
successfully hydrotested.

COMMENTS: “I would like to extend my sincere thanks, on behalf of Celanese, to CTI for
their understanding and timely support in this critical matter…….You
assisted us immensely in very prompt production of the inserts and timely
shipment/packaging efforts which had to be worked through to ensure
uninterrupted shipment into Nanjing. Thank you again for the valiant and
supportive effort.”