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TELL IT Gaia Mencagli in Storytelling
Projects, 2018. Your story could end up
on the Dell’Arte stage and in the
Union! Photo by tUshar Mathew | Dell’arte



V O L . 5, N O . 32 10 P A G E S W E D N E S D AY , M AY 2, 2018 E S T . 2013 $1

Nov. statue vote looks likely


McK’villers tell
Dollar General
Petitioners surpass signature requirement, continue
to stand down
Jack Durham
to gather more as deadline is extended to May 21
Mad RiveR Union
McKINLEYVILLE – A pro- Kevin L. Hoover liam McKinley this November. idency (see sidebar). have acquired more than 1,000
posal to build a Dollar General Mad RiveR Union And those backing the effort to Petitioners wishing to override signatures on their petition.
store near McKinleyville High ARCATA – It looks like Arcata keep the statue are saying they’re the Arcata City Council’s histor- That’s well over the 961 (or 10
School is being met with op- voters will be able to decide the open to an interpretive plaque ic Feb. 21 decision to remove the percent of Arcata’s 9,611 regis-
position from some town res- fate of the statue of President Wil- giving context to McKinley’s pres- statue said last week that they tered voters) required, and not
idents, but there may be little only will they continue to gather
they can do to stop the project. more signatures, they now have
Dollar General has applied Petitioners: consider an interpretive plaque three more weeks – until May 21
– to do it.
for a building permit to con-
struct a new store on a vacant Note: last Saturday, petition backer Stanton lot initiative that will give the citizens of Arcata a “We intend to continue to col-
lot on McKinleyville Avenue Reynolds issued this press release endorsing the direct vote on the future of the statue. We firmly be- lect signatures until the deadline
southwest of Murray Road. idea of adding an interpretive plaque to the statue lieve in a fair and respectful process – a structure as insurance against invalid sig-
Mack High is located across of President William McKinley on the Plaza. – Ed. in which all the citizens of Arcata can express their natures and to continue to de-
the street to the east, while the PRess Release opinion on this important issue. velop and publicly demonstrate
Ocean West Mobile Village is Recognizing the strong heartfelt beliefs and emo- We are open to further dialogue regarding an in- our already strong support in the
located to the west and south of tions currently surrounding the long-established terpretive plaque associated with the statue – one community,” Winkler said.
the proposed store location. statue of President McKinley on the Arcata Plaza, that notes the important ethical issues associated If the petition is successful, it
The land is zoned commer- we are members of what we believe is a large seg- with President McKinley’s administration and the will ensure that Arcata voters can
cial and the store is a principally ment of Arcata citizens who feel the process leading contrasts of President McKinley’s time vs. the pres- vote Nov. 6 to either keep or re-
permitted use, meaning that the to the City Council’s recent decision did not have a ent day. We support additional displays on the Arcata move the statue.
owner only needs simple, over- sufficient level of inclusiveness of Arcata citizens. Plaza acknowledging both the suffering and the con- The county Elections Division
STORE A3 We are now gathering signatures to qualify a bal- tributions that other groups have made to our area. McKINLEY A2


5th District rivals face big crowd, many questions

wants to incorporate or not.”
Although he didn’t go as far as
actually endorsing the idea of in-
corporating, Madrone suggested
it might be a better way to run the
“It’s also clear to me that a city
can run itself more efficiently
than a county can run a city,” Ma-
drone said. SPEED PROBLEM Traffic near the intersection of Hiller Road and
Madrone acknowledged that a the Hammond Trail often travels too fast and neighbors want
state law that requires new incor- something done about the problem. Matt Filar | Union
porations to be revenue neutral to

