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Cour se Syllabu us

Cour se S yllabu us

Cour se Informati on

OPRE 6271.PJM Projec t Overview an d Strategic & Process Mana gement Fall 2 010

Profe ssor Contac t Informatio n

Dr. La rry Chasteen Dr. Su e Freedman Dr. Jo hn Robinson Dr. D avid Springate Mr. Ja mes Szot

chasteen@ut dallas.edu suefreedman @utdallas.edu johnt1840@ yahoo.com spring8@utd allas.edu jimszot@utd allas.edu (instr uctor of recor d)

Office hours by app ointment – ple

ase email to schedule

Cour se Pre-requi sites, Co-req uisites, and/ or Other Re strictions


Cour se Descripti on


teami ng in project management , the relevanc e of business process anal lysis, strategi c alignment o f proje cts, and finan cial consider ations in proj ect selection.

course introd uces the proje ct lifecycle, typical projec t manageme nt processes, leadership an d

Stud ent Learning Objectives/ Outcomes Stude nts will dem onstrate the a bility to:

Assess the applicability of generally recognized s tandards for the project m anagement profession to their prac tice of projec t managemen t

Apply bus iness process improvemen t techniques to a business process

Assess pro ject contribu tion to busin ess strategy, p urpose and p lan

Consider f inancial cont ribution of p otential proje cts in the con text of strate gic business alignment and project s election

Requ ired Textbo oks and Mat erials Textb ooks:

Project M anagement In stitute. (2008 ). A Guide to the Project Management Body of

Knowledg e, 4 th ed. New ton Square, 933890-51 -7

PA: Project M

anagement I Institute. ISB N 978-1-

Read ngs and Cas es:

Lines, Mic hael, Learni ng the Lesson s of Apollo 1 3

Chasteen, Larry, A Lon gitudinal Loo k at Texas In struments

Case: Inve stment Analy sis and Lock heed Tri Star

Case: Dia mond Chemic als Plc (A):

The Merseysi de Project

OPRE 6271.PJM Fall





Suppl emental Cou rse Materials :


Chemicals (A ) Student Sp readsheet.xlsm

GPC Shee ts on Decem ber 31.pdf

OPRE 6271.PJM Fall



C hemicals ( A ) Student Sp r eadsheet.xls m GPC Shee ts on Decem ber

Page 2

A ssignments & A cademic Cale n dar   T itle / Date Descrip t

Assignments &

Academic Calen dar


Title / Date

Descrip tion


s (Students will b e able to…)

Assignme nts

I ntroduction to Proj ect Management Progr am

This modu le introduces you t o the project management graduate p rogram and explor es the lifecycl e and processes o f project ma nagement.

Describe the purpose and st ructure of the Proj ect Managem ent Core phase of the MS/MBA program

Describe the project lifecycl e and the core processe s of project manag ement

Be prepared to discuss your experience w orking on projects

September 16 AM

Individual A ssignment PMBOK Rele vance. Submit on

Mr. James Szot

The assign ment asks you to assess the applicability of PM I’s A Guide to the Project Managem ent Body of Knowledg e to your practice o f project ma nagement.

Assess th e applicability of g enerally recognize d standard s for the project ma nagement profess ion to their pr actice of project m anagement

Blackboard b y 11:59 PM, Satur day, October 2, 2 010. (40 points)

I ntroduction to Tea ming and Leadership 1-3

These mo dules introduce pro ject leadership and teaming and s et the stage f or using the team

Discuss t he breadth and co mplexity of the leadershi p roles and respon sibilities in project managem ent

Be prepared to discuss your experiences with:

Leading an d being led

September 16 PM September 17 AM September 17 PM


in the program as a

Identify a nd articulate assum ptions and goals regarding leadership and te ams

Participatin g on and leading t eams

learning re source for the developme nt of the leadershi p

Adapting to

a changing world


complex project ma nagement related

Project ma nagement process es and roles


decision- making in a team e nvironment

Dr. Sue Freedman

skills need ed as project, prog ram and enterp rise level manager s

and leader s.

