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Emmer Green Primary School Art / Design Technology

Termly Curriculum Overview Art

 Colour mixing
 Printing using different materials
English Year 2 Summer 2018 DT
 Exploring different mechanisms to create
Text Genres
a moving vehicle
 Stories based around Magic Key Topic—History / Geography
The Great Fire of London
 Recount of a visit
 Finding out how the fire started, how it
 Descriptive writing
spread and what resulted from the event R.E
Word Work
 Exploring eye witness accounts
 Writing more complex sentences Creation
Space (Collaborative Infant Topic)
 Using conjunctions and understanding  Naming the planets in our solar system and  Explore and discuss Christian views about
different sentence forms (statement, learning facts about them through art, being stewards for the world
command, exclamation, question) music and drama Qur’an
You can help your child by:  Discuss how Muslims show respect for
 Regular reading the Qur’an
 Learning weekly sounds - spellings Science
 Knowing what plants need to survive
 Impact of changing one of the plant’s
 Creating and performing short dances
basic needs
Mathematics Living things and their habitats
about different moods and feelings
 Developing a range of athletics techniques
 Identify whether things are alive, dead
ready for Sports Day
 Fractions of shapes and amounts or never lived
 Co-ordinating and controlling their bodies
 Ordering numbers to 100  Identify and name a variety of plants
using a range of equipment
 Strategies for solving word problems: and animals in a particular habitat
which calculation to use, and methods
for addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division
 Handling data and time Relationships
 Money and real life problems We are researchers and zoologists  Self-awareness, managing feelings and
 How to stay safe when using the empathy
You can help your child by: Internet  Introducing life cycles and to know the
 Working through their current  Sorting and interpreting information differences between males and females
Rainbow Times Table objective from a database  To understand how special our body is and
some of the things it can do