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RSU 16

PCAP Progress Report

Due March 1st and May 1st for year one
Due November 1st for year two

Mentee: Christina Bichrest Mentor: Jean Oligny-Warrow Date: 3/1/18

Your Goals and Strategies should reflect achievement of Maine’s Initial Ten Teacher Certification Standards. The
following are key words to describe the standards. See your certification handbook for more information on the ten
1. Knowledge of Content 2. Integration of Multiple Disciplines
3. Diverse Learners 4. Planning
5. Strategies of Teaching 6. Classroom Environment
7. Collaboration 8. Assessment
9. Legal & Ethical Responsibilities 10. Professional Involvement

Goal #1: (5.2.3) Christina will demonstrate knowledge of the diverse ways in which students develop and
learn by providing learning opportunities that support students’ intellectual, physical, emotional, and social
Connection to Maine's Initial Ten Teaching Certification Standards:
(e) Identify and design instruction appropriate to students’ stages of development, learning 
styles, strengths, and needs.

(f) Make appropriate provisions and adaptations for individual students who have particular learning differences or needs. 

Evidence of Progress:
Christina has begun keeping a reflective journal. This is narrative style, objectively recording events with individual
and small groups. Notes are included for next steps, behavioral patterns, triggers and cues, social and academic
progress and successes. Notes are also included for staff next steps. It is difficult to keep up with a reflective journal
in the moment, so Christina is considering making follow-up notes later in the day and/or developing a more
streamlined way to record this information. Lesson plans are individualized, based on goals in IEP, and with space
to note daily progress. She continues to process different methods and materials to demonstrate skills. She is
considering adding a column on the goal/progress sheet for indicating differentiation and next steps to streamline
the information in one format to increase efficiency and collaboration among staff. Christina has developed 4 IEPs
so far. She is feeling very confident about writing the goals and the various aspects of the plan. Some of the specifics
are challenging to grasp and she is working with Tracy Gagne, Donnie Drake, and Jean Oligny-Warrow to clarify
and train.

Goal #2: (5.2.5) Christina will understand and use a variety of instructional strategies and appropriate

Connection to Maine's Initial Ten Teaching Certification Standards:

(a) Choose effective teaching strategies and materials to meet different learning goals and student needs. 

(b) Use multiple teaching and learning strategies to engage students in active learning opportunities and to help students take
responsibility for their own learning. 

Evidence of Progress:
Christina consulted with a first and second grade teacher about technology use for her students. Recommendations
were given for Moby Max. The second grade teacher set up access for 2 shared students to use Moby Max. She has
not yet discovered or explored a progress tracking app. Next steps, will be to consult with the K-2 special education
teacher, speech/language clinician, and occupational therapist about app use and to review staff websites for
suggestions. She is thinking about how to build this in and how to manage the time on iPad and time working.
Students in her classroom are currently using Handwriting Without Tears® app, a sight word app, ABC mouse
app, and several other apps to target letter and number recognition, sight words, and basic math skills. There are
also programs that read books to the children. These don’t track progress (except for Moby Max).

Goal #3: (5.2.8) Christina will understand and use a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies
to evaluate and support the development of the learner.

Connection to Maine's Initial Ten Teaching Certification Standards:

(g) Interpret, understand, and utilize education data. 

(e) Employ a variety of assessment techniques to collect knowledge of learners, student 
learning progress, and program

Evidence of Progress:
Each student has individualized progress tracking sheets based on IEP goals. These are broken down into each
discrete skill. Staff track with +/- code and written note (for example, “counted 1-12”). What is working is that this
is streamlined and simplistic in nature to be able to consistently be filled out daily while working with students
directly, for both Christina and her staff to complete and keep up with the notes. Christina is not always able to
observe what is going on with students she is not directly working with. The progress tracking sheets allow her to
gain understanding of student performance and progress.

Logs are sent home daily with each child to inform parents regarding performance on the day: bus ride, what was
eaten at breakfast/snack/lunch, morning/afternoon work effort, specials, and therapies. Narrative notes are added
as needed. There is a space on these for the students to self-assess how they felt their day went. There is a space for
“Something I want to tell you about my day” and “My teacher wants you to know that I need…”

Staff use time once a week when the students are on their group computer time to consult with each other, revise
any tracking sheets, and share concerns.

The class is now doing some planned group time for calendar, Read Aloud, song, greetings. They have had some
cooking – snack making time 1-2x per month.

Additional Notes: Christina is seeking clarification regarding collaboration opportunities in the FLS programs.
She and I consult on working with her team, clarifying administrative expectations, and how to best communicate
her concerns and ideas.