Review th e relationship betw een the PMI Proje ct Managem ent Professional c ompetencies and their own skills and aspiratio ns


I ntroduction to Bus iness Process Managem ent

This modu le explores the concepts o f modern business activity fro m the perspective


Describe the concepts of bu siness process an d business process design

Demonstr ate the use of the fundamental tools of process a nalysis


Lines, Mich ael, Learning the Lessons of Apollo 13

September 18, AM

general bu siness processes. Topics incl ude the application process an alysis and process



Proces s mapping

In-class exer cises

Dr. John Robinson

Proces s flow chart develo pment

redesign t

employing learning as a proc ess is discusse d.

ols. A case exam ple

Apply the tools and techniqu es to real business s activity an d process

Describe organization learni ng as a business process

I ntroduction to Bus i ness Strategy Projects ar e often used to  Describe

I ntroduction to Bus iness Strategy

Projects ar e often used to

Describe the necessary and sufficient condition ns for develo ping effective corp orate strategy



implement an organization’s strategic p lan. This module introduces the concepts of

Chasteen, Larry, A longitudin al Look at Te xas Instruments


September 18, PM



strategy and strate gic

In-class exer cises


Dr. Larry Chasteen

planning to

provide context fo r

- Strategic Analysis

considerin g the business

- Strategy Implementation

relevance of projects

- Strategy Formulation

Creating Value with I nvestments

Financial v alue is one criteria used when selecting projects . This modu le introduces finan cial tools usefu l in the manageme nt of projects

Assess p roject contribution t o financial goals b y consideri ng:

Look over:


GPC Sheets on December 31.p ptx


Internal rate of return

“GPC Balan ce Sheet on Decemb er 31”

October 14 AM & P M

Net pre sent value


Dr. David Springat e


Econo mic value added

Market value added


“GPC Incom e Statement for Yea r Ending 2xx1 ”

“GPC Cash Flow Statement, For the

Year Ending

Dec 31, 2xx0”


Then read:


Creating V alue with Investme nts

Investmen t Analysis and Loc kheed Tri-Star

Diamond C hemicals (A) Case


For the Diam ond Chemical Cas e, consider the following questions :

1. What cas h flows are relevant i n the analysis? Modify the spreadsh eet


assumpti ons as needed before come to c lass.


2. What are the sensitivities in th e value analysis? What is important to estimate correctly? Can it be d one? (Again, s ensitivity analysis is e asy


with this



3. Would yo u adopt the project a s


proposed ? Why or why not?

Individual A ssignment Investment a nalysis. Submit on Blackboard b y 11:59 PM, Satur day, October 30, 2010. (40 points)

Gra d ing Policy Your grade for OPR E6271 consist s of two grade d

Grad ing Policy

Your grade for OPR E6271 consist s of two grade d assignments and credit for in-class partici ipation. You will e arn 20 points f or class partici pation if you a ttend all sessio ons, actively p articipate in al l activities and contri bute to discuss ions. Each mo dule session is equally weigh hted with a ma ximum partici pation score o f

2.5 po ints. Failing to

be aw arded for inad equate particip ation in a sessi on you do atte nd.

attend will re sult in a score of zero for tha t session. A sc ore between z ero and 2.5 ma y

Grade d assignments should be pos ted to BlackBo ard by midnig ht of the day l isted. If you d o not find a lin k, e-mail Dave Wurms tein [wurm@u tdallas.edu] an d Debbie Sam ac [debbie@u tdallas.edu] fo r assistance.

Assignment s

Percenta ge

Typ e

Du e Date

PMBOK Rel evance


Indivi dual

O ct. 2

Creating Va lue in Investm ents


Indivi dual

O ct. 30

Class Partic ipation


Indivi dual


Tech nical Suppor t

For assistan ce with Black Board, Adobe Connect, and other Project

technology issues, e-mail Dave Wurmst ein [wurm@ut dallas.edu] an d Debbie Sam ac

[debbie@u tdallas.edu].

Management P rogram

If you expe rience any pro blems with yo ur UTD accou nt you may se nd an email to assist@utd allas.edu or cal l the UTD Co mputer Helpde sk at 972-883 -2911. Do not contact the UTD Com puter Helpdes k for questio ns about or pr roblems with Blackboard o r Adobe Connect. T hey cannot he lp you – these products are s upported by th e Project Man agement Program.

OPRE 6271.PJM Fall



Page 5

Univ ersity Policie s

Univ e rsity Polici e s Stud e nt Conduct & Disciplin e The Univer sity

Stud ent Conduct & Discipline

The Univer sity of Texas S ystem and Th e University o f Texas at Dal las have rules and regulation s

for the orde rly and efficie nt conduct of t heir business.

each studen t organization to be knowled geable about t he rules and re gulations whi ch govern

student con duct and activ ities. General i nformation on student condu ct and discipli ne is containe d

in the UTD printed public ation, A to Z G uide, which is s provided to a ll registered st udents each

academic y ear.

