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Terms and Conditions

The client and Filmism hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.

Key Terms in This Contract

Commercial Film - Defined by Filmism as a film created with a non-monetary incentive for the
enjoyment of the community, that benefits others. This includes films created for large sporting
events, charity organizations, and any films that Filmism defines as such.

Private Film - Defined by Filmism as a film created for an individual, which can either have a
monetary or non-monetary incentive. This type of film does not benefit the community and is
created for the individual. Therefore, this type of project will require a fee.

Filmism reserves the right to define a project as either, but will define the projects to a reasonable

-Filmism reserves the right to decline and cancel any project without reason at any stage.
-Members of the Filmism team volunteer to help out with projects. They must be treated with
respect. Failure to do so may result in the cancelation of a project before the deadline, regardless
of progress.
-The client agrees not to discriminate against any member of the Filmism team and it’s associates
because of race, religion, sexual orientation, color, sex, nation origin, age, disability or any other
-A project must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the deadline, or the project will be denied.
-If a project requires a specific script, the client must write a full script and hand it in when the
project is submitted. The Filmism team is not responsible for writing scripts.
-Filmism agrees that if the content produced within the film is of a sensitive nature, no disclosure
of the project will be provided to parties outside of Filmism until the submission of the film by the
deadline, however, this must be requested at the time of the film request.
-If a shooting day is canceled, it is up to the client to come up with the next available shooting
day that is most convenient for the Filmism crew tasked with the project.

-Filmism will make a conscious effort to make sure that the film will be of appropriate quality, and
created to the technical requirements of the client. This is usually achieved, however this is not
Copyright and Content Ownership
-RAW video files will not be transferred to any client unless permission is given by Filmism.
-A project must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the deadline, or the project will be denied.
-The created motion picture and its contents remain the property of Filmism. Redistribution of
content will require prior approval from Filmism.
-Photography of the frames within the film is allowed by the client, however when distributing it
on any platform, credit to Filmism is required.
-If copyrighted music is requested, the client must agree to take full legal responsibility. Filmism
will not be held liable for copyright infringement.
-Filmism reserves the right to redistribute and share content produced in any form and platform.
-Proper credit must be given to Filmism on the redistribution and distribution of any content by
the client.

-Filmism will reserves the right to push back deadlines if needed, however, Filmism will make a
strong effort to meet the deadline.
-The client may request 1 project update during the course of production
-The client may request to view the film when a first cut is complete.
-Revisions to the final cut are permitted within reasonable bounds.
-Delivery of film will be done at the convenience of the client. However, both commercial and
private film will require additional fees if distribution requires, especially in the case of a physical
delivery, rather than digital.

Private Films ONLY

-If the film is a private film which requires a fee, a 25% payment of the final fee is due at the time
of project acceptance.
-A final 75% of the payment is due at the time the final cut is received. Final cut is defined as the
cut delivered on the day of the deadline. If revisions are needed, payment is still required on the
day of the deadline.
-If specifications within the work period change, it may result in additional costs on the clients
-If the film is canceled after production begins, the client will be liable for the full cost of the film.

Entire Agreement and Modification

This agreement and any documents attached will constitute the entire agreement between
Filmism and the client. Any modifications to this contract will be on this document in writing,
signed by both parties.

I hereby understand and agree to the terms of this contract.

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