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RCC Building Design Workshop

(by Etab & Draftwin softwares)

16th & 17th January’ 2018
This workshop covers all aspects related to Design of RCC
To Whom it will be Building by using softwares, with the help of live project, step Timings
Beneficial? by step process from conceptualization to execution, group 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Only Design Engineer/Site exercise, modeling of building, analysis, design etc..
Engineer/Architecture/Stru Course Fee and Registration
cture Registration fee: Rs. 2000/-
It helps convert ideas into product designs quickly and
effectively, enhances ability to learn the geometry of building Registration Fees can be paid by
systems, model creation and reporting of results are Cash/Cheque/DD in favor of
accomplished at the object level. It enables the designer to “Ambuja Cements Limited”
focus on macroscopic performance targets. payable at “Surat”

You can register yourself Come..let us explore it further… The registration fees include
through Ambuja course material, working lunch,
Foundation app available tea & certificate.
on google play/apple store
Venue- Ambuja Knowledge Center
301, 3rd floor, Soham Square appt,
Above BOB, Althan five cross
roads, Vesu - VIP road, Althan,

You may nominate yourself OR your subordinates. For nomination form & details of workshop, please refer the attachment. For nominations -
Email us at Husain Mandorwala
Note - Need to carry own laptop foundations.surat@ambujacement.com 9974092989
Ambuja Knowledge Centre

Workshop on RCC Building Design (by Using Etab & Draftwin Softwares)
(Day 1) (Day 2)
Time (Hrs) Time (Hrs)
Topic Topic
9.00 - 9.30 Registration 9.30 - 9.45 Recap / Sharing of Learning (Day -1)
Participants interaction, introduction, Evolution of structural
Load Combinations
9.30 - 11.00 system , Advance materials, Construction techniques / Modern 9.45 to 11.00
Step 9 - Load Combinations
formwork systems.
11.00 - 11.15 (Tea Break)
Structural Analysis
Introduction to Etab, Explanation by taking demo project Step
Step 10 - Static / Dynamic Analysis(Response Spectrum)
by step methodology - Preparation of input data, modeling of Step 11 – Run Analysis & Checks
the building, Defining material & cross sections, Step 12 - Results & Serviceability Check
11.15 - 13.30 11.15 to 13.30
Modelling of Building - Step 1 - Enter Story & Grid Data Structural Design
Step 2 - Define Material Properties Step 13 -Design Data for Footing, Beam & Columns
Step 3 - Define Section Sizes & Properties Step 14 - Frame Design (Beam & Columns)
Step 4 - Assign Columns, Walls, Beams, Slabs & Supports Step 15 - Shear Wall Design

13.30 - 14.15 (Lunch Break)

Detailing & Output
Step 5 - Display Options
Step 16 - Reinforcement Detailing

14.15 - 16.00 14.15 to 16.00 Introdcution of draftwin, Creates detailed drawing for
Assigning Vertical Loads columns and shear walls for RCC Buildings along with
Step 6 - Assigning Loads (LL,DL, Wall Loads) detailed quantities for concrete , reinforcement and
formwork and drawing layouts for each floor
16.00 - 16.15 (Tea Break)
Assign Lateral Loads 16.15 to 17.00 Introdcution of draftwin,…continued….
16.15 - 17.30 Step 7 - Assigning Loads (Earthquake & Wind Loads), Step 8 -
Assign Mass Source, Modal Cases, Diaphragm 17.00 to 17.30 Closing discussion, feedback, certification