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Feb 2018 – Mar 2018

Volume 6 Issue 6
A Bi-monthly bulletin of Vivekananda Kendra Vedic Vision Foundation

In this Issue

 Editorial

 Vishwam Vivekanandam

 Annual Day Celebration Of Sandeepani


 Yoga Certificate Course (YCC)

 Regular Activities

 Article By Ma. Lakshmi Didi

Volume 6 Issue 6 -2- February 2018 - March 2018



What a beautiful way of summing up our multifarious

efforts in improving the outside world, for getting that to
achieve that we should start from inside oneself.

Poojya Guru Dev Chinmayanand ji was very fond of

tennis. Summing up his great achievements in life his
disciples’ name it all as “Love All” remembering his
unconditional Love for all.

Swamiji use to advise his devotees

to play the game of life Tennis
“Play the game of life, play
whatever part you have to play but
never forget your greater mission in
your life and the ultimate goal you
want to achieve. Life becomes a
sport once you have learnt the art
of adding silver edges around the clouds that float in and out of
your life’s path sorrow turns into smiles pain into pleasure discord
into melody- when the mind is silent in unshaken faith in Him who
always protects, who alone really IS in everything everywhere ever

He used to add that he is ever communicating the impossible

theory of love all.
Volume 6 Issue 6 -3- February 2018 - March 2018
Vishwam Vivekanandam
Bhuvan mandle Navayuga Mudayata Sada Vivekanand Mayam,
Suviveka Mayam Swananda Mayam.

The town of Kodungallur once again eagerly awaited the arrival of Swami Vivekananda on February
11th 2018. The venue, Municipal Town Hall. 125 years ago Swamiji in the course of his wanderings
across the country had visited Kodungallur in 1892 before leaving to attend the World Parliament of
The event started with lighting of the deepam and inaugural talk by Ma. Lakshmi Didi. This was
followed by a powerful and inspiring talk by Sri. O. Satish, Joint Secretary, Bharathiya Vidhya Nikethan,
Thrissur District.
Viswam Vivekanandam, a Light & Sound based dance drama was being presented by Perambra,
Kozhikode based "MATHA", a Limca Book of World Records holder and headed by Sri Kanakadas. The
vibrant troupe presented the life of Swamiji and held the audience spellbound.
Volume 6 Issue 6 -4- February 2018 - March 2018
Volume 6 Issue 6 -5- February 2018 - March 2018
Annual day celebration of Sandeepani Sishuvihar
17th February 2018, was the birthday of Sri Ramakrishna
Paramahansa. Every year the annual day of Sandeepani
Sishuvihar is celebrated on the auspicious day of Thakur Sri
Ramakrishna’s birthday. Advocate Smt A. Subhalakshmi from
Ernakulam, was the Chief Guest for the Annual Day programme.
A mini convocation ceremony for the outgoing UKG students
was the highlight of the function. Each of the 9 UKG students
received their certificates, shawls, a symbolic brass lamp and a
memento from Smt Subhalakshmi, Smt Parvathy, Smt Rekha(Ward councillors of Kodungallur
Municipality) and Ma. Didi. Smt Subhalakshmi addressed the parents and children.

A colorful cultural programme by the children of Sishuvihar, their parents, a drama and dance by
Samskarvarga children and Yoga demonstration by Yogavarga and YCC students added fragrance to the
event. Prize distribution followed for all the children who participated in the competitions conducted on
the Kutumba Sangamam day.
Volume 6 Issue 6 -6- February 2018 - March 2018
Yoga Certificate Course (YCC)

Yoga is the core of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari. Yoga is the most precious gift of Bharat to
humanity but because of narrow understanding and for commercial interest, Yoga has been reduced to a
mere therapeutic tool for physical & mental wellbeing. This is a cause of concern as it considers every
individual as an independent entity and hence, tries to seek health and happiness in isolation, defying
the law of existence. According to the law of existence everything is Inter-Connected, Inter-Related &
Inter- dependent. Practice of yoga should pave way for better understanding of life in its entirety and
help living in harmony.

Yoga Certificate Course (YCC) has been designed by Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari to promulgate
proper understanding of yoga and also equip participants to take up Yoga as an integral part of their life.
Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari conducts YCC under two schemes Residential/ Non- Residential.

The Residential Program begins with “Skill Training” held at the sprawling Kanyakumari Campus for
the duration of one month which consists of Theory and Practical's. The Practical’s comprises of
Loosening exercise, Suryanamaskar, Asanas, Pranayama , and Kriyas. This is followed by “Practical
Training” wherein the Participant’s are required to organise and conduct Yoga Satra’s( 10/15 days
duration) with a minimum of 15 participants, at their home town in coordination with the local branch
centre of Vivekananda Kendra. “Team Dynamics” expects the Participant’s to be part of the organizing
team for Yoga Shiksha Shivir at Kanyakumari or Nashik or Nagadandi which are national level programs
having participants from across the country. Certificates are formally awarded to each Participant, after
successfully conducting the Yoga Shiksha Shivir and passing in the written “Examination” (based on
syllabus). The total duration of YCC is six months.

The Non-Residential Program was started in the month of September 2017 at Vivekananda Kendra
Vedic Vision, Kodungallur. The “Skill Training” is spaced over a period of 135 hours spread over 90
units of 1.5 hours each. The syllabus is identical to the Residential Program. Apart from this “Practical
Training”, “Team Dynamics” and “Examination” follow the same process as in Residential Program of
YCC, with the total duration of six months.
Volume 6 Issue 6 -7- February 2018 - March 2018


Yoga Satra
6 ladies attended yoga satras during February and March.

