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Recommendation Letter

Student: Foxworthy McKenna

(Last) (First)

My contact with this student:

I had the pleasure of working with the above student during the 2017 Spring semester at The University of Arizona College of
Nursing. I taught McKenna in her 2nd semester course entitled “Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family: Nursing 368.” This course
included theoretical concepts, principles, and techniques for providing care to the childbearing family. Clinical practice focused on the
application of theory and the provision of nursing care to women (gynecological, antepartal, intrapartal, and postpartal), newborns,
and their families.

In addition, I observed this student actively participating in clinical development sessions including simulation and lab

Faculty Evaluation of Student

Outstanding Above Average Average Below Average Unknown
Academic Achievement X
Attitude toward learning new X
Clinical Competence X
Critical Thinking Skills X
Leadership Ability X
Dependability X
Interpersonal Skills X
Verbal Communication X
Written Communication X
Working With Patients/ Families X
Organizational Skills X
Problem-Solving Ability X
Flexibility X
Ability to Work Well With Others X

Additional Comments:
What are the applicant’s major strengths? Communication, maturity, positive attitude, and patient advocacy. McKenna was
always on time for the clinical setting and prepared for the day. McKenna was very caring and compassionate toward the
patients she took care of. She is very excited about learning and is very enthusiastic. She asked very appropriate
questions in class and in the clinical setting. McKenna was very flexible with her assignments in the clinical setting.
Nurses commented that she had a good knowledge base and had good communication skills with the patients. She is
very professional and will be an asset wherever she works.

What areas need further improvement? The candidate/student was always well prepared, on time and turned
assignments in. She was always flexible in her assignments in the clinical setting and very detail oriented.

If you have further questions concerning this applicant, please feel free to contact me at 520-621-7081

Signature : Date : 04/06/2018

Melanie Welch
Clinical Instructor
University of Arizona College of Nursing