Traffic woes plague Hiller

counties could hinder cityhood,
PICK ONE ON JUNE 5 Steve Madrone and Ryan Sundberg an-
but he said there’s a solution.
swered questions at a forum at Azalea Hall in McKinleyville last
“We can change that law,’ Madro-
week. Jack DUrhaM | Union
ne said. Jack Durham Hiller Road from Ocean Drive all
Jack Durham choose one of the candidates on Sundberg had a different take Mad RiveR Union the way to McKinleyville Avenue,
Mad RiveR Union June 5. The top vote-getter will on the issue. McKINLEYVILLE – Neigh- giving motorists an uninterupt-
McKINLEYVILLE – The two win a four-year seat on the Board “Mr. Madrone is correct. There bors on Hiller Road in McKin- ed stretch of roadway to pick up
candidates for Fifth District Su- of Supervisors. is a state law that says you have leyville are asking the county to speed. She said that speeding is
pervisor squared off during a fo- Incorporation to be revenue neutral to the coun- do something to slow down traf- common and some people drive
rum last week in McKinleyville Among the issues that they dis- ty,” Sundberg said. “And the last fic and to improve the safety of like it’s a drag strip.
and tackled issues including cussed at the forum was whether places that have incorporated af- the road’s intersection with the Despite the road being flanked
incorporation, illegal cannabis McKinleyville – the largest un- ter that law came into effect, all Hammond Trail. by a residential neighborhood,
grows and a controversial high- incorporated community in the but one of them went bankrupt. Their efforts received a boost with no sidewalks west of U.S.
way interchange project pro- county – should form a city gov- I don’t want McKinleyville to go April 25 when the McKinleyville Highway 101, the posted speed
posed in the Trinidad area. ernment. bankrupt.” Municipal Advisory Committee limit for Hiller is 35 mph, com-
More than 160 people filled Madrone said the community Sundberg said that the amount (McKMAC) voted unanimous- pared to 25 mph on nearby resi-
Azalea Hall April 23 for the fo- needs to have more information, of money that McKinleyville gen- ly to send a letter to Humboldt dential streets.
rum, sponsored by the McKin- including a break down of all the erates for the county, compared County Public Works asking Some cars don’t even bother
leyville Chamber of Commerce revenues generated by McKin- to what the county spends there, that something be done about to slow down when they reach
and facilitated by the Humboldt leyville compared to how much is very close. the problem. The committee will the intersection where the Ham-
County League of Women Vot- the county spends in the commu- “It’s pretty close, so we would also invite Public Works Director mond Trail crosses Hiller Road,
ers. Incumbent Ryan Sundberg nity. need a bunch of new revenue to Tom Mattson to an upcoming she said. Those who do slow
and challenger Steve Madrone “I’m supportive of the residents make anything work,” Sundberg meeting to talk about possible down are concerned that they
answered about two dozen ques- of McKinleyville deciding on that said. solutions to improve safety on may get rear-ended by fast-mov-
tions submitted by audience issue themselves,” Madrone said. Changing the state law for the residential roadway. ing vehicles behind them.
members and read by moderator “In order to decide that issue, we all of California so that McKin- The committee’s action came These hazards exist in an area
Anne Hartline. need more information.” leyville could incorporate “is very about after Hiller Road resident that is heavily used by pedestri-
Voters within the sprawling “By having that information, difficult,” Sundberg said. Kelly Eckberg gave a short pre- ans and bicyclists, who not only
Fifth District, which includes the community could have an in- “So what I’ve been focused on sentation on the challenges faced travel along the Hammond Trail,
McKinleyville, Trinidad, Orick, formed discussion about wheth- is if McKinleyville can’t be a city, by the neighborhood. Eckberg but also use Hiller Road as an
Willow Creek and Hoopa, will er or not this community feels it 5TH DISTRICT A3 said that there are no stops along HILLER A3