Yoga Varga

Regular yoga Varga classes separately for gents and ladies in the morning and a second batch for the
ladies in the forenoon continued smoothly. There are 5 ladies in the morning batch, 10 ladies for the
forenoon batch and 12 in the gent’s batch

Swadhaya Class

Sri Girishji’s class on Devi Mahatmyam was held on the 17th and 18th March. Around 50 people regularly
attend Girishji’s lectures.

Ganapathi Homam and Sricakrapuja

Ganapathi Homam and Sri Cakra Puja were performed on the two purnimas which fell on 1st and 31st of

9 students regularly attended the weekly classes. 31st March was the last day of their 30 classes of
training covering six months.

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Volume 6 Issue 6 -8- February 2018 - March 2018
Dr. M. Lakshmi Kumari

All parents have one common anxiety these days. How to protect their children from the vandalism,
cruelty and violence, which have become permanent features of the school, college and university
campuses. Education, instead of opening the doors to enlightenment and unfoldment of one’s
personality, has become a necessary evil, in the present-day society, from which there is no way of
escape, not at least for a common man. We have to send the children to schools to pick up the crumbs
that are thrown at them in the name of education without which they lose recognition as citizens. It is
thought an offence against the State, if you withhold the fundamental right of education from your child.

The parental anxiety starts even before the child is admitted to a school and revolves round his
admission, the financial burden it involves, commitments of the parents to the scheme and so on. Often,
poor parents have to undergo the trial of interviews themselves because no teacher can cope with the
burden of coaching their wards and a lion’s share of educating the child comes back and rests with the
parents themselves, more so on the mother.

Having admitted the child, his struggle for survival starts – in academic as well as in non-academic
life. As he travels along, he masters the techniques by and by, how to fool his teachers in school and
parents at home and how to procure marks without effort, how to be a leader without real qualities of
leadership, so on and so forth. All this comes to him naturally, in addition to so many other tips he picks
up along the way to equip himself as a modern youth. Now, he is ready to leave the school and to start
on the collegiate expedition.

Parents, if uneducated, look with awe at this educated son/daughter, accepting his/her ways as that
of the civilized society and submitting to all their whims and fancies. The parents, on the other hand, if
cultured, civilized and educated, start having sleepless nights at the transformation of their child into a
caricature of a human being. In the so-called pilgrimage through the corridors of educational
institutions, they find that they have lost their sweet little loving innocent child, the adult who faces them
now, bearing no semblance to their little one. They are wonderstruck at this irreparable damage that
education has done to their child. How and where have they lost him? Panic fills their hearts at what the
future has in store for them.

About the collegiate education, the less we talk, the better. Campuses have been turned into
Kurukshetras with the difference that there is no Arjuna and Krishna there, instead, they have become
the dancing grounds of scheming politicians and hooligans who use the youngsters as mere pawns in
their ruthless games. Alas, if only there was none institutional which considers Vidya Dhanam Sarva
Dhana Pradhanam – “The wealth of knowledge is the most important amongst all other wealth's” – and
upholds the dignity of education!
Volume 6 Issue 6 -9- February 2018 - March 2018

It is in this context of an utterly and miserably failing; educational system that we have to think of a
revival, a rejuvenation, a redemption, and a reorientation. It is not possible to start from the end and
wind back to the beginning. The beginning should start at the beginning. That beginning is in the
womb of the mother, in the lap of the mother, in the shadow of the father, in the warmth of the home, in
the security of his society. There is no escape from this truth. All other education is subservient to this
great role the parents have to play. In Rig Veda, a beautiful passage appears which eloquently describes
the immensely important role the parents have to play in the lives of their children.

Ushas or dawn is presented as Sun’s daughter, deriving in full measure, the grace of her father and
then spreading the benediction in the world around. It is she who first receives the life-giving elixir in the
Sun’s rays and passes it on to the world, transfusing the entire creation with new light. The rays of the
rising sun reach every nook and corner imperceptibly and unobtrusively, bathing all and sundry in the
glory of light, adding to their form, colour and contour. The vital, rejuvenating rays of the sun at dawn,
wakes up from slumber, all the living world, which dances in ecstasy, expressing itself in myriad
movements. Seeds planted in earth receiving the warmth of the sun’s rays, put forth new roots and
sprout out; sleeping and drooping leaves spread out in adoration, ready to receive the energy in the rays,
and start their work; buds open up offering themselves in worship, waiting for bees, the harbingers of
their message of love from far and near, who come singing to them bringing purpose and fulfilment to
their beautiful lives. Birds twittering and chirping, fly about searching for their means of sustenance.
Animals shake themselves up and start grazing eagerly. Men wake up shaking off their dreams to start
afresh, another day….
All this Ushas achieves after receiving the light, luster and the warmth from her father – the Sun. This
self-renewal goes on and on in nature – from parents to the offspring. So a parent should transfer
meaning and luster to the lives of their young ones – faith in the Universal Spirit behind the creation,
faith in themselves. This is the elixir of wisdom which will open up their eyes to values permanent and
strength-giving, and give them the strength and discrimination to shun the impermanent and wasteful.
Equipped with this wisdom as they enter the arena of life, they bring glory to themselves, to the family
and to the nation. All the other training which they receive elsewhere, become superficial, superimposed
and meaningless bereft of this initial grace which the parents have to bestow. Hence, the Vedas proclaim:

Mahe yat pitra īṁ rasaṁ dive kar ava tsarat pṛśanyaś cikitvān |
Sṛjad astā dhṛṣatā didyum asmai svāyāṁ devo duhitari tviṣiṁ dhāt ॥

Rig Veda 1.71.5

Just as the divine sun imparts happiness by releasing its rays touching the earth, removes the
darkness and produces immense light and releases and fills life-giving elixir in the vegetation world and
imparts luster to his daughter, the dawn, similarly, the learned protecting parents should implant the
luster of wisdom to their children.

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