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Bradyn Svendsen

SES 335

Prof Douglas

Coaching Observation

1. Date: February 14th, Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm, School: Northridge High School. I had no

prior relationship with coach I just wanted to observe a team that was having a

successful season. Coach Anderson utilized a practice plan and used specific times to

complete different objectives.

2. Did your coach use or outline any practice objectives? Yes, in the huddle before practice

started coach Anderson pointed out that he wanted them to have a sense of urgency

when doing drills and to execute any opportunity they had. Also he kept reiterating to

get a good shot while make the extra pass and to know your job every play to help make

the team successful.

3. Since the team had a game the day before and the next day of the practice I observed

the team mostly did game like situations, the coach didn’t correct any skills but he

demonstrated the proper way to run their full court trap. There was two teams

scrimmaging against each other with different scenarios each time, the white team

couldn’t stop the red team from getting the ball across half court so coach pulled

everyone aside and had them explain how they need to run the trap. Was there an

introduction and what was it? Yes after the players explained it coach explained it in his
own words and reminded them of when they learned it in the beginning of the season.

Was there an explanation of the skill? Yes he reiterated that the player in the middle of

the press and the person on the side of the ball need to trap him once he crosses half

court, he explained how it will either cause a back court violation or hopefully a

turnover. Did the coach relate the skill to any transfer of learning? Yes he related the

press to their zone defense and how the concepts relate to both because you have to

cover a designated area in each. Did the coach identify any cues? He identified that their

defensive stance should be low so you can move with the opponent and he doesn’t

cross you over.

4. I was very impressed with the practice because of the maturity and confidence of the

team, Coach Anderson really knows what he is doing and has the respect of his team.

Was it organized? Yes, the athletes knew it was time for business and the practice went

exactly how the plan said it would. Were the athletes attentive? Yes until the end of

practice you could tell the players were getting tired and ready to be done, you could

tell this because at the beginning coach had all their full attention and at the end they

started to daze off. How much time was spent on learned new skills? Coach didn’t teach

any new skills but there was about 15 minutes of reminding the players the task they

have for the certain situation. Were the skills practiced under game conditions? Yes

during the offense and defense situations it’s was 5 versus 5 with a very competitive

environment from the players. How would you change to improve this practice? To

improve the practice I think he should somehow involve the JV kids during the game like
situations because it gives them experience too, even if they don’t get in he could have

them shoot free throws on the side or practice on the other half of the court

5. Practice Plan

 Date- 2/16/2017, Time- 3:30-5:30

 Practice Objective- be consistent with everything you do and play with a

sense of urgency

 Equipment needed- Cart of basketballs, cart of water with first aid kid kit,

and towels for players

 Schedule

3:30-3:50: warm up and stretches

3:50-3:55: 5 minute shooting drills

3:55-4:10: Time and game situations

4:10-4:25: Free throws and water

4:25-4:45: Full court defensive execution

4:45-4:50: Free throws and water

4:50-5:20: Offensive execution

5:20-5:30- Full court stops

 Warm up- UCLA drill

 Practice proper jobs of each player for our full court trap

 Put in new 3-2 zone to try and counter our opponents offense

 Put players in game like situations for a competitive environment

 Have athletic trainer come in and lead a group stretch

 Tell players what we need to do to be successful for next game and what

the travel times are

 Evaluate practice with players and ask what they liked and didn’t like

about practice