It is the respo nsibility of ea ch student and

The Univer sity of Texas a t Dallas admi

recognized and establishe d due process. Procedures ar e defined and described in th e Rules and

Regulation s, Series 50000 , Board of Re gents, The Uni versity of Texa s System, and in Title V,

Rules on St udent Service

Procedures . Copies of th ese rules and r egulations are available to st udents in the

Dean of Stu dents, where s taff members are available t o assist studen ts in interpreti ng the rules an d regulations (SU 1.602, 97 2/883-6391) a nd online at http://www .utdallas.edu/j udicialaffairs/ UTDJudicialA ffairs-HOPV.h tml

isters student discipline wit hin the proced ures of

and Activitie s of the univer sity’s Handbo ok of Operatin g

Office of the

A student a t the universit y neither loses the rights nor escapes the re sponsibilities o f


Rules, univ ersity regulati ons, and admin istrative

violating th e standards of conduct wheth er such condu ct takes place on or off camp us, or whethe r

civil or cri

He or she is

expected to ob ey federal, stat e, and local la ws as well as t he Regents’

Students are subject to disc ipline for

inal penalties are also impo sed for such co nduct.

Acad emic Integri ty

The faculty expects from its students a h igh level of re sponsibility an d academic h onesty. Becau se the value o f an academic degree depend s upon the abs olute integrity of the work d one by the student for that degree, it is imperative t hat a student d emonstrate a h igh standard o f individual honor in hi s or her schola stic work.


Dishonesty, an y student who commits an ac ct of scholastic dishonesty is subject to


Scholastic dish onesty include s but is not li mited to cheati ng, plagiarism , collusion, the

submission for credit of a ny work or ma terials that are attributable in

person, taki ng an examin

student or t he attempt to c ommit such a cts.

whole or in p art to another

tion for anoth er person, any act designed t o give unfair a dvantage to a

Plagiarism, especially fro m the web, fro m portions of papers for oth er classes, and from any othe r

source is un acceptable an d will be dealt with under the

general cat alog for details ). This course will use the r esources of tur nitin.com, whi ch searches th e

web for pos sible plagiaris m and is over 90% effective.

university’s p olicy on plagi arism (see

Copy right Notice

The copyri ght law of the United States ( Title 17, Unite ed States Code ) governs the

photocopie s or other repr oductions of co pyrighted mat erials, includi ng music and s oftware. Copying, d isplaying, repr oducing, or di tributing copy righted works may infringe the copyright owner’s rig hts and such i nfringement is subject to app ropriate discip linary action a s well as

criminal pe nalties provide d by federal la w. Usage of s uch material is only appropri ate when that

usage const itutes “fair use ” under the C opyright Act.

follow the i nstitution’s co pyright policy (Policy Memo randum 84-I.3 3-46). For mor e information about the fa ir use exempti on, see http:// www.utsystem .edu/ogc/intell ectualproperty /copypol2.htm

As a UT Dalla s student, you are required to

making of

OPRE 6271.PJM Fall



Page 6

Ema i l Use The Univer sity of Texas a t Dallas recog n izes

Emai l Use

The Univer sity of Texas a t Dallas recog nizes the value e and efficienc y of communi cation between faculty/staf f and students through electr onic mail. At t he same time, email raises so me issues concerning security and t he identity of e ach individual in an email e xchange. The university

encourages all official stu dent email cor respondence b e sent only to a student’s U. T. Dallas emai l address and that faculty a nd staff consid er email from students offici al only if it ori ginates from a

UTD stude nt account. Th is allows the u niversity to ma aintain a high

identity of all individual c orresponding and the securit y of the transm itted informat ion. UTD furnishes e ach student wi h a free email account that is s to be used in all communic ation with

university p ersonnel. The Department o f Information

for students to have their U.T. Dallas m ail forwarded t o other accoun ts.

degree of confi dence in the

Resources at U .T. Dallas pro vides a metho d

With drawal from Class

The admini stration of this institution ha s set deadlines for withdrawa l of any colleg e-level course s. These dates and times are published in t hat semester's course catalog . Administrati on procedures

must be fol lowed. It is the

class. In ot

to ensure th at you will no t receive a fina l grade of "F" in a course if you choose no t to attend the

class once

student's resp onsibility to h andle withdra wal requiremen ts from any

er words, I ca nnot drop or w ithdraw any st tudent. You m ust do the prop er paperwork

you are enrolle d.

