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( BS-16 and above)

POST APPLIED FOR ___________________________________________

1 The application form duly completed and accompanied by a pay order of the prescribed value drawn in favour of the Treasurer,
University of Sargodha should be sent to the Registrar, University of Sargodha not later than the due date. Persons employed in
Govt, Autonomous organizations, bodies should submit their application through proper channel, and otherwise application shall not
be entertained.
2 Please fill in each column clearly and completely. Use additional sheet/s. if necessary.
3 The application form should be duly completed, and signed by the applicant.
4 Attested copies of testimonials should be submitted with the application.
5 Canvassing in any form will disqualify the candidate.
1 Name(in block letters) ______________________________________________________________________________

2 Father’s Name(in block letters)_______________________________________________________________________

3 Marital Status_______________________ 4 - Date of Birth____________________________________________

5 Age(on closing date) ________________ 6 - Domicile _______________________________________________

7 Address:- 1 For Corresponding _____________________________________________________________________


2 Residential Address_____________________________________________________________________


3 Permanent Address ____________________________________________________________________


8 Present Occupation__________________ 9 - Phone No _____________________________________________


10 Pay Order No.( attached in original) __________________________________________________________________

Date_______________________________ Amount _______________________________________________

11 a) Religion_________________________ b) – Nationality ____________________________________________

c) National Identity Card No ________________________________________________________________________

Education: Give particulars of all examinations passed and degrees and technical qualifications obtained at university or
other places of higher or technical education. Commence with the Matriculation or equivalent examination.

University , Attended Examinations Division
Sno Main Subjects
College , Board Passed with Years / Grade Maximum Marks
From To
Marks Obtained

13 Other Format Training or Education.

Years Attended
Name & Place Type of Training Certificate or Diploma Obtained
From To
14 Research
Give particular of all post graduate research work done. Mention name of institution and professor under whom guidance
the research was completed.

Your Research work

15 List of research papers published in journals of national / international repute ( attach copies).

Title Name of Journal Volume & No Date of Publication / Acceptance of Publication

16 Publications

List any significant publication other than those listed above

17 Employment Record
Starting with your present post. Put in reverse order every employment and any significant experience which you believe
will be helpful in evaluating your record.
Name of Department / Period Basic Pay Per Mensem Description
Scale /Grade
Post Organization of your work
From To Starting Most Recent
18 Were you ever dismissed from service in the past, or were your service you ever terminated?
If yes, Under what Circumstances

19 Did you ever sign an agreement to serve any organization for particular period? If yes
i Has the condition of the bond been fulfilled?
ii Intimate the date when the conditions are going to be fulfilled.

20 Membership of learned societies and other activities in University , Public or International affairs

21 State any other relevant facts

22 Reference

23 Give minimum pay acceptable , if necessary

24 List of Testimonial attached

25 Certificate
It is hereby certified that all information given in this application form is correct and nothing relevant has been
Date_________________ Signature of Candidate_______