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Short Learning Programmes


Course name Course Option Qualification Course Code Course Fee
Database Design Open Distance Learning 70041 CSDB1DX R4200.00
Semester course
Database Implementation Open Distance Learning 7554X CSDB2D3 R4200.00
Semester course
Introduction to Internet and Web ODL Web-based 70076 CSIW1DT R4400.00
Design Semester course
Developing Web Applications ODL Web-based 72095 CSDW1WS R4000.00
with PHP Semester course
Designing & Implementing ODL Web-based 70157 CSTC1WW R3400.00
Telecommunication Networks Semester course
Open Distance Learning 70157 CSTC1DB R3600.00
Semester course
Information Technology in ODL Web-based 70483 CSEC1D9 R4400.00
Electronic-Commerce Semester course
Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Open Distance Learning 70122 CSVB1DG R4400.00
Programming Semester course
Applied Project Management in an Open Distance Learning 70467 CSPM1DR R4400.00
Information Technology Semester course
Introduction to Information Open Distance Learning 70610 CSIS1DF R4000.00
Security Semester course
Applied Information Security Open Distance Learning 76809 CSIS02D R4200.00
Semester course
Advanced Information Security Open Distance Learning 76808 CSIS03D R4400.00
Semester course
Research in Informatics in Practice Open Distance Learning 75558 CSRI1DM R3800.00
Semester course
Strategic Information Systems Open Distance Learning 75566 CSSP1DH R4200.00
Planning in Practice Semester course
Introduction to Information Open Distance Learning 75957 CSSC1DT R4400.00
Technology Based Supply Chain Semester course
Introduction to Visual C Open Distance Learning 76804 CSCN01D R4200.00
Sharp.NET Programming Semester course
Information and Communication ODL Web-based 76811 CSIT1ED R4000.00
Technology in Education Semester course
Mobile Technology in Teaching ODL Web-based 76810 CSMT01E R4000.00
and Learning Semester course
Robotics in Education - Basics ODL Web-based 76820 CSROB1E R3300.00
Semester course
District Health Information Open Distance Learning 76834 CSDHIS2 R3500.00
System2 Foundation using myUnisa and DHIS
database for practical
Semester course
Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Open Distance Learning 70122 CSVB1Y8 R4400.00
Programming Year course
Introduction to JAVA ODL Web-based 70602 CSJA1DP R4400.00
Programming Year course
C++ Programming ODL Web-based 70181 CSCP1DB R4400.00
Year course
Computer Networks ODL Web-based 70025 CSNW1W8 (Module 1); R2100.00
Year course CSNW2WA (Module 2) R2100.00
Open Distance Learning 70025 CSNW1DJ (Module 1); R2200.00
Year course CSNW2DL (Module 2) R2200.00
Centre for Software Engineering
NOTE: 1. Please complete this form in block letters. All the information requested MUST be completed.
2. Registration will only be completed once your student number has been issued, and you have paid the full course fees.
3. FAX the completed registration form as well as a photocopy of ID document or passport and a copy of your Matric or
Higher Education Certificate to 011 670 9174 / 011 670 9274 or BRING the documentation to the CENSE Offices,
GJ Gerwel Building, Floor 3, Room 05, Cnr Christiaan de Wet and Pioneer Avenue, UNISA Science Campus, Florida,
or EMAIL the documentation to cense@unisa.ac.za
4. The Centre retains the right to refuse any application without giving any reasons.
5. For the relevant codes you will have to refer to SECTION 5: REGISTRATION CODES of the brochure when
completing the registration form.
STUDENT NUMBER (to be issued by CENSE):

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during the day at the address to receive the study material. We also need a contact number where the couriers can contact you.


Declaration and Understanding:

I declare that all the particulars furnished by me on this form are true and correct, and I undertake to comply with the rules, regulations
and decisions of the University and the Centre, and any amendments thereto, which may be applicable to in general and to the field of
study for which I am registered. I undertake to protect the copyright of the University and under no circumstances to make the study
material available for use by any other person. I understand that this signed contract is binding and that I am responsible for the
payment of the course fees in full. In the case that my credit card is not honoured by the bank my registration will not be processed.

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