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Coaching 2 (ELECTRONICS) 28/08/2012 9-11 ADU/UBAG

To clean/remove… ACETONE
Also called modified Maxwell Wien bridge ANDERSON BRIDGE
Measures unknown inductance in terms of resistance and ANDERSON BRIDGE
Most maneuverable robot, A robot with rotary joints that can move ANTHROPOMORPHIC
much like a person’s arm. ROBOT
Oscillator using tickler coil for feedback ARMSTRONG
(Polar, cartesian) ARTICULATED
What type of filter is used to block the BAND REJECT FILTER
Passage of current for a narrow band of frequency
While allowing current to flow at all frequencies
Above or below this band?
Motion are controlled by driving each axis or degree of freedom BANGBANG ROBOT
against a mechanical limit stop
A robot in which motions are controlled by driving each axis or BANG-BANG ROBOT
degree of freedom against a mechanical limit stop.
When removing solder with a solder wick, where should the wick BETWEEN JOINT AND
be placed in relation to the solder joint and the iron? IRON
KIKUCHI LINE is a pair of __________ parallel lines BLACK & WHITE
What are the approved methods of conformal CHEMICAL
coating removal? Thermal, Mechanical, & _____
Not prone to even order harmonic distortion (eliminate even CLASS B

Which type of PA circuit provides the highest efficiency when CLASS C

used with the appropriate amount of driving power?
Measures the direction of earth’s magnetic line of force CLINOMETER
Opposes residual magnetic flux COERCIVITY
It state that like charges of electricity repel each other and unlike COULOMB’S 1ST LAW
charges attract each other
force of attraction b/w unlike charge or force of repulsion between COULOMBS 2ND LAW
like charge is directly proportional to the product of the both
charges and inversely Proportional to the square of the distance
b/w center of the charges
Displays waveforms CRT OSCILLOSCOPE
The number of independent ways the end effector can move. It is DEGREES OF FREEDOM
defined by the number of rotational or translational axes through
which motion can be obtained
IC that must be physically removed from the circuit to have its EPROM
memory contents changed
Meaning of FLOPS (a measure of computer performance) FLOATING-POINT
AC voltage frequency converter from one form to another FREQUENCY
The current gain in a common-collector circuit is called . GAMMA
3 phase full waverectifier circuit which uses 6 rectifying element GRATZ AMPLIFIER

The grasping hand of a robot, which manipulates objects and tools GRIPPER
to fulfill a given task, 2 fingers
The law that the processing power of a computer is proportional to GROSH’S LAW
the square of its cost.
Discovered the magnetic effect? HANS CHRISTIAN
Common RF oscillators HARTLEY & COLPITTS
The minimum amount of current needed for an SCR to conduct HOLDING CURRENT
The voltage between anode and cathode of an SCR HOLDING VOLTAGE
When a wire is insulated with glass braid or asbestos and HOT-BLADE WIRE
requires stripping, which of the following tools should not be
A position servo system exhibits a series of over travels. This HUNTING
condition is known by which of the following terms?
In a properly operating servo system, what is the phase IN PHASE
relationship between the reference voltages to the error detector
and the demodulator?
Pair of black and white parallel lines KIKUCHI LINE
An assembly of microcircuits or a combination of MICROCIRCUIT
microcircuits and discrete components is referred to as a MODULE
(Higher speed than single speed) MULTISPEED

Test equipment that continuously monitors performance and ON-LINE

automatically isolates faults to removable assemblies is what
category of equipment?
– (Weakest link) in a computer system PEOPLE IN IT
Not a major component of a AC power supply RECTIFIER
A circuit used for voltage equalization during ON-OFF switching SNUBBER CIRCUIT
action of scrs in series.
(1st method) SQUEEZE
What type of prime mover requires a specially designed high STEAM TURBINE
speed alternator?
To protect the circuits from high voltage surges Use THYRECTORs
An inductor operates at 400 Hz TOROIDAL CORE