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A2 M AD R IVER U NION M AY 2, 2018
Arcata Chamber’s Man arrested after fatal hit-and-run in McK
spring workshops mAd river Union
MCKINLEYVILLE – One man is dead and another is
nounced dead at the scene.
The next day, April 27, Benjamin Shermis, 33, of Arcata
ArcAtA chAmber • May 8: “Video Ba- facing felony hit-and-run charges after a van hit a pedes- came to the Arcata office of the CHP with his attorney and
of commerce sic for Cheapskates: little trian last week on U.S. Highway 101 in McKinleyville. admitted that he was the driver of the van. Shermis was
ARCATA – Business- tricks that go a long way” Shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday, April 26, 34-year-old arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run and booked
people and their staff are with Mike Dronkers, Hum- Richard Brandon Freeman of Hoopa was struck by a van into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility
welcome to the Arcata boldt State University in the northbound lanes of U.S. Highway 101 near the .His vehicle, a 2001 Ford van, was located and im-
Chamber’s spring workshop • May 15: “Intro to North Bank Road interchange. When the California High- pounded for the investigation.
series this May at the Hum- eCommerce” with Amy way Patrol arrived, officers found Freeman down on the The CHP is still seeking witnesses and anyone else who
boldt Area Foundation. Fowler, Humboldt Haber- median with major injuries. He was given CPR, then pro- may have information about the collision.
The Tuesday work- dashery
shops are from 9 to 10:15 • May 22 “Influenc- tion,” Senator McGuire said. “Ryan of Elections has announced
a.m. They’re free to Arca- er Marketing” with Bill SUNDBERG ENDORSED
Humboldt County Fifth Dis- is a tireless advocate for Humboldt that logic and accuracy testing
ta Chamber members and Prescott, Sun Valley Floral County and he’s constantly fighting
trict Supervisor Ryan Sund- of the voting equipment will be
$15 for members of the Farms for the people he works for.”
berg has received Senator held on Thursday, May 10 at 8
public. • May 29 “Storytelling
Mike McGuire’s endorse- a.m. Prior to each election, the
Details about each is Marketing” with Lynette MEET MADRONE The public is in-
ment for re-election. “I’m office tests ballots and equip-
workshop and the pre- Nutter, A Nutter Produc- vited to meet Steve Madrone, Fifth
joining Congressman Huff-
senters can be found at tion District Supervisor candidate, at ment to ensure that all ballot
man and Assemblymember
arcatachamber.com or The North Coast Co- Wood in endorsing Super- the Willow Creek Pizza Factory, types are read correctly and
the Chamber’s Facebook op will provide coffee and visor Sundberg for re-elec- 39032 State Route 299, on Mon- all counting equipment is fully
page. treats. day, May 14 from 5 to 7 p.m. Find out how functional and tallying votes accurately. A
Steve can help our community with his specific Logic and Accuracy Observer Pan-
expertise and experience in land manage-
McKinley | 1,000-plus signatures and counting ment, fisheries and forestry. For informa-
el is convened pursuant to the California
Secretary of State’s approved logic and
tion call (707) 496-6902.
FROM A1 According the California Elections Code accuracy procedures to certify the validity
must verify all the signatures for validity, Sec. 9215, the council would have three VOTING TESTING Humboldt County Office and outcome of the testing
but Winkler said his group will do a pre- options:
sort of sorts by comparing the signatures 1. To adopt the petition language as an of the Land Use Code to permit retail can-
ordinance on the spot, thereby overriding MCKINLEYVILLE MEETING The McKin-
on their petitions to voter rolls, and delete nabis sales; expansion of Arcata’s electric
their earlier decision and retaining the leyville Community Services District Board
the ones that don’t qualify. vehicle charging stations; amendments
statue. of Directors meets today, May 2 starting
Winkler wasn’t specific as to how many to the Arcata Municipal Code pertaining
2. Submit the petition for ballot place- at 6 p.m. at Azalea Hall, 1620 Pickett Rd.
signatures his group had collected, stating to boards, committees, commissions and
ment within 10 days. in McKinleyville. The board will begin
only that it was more than 1,000. task forces; and a hearing on the city’s
3. Order staff to create a report on cer- with a closed session meeting to evaluate
The deadline had first been set at May 2014 Community Development Block
tification, and once that comes back to the performance of Manager Greg Orsini,
28 in order to allow enough time for the Grant performance.
them, either adopt the petition as an ordi- followed by a discussion about
Arcata City Council to adopt the petition
nance or send it on to the supervisors. potential litigation with Auburn
– if it’s successful, of course – and call for HUMAN RIGHTS COMMIS-
The petition is sponsored by Arcata Constructors Inc., which upgrad-
its placement on the ballot, then send the SION Humboldt County Human
residents David LaRue and Stanton Reyn- ed the town’s sewer plant. The
matter on to the Humboldt County Board Rights Commission meets on
olds, though City Councilmember Michael board convenes back in open ses-
of Supervisors. The supervisors would Thursday, May 3 at 5 p.m. in
Winkler has taken on a leading role in or- sion at 7 p.m. to tackle a lengthy
then be asked to give the measure final ap- room 1A at the Humboldt Coun-
ganizing the signature-gathering effort. list of agenda items including a
proval for ballot placement. ty Courthouse, 825 Fifth St. in
Statue supporters view the 112-year-old resolution declaring the town’s
In an unexpected twist, that deadline Eureka. Alexia Siebuhr, Hum-
Plaza centerpiece as a significant and icon- parks smoke free zones, planning
was then advanced four weeks to May 1, boldt State University alumna, will hear
ic part of Arcata’s recent history, and are for replacing Manager Orsini when he re-
increasing the urgency for petitioners. research on local human trafficking issues.
unhappy that the City Council made the tires, establishing a policy for the disposal
But at a special April 24 City Council
decision rather than Arcata’s electorate. of needles and consideration of a policy to
meeting, the council adopted a summer ARCATA FIRE DISTRICT The Arcata Fire
Statue opponents consider it a symbol have the district use 100 percent clean, re-
meeting schedule which includes a July 11 District Board of Directors will hold a spe-
of racism, approve of the council’s action newable energy by the year 2025.
meeting. That action effectively re-set the cial meeting Thursday, May 3 at 5:30 p.m.
petition deadlines again, adding three weeks as representative democracy in action, op- at 631 Ninth St. in Arcata. McKinleyville
pose the vote on grounds that indigenous ARCATA CITY COUNCIL The Arcata City
back to the signature-gathering window. resident Mark Rynearson will give a pre-
people are underrepresented in Arcata’s Council meets Wednesday, May 2 at 6
“That’s early enough for me to get doc- sentation on a proposal for local financing
voting electorate, and have pledged to help p.m. in Council Chamber, 736 F St. Agen-
uments over to the Board of Supervisors,” of a $2 million Arcata Volunteer Firefight-
raise funds for the statue’s removal. da items include an amendment to the
said Bridget Dory, city clerk. ers Association building loan.
city’s CalPERS cost sharing; amendment