Stud ent Grievanc e Procedure s

Procedures for student gri evances are fo und in Title V , Rules on Stu dent Services

of the univ

rsity’s Handb ook of Operati ng Procedure s.

and Activities,

In attempti ng to resolve a ny student grie vance regardi ng grades, eva luations, or oth er fulfillment s

of academi c responsibilit y, it is the obli gation of the st udent first to

resolve the matter with th e instructor, su pervisor, adm inistrator, or c ommittee with whom the grievance o riginates (here after called “t he respondent” ). Individual faculty membe rs retain primary res ponsibility for assigning gra des and evalua tions. If the m atter cannot b e resolved at

that level, t he grievance m ust be submit ted in writing t to the respond ent with a copy

respondent’ s School Dean . If the matte r is not resolve d by the writte n response pr ovided by the

respondent, the student m ay submit a w ritten appeal to

resolved by the School D ean’s decision, the student m ay make a wri tten appeal to the Dean of Graduate o r Undergradua te Education, a nd the deal wi ll appoint and convene an A cademic

Appeals Pa nel. The decis ion of the Aca demic Appeal s Panel is final . The results appeals pro cess will be di stributed to all involved part ies.

make a serious effort to

of the

the School D ean. If the gri evance is not

of the academi c

Copies of t hese rules and regulations are

Students, w here staff mem bers are avail able to assist s tudents in inte rpreting the ru les and regulations .

available to s tudents in the Office of the D ean of

Inco mplete Grad e Policy

As per univ ersity policy, i ncomplete gra des will be gr anted only for work unavoid ably missed at

the semeste r’s end and on ly if 70% of th e course work has been com pleted. An in complete grad e must be res olved within e ight (8) weeks from the first day of the sub sequent long s emester. If th e

required w

specified d eadline, the inc omplete grade is changed au tomatically to a grade of F.

rk to complet e the course an d to remove th e incomplete grade is not su bmitted by the

OPRE 6271.PJM Fall





Disa b ility Servic e s The goal o f Disability Se r vices is

Disab ility Service s

The goal of Disability Ser vices is to pro vide students

equal to tho se of their non -disabled peer s. Disability S Services is loc ated in room 1 .610 in the

6:30 p.m.; Tu esday and

Wednesday , 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.; and Friday, 8:30 a .m. to 5:30 p. m.

Student Un ion. Office ho urs are Monda y and Thursda y, 8:30 a.m. to

with disabilitie s educational


The contac

The Univer sity of Texas a t Dallas, SU 2 2

PO Box 83 0688 Richardson , Texas 75083 -0688 (972) 883-2 098 (voice or TTY) disabilityse rvice@utdalla s.edu

information f or the Office o f Disability Se rvices is:

If you antic ipate issues re lated to the for mat or require ments of this c ourse, please meet with the Coordinato r of Disability Services. The Coordinator is available to d iscuss ways to ensure your full particip ation in the co urse. If you de termine that f ormal, disabili ty-related acco mmodations

are necessa ry, it is very i

your eligibi lity for reason able accommo dations. Disa bility Services can then plan how best to

coordinate your accommo dations.

portant that y ou be registere d with Disabi lity Services to

notify them o f

It is the stu dent’s respons ibility to notify

accommod ation. Disabili ty Services pr ovides student s with letters t o present to fac culty members

to verify th at the student h as a disability and needs acc

accommod ation should co ntact the prof essor after clas s or during off ice hours.

his or her pro fessors of the need for such an

Individuals r equiring speci al

Relig ious Holy D ays

The Univer sity of Texas at Dallas will excuse a stude nt from class or other requi red activities f or

the travel t o and observa nce of a relig ious holy day

of worship a re

exempt fro m property tax under Section 11.20, Tax C ode, Texas Co de Annotated.

for a religion

whose places

The studen t is encourage d to notify the instructor or a ctivity sponso r as soon as po ssible regardi ng

The student, so excused, w ill be allowed to

take the ex am or comple te the assignm ent within a reasonable tim e after the ab sence: a peri od

who notifies t he

instructor a nd completes

student wh o fails to comp lete the exam or assignmen t within the pr escribed perio d may receive a

failing grad e for that exam

any missed ex am or assignm ent may not b e penalized fo r the absence. A

equal to th e length of th e absence, up

the absence , preferably in advance of th e assignment.

to a maximu m of one wee k. A student

or assignmen t.

If a studen t or an instru ctor disagrees

about the nat ure of the abs ence [i.e., for

the purpose


observing a

religious hol y day] or if th ere is similar disagreement about whether the student h as

been given

a reasonable

time to comp lete any miss ed assignmen ts or examina tions, either t he

and the stud ent and instru ctor will abid e by the decis ion of the chi ef

student or t he instructor

may request a r uling from the e chief executi ve officer of t he institution, or

his or her d esignee. The intent of T EC 51.911(b),

chief executiv e officer or de signee must ta ke into accou nt the legislati ve

executive o fficer or desig nee.

T hese descript ions and tim elines are su bject to chan ge at the disc retion of the Professor.

OPRE 6271.PJM Fall



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