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Melanie Montelongo-Bernardino

Salt Lake City, UT | mel.montelongo1997@gmail.com| 801-634-9103


Bachelor of Science Elementary Education,

University of Utah, Spanish Minor
• GPA 3.3, Dean’s List Fall 2016,
• Relevant Coursework: Ethnic Studies, Ethnic Minority Families, Chicanx/Latinx Studies, Education,
Child Development
• Diversity Scholar- CESA, First Generation College Students, Service Learning. Pertains to building a
social awareness and critical consciousness regarding interdisciplinary issues of race, class, gender,
and sexual orientation.
Relevant Experience

Glendale Community Learning Center

Educational Engagement Mentor Salt Lake City, Utah
January 2017-Current
• 6 hours per week, 5-15 students a week.
• Participate in creating critical consciousness and critical thinking among the students.
• Bring awareness to social and community issues that are relevant in their lives.
• Mentor, build relationships, and listen to students that are having difficulties in school.

Utah Reads
(Mountain View Elementary and Bennion Center) Salt Lake City,
EducationalTutor and Mentor August 2016-Current

• 10-15 hours per week, Work with 10-15 students a week.

• Empower and educate children from grade k-5th grade with mild/moderate reading disabilities.
• Advise and promote the introduction to higher education to the children.
• Coordinate with supervisors to offer the best tools and learning mechanism to help children have
higher success in school.
• Organize educational activities in the art and science fields.
Community Engagement

Jacksonville Elementary
Volunteer and Mentor (36-40 hours) Salt Lake City, Utah
August 2016-April 2017
• 1 hour per week, Served as a mentor to help empower student to obtain higher education
• Engaged in conversation with students to address issues they might be experiencing in their
community and home life.
• Participated in the events the school created to bring about safety in the school.
Latinos In Action
Active Member University Of Utah
September 2016- Currently
• Attend weekly meeting and partake in developing leadership skills/mentorship.
• Build a professional and personal support system.
• Participated in the High School LIA Conference.
• Participated in Officer’s Hollow in collaboration with the department of Social Work.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Family and Resource Volunteer Salt Lake City,
September 2015- April 2017
• 3-5 hours per week
• Actively met families that were in need of medical, household, and emotional support.
• Established a system to organize donations, food and clothing that were given by the community.
Real Life Program
Teen Mentor (72 hours) Salt Lake
City, UT August
2015-April 2016
• 3 hours per week
• Guided and provided mentorship to refugee middle school students and high school students.
• Developed and organized “real life” activities where the students could familiarize and experience
situations that could potentially happen in the United States.
• Provide guidance with homework and projects that the students needed help understanding or needed
• Addressed and created conversations regarding issues in their communities.
Community Engagement Volunteer Salt Lake City UT
August 2015-July 2016
• 84 hours of volunteer service + 2 weeks in Guatemala
• Engaged actively in community and global service.
• Developed a project in the vocational field that would ultimately help Guatemalan be self-sufficient
and gain Entrepreneurship skills.
• Translated in Spanish and gave a presentation on the importance of hygiene, physical and emotional
health to the community of Guatemalans that we helped serve.
• Created local and global relationships that helped build cultural and critical consciousness.
Head Start (SLCap Head Start James R Russel)
Teacher Assistant (About 80 hours) Rose Park, UT
August 2014-April 2015
• 3-4 hours per week
• Provided a safe and clean environment to the children of Head Start.
• Assisted Teachers in coordinating lessons and oversaw the care of the children
Additional Skills

Bilingual: Fluent in Spanish and English

Computer: Microsoft, Excel, Powerpoint Efficient