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Date: 1/15/18

Dr. Egbert
Name: Eric Tarkalson’s Plan of Action Assignment

CSI Major: Secondary Education-AA (History) EDUC 290

Indicate University/College (transfer institution):________________________

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin to address the graduation
requirements for your major and to address the entrance requirements for your chosen four-year
institution. Please address the questions below. Please type your responses.

1. What courses are you currently taking this semester? BIOL 100 C04W - Concepts of
Biology, GEOL 104 C02W - Natural Disasters and Env Geology, EDUC 290 C01W -
Education Exit Seminar, HIST 251 C01A Latin American History

2. What courses do you need to graduate with your AA degree? (Please see Lena Paxton to get a copy
of your Degree Audit, if you have problems. Lena is located in the Matrix in the Taylor Administration
Building on the CSI campus; you can also email her at lpaxton@csi.edu.) Otherwise, go to MyCSI under
your grades option. I still need to take one more Gen Ed. Course after this semester. My plan
accomplish this is to set up a meeting at C.S.I. to take the CLEP test in Spanish for my other
humanities credits.

3. Have you applied for CSI graduation? (https://www.csi.edu/forms/students_forms/gradapp/)

Yes I have.

4. What are the entrance requirements for your chosen four-year institution? What are the
application deadlines? If you plan to apply for scholarships, what are the scholarship
application deadlines? Have you applied for financial aid?

5. Does your chosen four-year institution require Praxis 1 (or other tests)? What scores are
needed? What are the dates for Praxis 1 (or other tests)? Do these tests have to be completed
before the application deadline? If so, how long does it take to process test scores?

 Praxis Website: www.ets.org