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MCT/MST Lesson Observation

Feedback to student teacher

Student teacher’s name: Khadija Mohammed Observer’s name: M McMinn

Unit/Lesson: English Grade Level: 2 Rowling
Date: 26/2/18

Competency Area F D C B A
Commitment to the Profession 
Planning for learning 
Managing Learning 
Implementing Learning 
Assessment 
Reflection on Practice 

Strengths of the lesson:

Revision of rules for the class and up-coming group work. The ‘hook’ (conducted just prior to
the lesson with all Grade 2 students), was reviewed. You asked questions to help them recall
information about the new animal they were just introduced to. Your instructions were very
clear, and expectations set. You motivated them to create the best poster and gave
examples of how they could do this (success criteria), such as facts about the animals,
details, neat handwriting, etc.
The role and expectations were set for team leaders, and roles/responsibilities for each
group member were delegated - this was all recorded on prepared group cards. These
group cards were also displayed at the front of the class to help you to organize the groups
and so students could see to which group they belonged. The resources were prepared and
organized in advance, and this was reflected on the whiteboard supporting the instruction
giving. This made instructions very clear and students had a visual to show them what to
expect once they arrived at the group table.
You moved students one-by-one to their group and encouraged groups to start talking about
their task.
Students worked in groups to create a poster with information about Leopolards.
You moved around the groups well, monitoring and guiding as required, and reminding
students of the success criteria. Students were very engaged and were excited to be experts
on Leopolards.
A comprehensive lesson plan was sent to MCT in advance.
Extension – planned, but not required.
Closing- a representative from each group presented the work.

Khadija – your MST has nothing but good things to say about you! You are inquisitive, keen
to learn, seek challenges and your use initiative well – keep up the great work!
Areas for development:

Use positive language wherever possible “I don’t want to see students fighting’ – perhaps
rephrase, e.g. “I want to see you helping each other in your teams”.
The group work poster activity was structured well to scaffold group work and the creation
of the poster, however the actual poster size meant that really only two members of the
group could be working on it at any one time. Perhaps the group members could be working
on smaller paper which could then be glued on to the poster, so all could get their ideas
down at the same time, and there is no down time.

Goal for this TP – checking for understanding. Plan activities for students to show their
understanding. Ask students to show and explain learning (for example at the board).
Continuous improvement. 

A = Exceptional, B = Very Good, C = Satisfactory, D = Marginal and F = Unsatisfactory