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01 Introduction

02 Business Scenarios

03 Product Workflow


Overlapping Smartphone & POS Industry

As the volume & variety of mobile devices expands, so too do new areas of
business & user expectations. Like the mobile phone industry, payment
terminals are evolving with smartphone like features: large touch screens,
inbuilt cameras, PIN on glass, and of course Android.

Terminal Management Platform

A modern & secure remote terminal management platform for Android
terminals, including app & firmware management, enhances the types of
services that can now be offered, which did not exist in the past.

More than just a payment terminal

The future is all about open ecosystems that bring acquiring banks,
merchants, and consumers closer than ever before, offering new business
models and increased revenue streams.

You can now have high-quality POS terminal apps, services and
Android-based POS hardware all under your control.
PAXSTORE is a secure cloud based SaaS platform, designed to deliver high-quality POS
applications and to manage the usage of POS devices remotely and enable
real-time business analysis within your own independent marketplace

App Distribution & Advanced Terminal Value Added

Management Management Marketplace

Administrators can upload, manage & A system to download & push An scalable independent marketplace
distribute applications via PAXSTORE applications, parameters & firmware with secure data isolation

Different methods to distribute & Real-time POS geo-location & Application publishing & subscription
subscribe applications is supported peripheral components status report. management capabilities

‘Silent’ installation & uninstallation for End user device management & control Statistical reporting improves
the POS client is supported through a self-service portal operational efficiency
Business Participants

Platform Administrator Marketplace Administrator

Ø Market List (Create / Update/ Suspend Marketplace) Ø Dashboard & Terminal Map

Ø App / Firmware Subscription

Ø Global Parameter Management
Ø Terminal / Merchant / Reseller Management
Ø Global Apps Management
Ø Push App, Parameter & Firmware
Ø Firmware Management
Ø Terminal Group Management & Parameter Templates
Ø PAXSTORE Client App Management Ø Marketplace Setting
Ø Developer Management Ø Role & User Management

Merchant App Developer

Ø Terminal Status Monitoring Ø Upload / Upgrade App to PAXSTORE

Ø Firmware & App Updates Ø Set App Pricing & App Description

Ø Search Apps & View App Details Ø Promote App

Ø Purchase / Install Apps Ø Review App Purchase & Revenue Reports

Key Features

Multi-Tenant Compatibility
Data & service isolation Supports multiple OS platforms

Supports multiple marketplaces, run stand-alone Support both Android & Prolin Platform

Real-Time Customizable
Full POS & app control Personalized Market

Entire app lifecycle management, remote POS control Easy to expand, configure, branding & UI customization
& app and parameter push

Rich Statistical Reporting
Full protection for all data Intelligent business

End-to-end security user, device, app, data & network, Statistical reports to improve business efficiency

with access, compliance monitoring & threat detection

Sample screen grab of a PAXSTORE marketplace
Sample screen grab of a PAXSTORE marketplace
access the
an app on their
smart terminal
A new world of value
added applications
for merchants

Business Scenarios
Global Marketplace

PAXSTORE’s Global Marketplace is a shop

window show casing high-quality POS apps

A place where developers & ISVs promote

their merchant apps to marketplace owners

Separately, each marketplace administrator

subscribes for apps from the global marketplace
for delivery to their merchant POS terminal estate
Appstore Purchases

Merchants buy apps in 2 ways: Developers can set app price at upload

• Purchase from POS Terminal, or and/or agree with marketplace owners

• Purchase from Portal and Push to POS

Integrated PayPal & Stripe payments

Online Signature

• It is no longer necessary to individually sign apps when offline • When your app goes online, the system will sign it automatically

• PAXSTORE interfaces seamlessly to online signature servers • Different marketplaces can use own application signing servers
Terminal Initialization

Administrators can register & initialize new terminals in

the cloud, generate terminal IDs and configure terminal

applications & parameters

When delivering terminals to merchants, PAXSTORE

can activate the device in 2 ways:

1. Admin binds terminal SN with terminal ID in the

PAXSTORE platform from the cloud

2. Operator performs self-registration of terminal ID

on the merchant side via PAXSTORE client app

Remote Application & Parameter Push

PAXSTORE functionality enables administrators to

remotely control the terminal app & parameters:

• Install or uninstall the app remotely

• Push app parameters from cloud to terminal

• PED settings
Firmware (OTA) Updates

OTA updates make it simple & secure for terminals:

• PAXSTORE provides a secure & scalable global

cloud network to push firmware updates over the air

• Fast downloads routed via PAXSTORE and telco

networks allow patches to be applied, thus avoiding

costly recalls, warranty claims, or security breaches

Advanced TMS Features

Hardware Status Monitor Terminal Geo-Location

This gives you a virtual and real-time representation of each Multiple ways to manage terminal security control
individual terminal in your estate including device location, device locking …

Monitor the hardware status of terminal components:

Administrators can establish management policies based on
Printer, Bluetooth, Display ... location: when a terminal is in a certain region, management
policies will be triggered automatically
Advanced TMS Features

Group Operations Parameter Templates

Administrators can bulk together terminals Each app supports the configuration of
operations, saving time & money multiple parameter templates

Resellers choose one of the most suitable

templates according to their business model
Advanced TMS Features

Transaction Reporting Intelligent Data Analysis Total Terminal Control

A wide range of reporting tools give Information can now be used smartly, to You will have complete & total control

access to key insights and trends implement improved direct marketing over your terminal estate

Better analyze which products Better influence future consumer Lock terminals remotely, manage software
application & terminal blacklists
sell the best and when purchasing behaviour

Product Workflow
App Management Workflow

App Upload App Review & Approval App Subscription

Developer uploads app from Developer Center Administrator reviews & approves app Marketplace administrators make the app
available to their merchant community
Terminal Management Workflow

Create Terminal Push App & Parameter App Push Detail

Upload app from Developer Center Administrator reviews the app Administrators monitor push status & result
Terminal Management Features

Terminal Map Terminal Status Firmware Update

View terminal estate via a map view Real-time view of each terminal unit Remote software upload & upgrade firmware
Merchant App Purchases

App Selection Choose Payment Method Push to Terminal

View app in web portal and buy if required 2 purchase methods supported: After app has been purchased, you
1. Stripe can push it to your terminal
2. PayPal

America Italy
Asia Pacific

PAXSTORE via Amazon Web Services is being deployed in Italy, France and the Asia Pacific region.
In-house implementations of PAXSTORE are being set up in the United States and Iran.
Still in a relatively embryonic phase, this innovative solution is being used/piloted by customers in over 34 countries,
with many tens of thousands of terminals connected.
Mark O’Flynn | Sales Director - Europe, Middle East, Africa
D R I V I N G Mobile +44 7808 855 1688
Email mark.oflynn@paxglobaltechnology.com

Nader Abdelaziz | Middle East & North Africa

Mobile +962 79 69 96 770
Email nader.aziz@paxglobaltechnology.com

Mario Cohen | Spain

Mobile +34 629 412741
Email mario.cohen@paxglobaltechnology.com

Ndack Diawara | Africa - French Speaking Countries

Mobile +221 77 817 79 19
Email ndack.diawara@paxglobaltechnology.com

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