Celebrating 30 Years as Your North Coast Casino!

Eureka NAACP: HSU must boost
minority support or halt recruiting
mAd river Union These include more en- HSU is deeply committed
HUMBOLDT – Dissat- gagement with the City of to diversity and equity, and
isfied with what it says is Arcata and the community, that would be a giant step
Humboldt State Univer- “support” for students of backward for the values
sity’s lack of support for color, more funding for Cul- and mission of this Uni-
students of color, the Eu- tural Centers for Academic versity. I know this group
reka NAACP has called for Excellence, making trans- is committed to the ideals
the school to better serve parency about Humboldt’s of the NAACP, and it must
students and aggressively “climate of racism” the top have been difficult for them
address issues of racism in priority in recruiting and to endorse this idea. It clar-
the community. marketing, more funding ifies for me the depth of
Until it can do that, says for programs that serve stu- their concern.
the organization, it should dents, and more minority “I disagree with many
cease all recruitment “and faculty members, with “cul- of the statements in the
forgo the social and cul- tural competency” training letter, but I do agree with
tural diversity and revenue for faculty and staff. the larger point that HSU
these students represent.” In response, Humboldt and the North Coast need
The letter lays out sever- State President Lisa Ross- to do more. Our country
al immediate steps for the bacher issued the following struggles with a history of
university to take to address statement: racism and racial inequali-
problems students from “I was astonished that ty on the national and local
other areas are having with the Eureka NAACP chap- levels. We must find ways,
“the realities of the racial ter would suggest that HSU and work together, to cre-
and social climate in our could or should stop re- ate a brighter future for all
small, rural communities.” cruiting students of color. our students.”

Ben and Peter Jain are
fine fellows, brothers and
offspring of the great Betty
Jain. But despite what you
read on page B2 last week,
Peter, not Ben, is the author
of Can Emu Really Sing
Jambo?/¿Puede Emu Can-
tar Realmente Jambo?
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M AY 2, 2018 M AD R IVER U NION A3
Cappa selected in NFL Draft Are you an irresponsible slob? The City of Arcata can help
Andrew Goetz city of ArcAtA ture on community sidewalks. household goods on Craigslist at
HSU AtHleticS ARCATA – The City of Arcata En- The City of Arcata Environmental humboldt.craigslist.org/. Mattresses
ARCATA – Humboldt State All-American offensive vironmental Services Department is Services Department offers these tips are a particularly hot Craigslist item
lineman Alex Cappa was selected by Tampa Bay in the encouraging community members to to community members on how to and nice ones get snapped up right
third round of the 2018 National Football League Draft. strive for zero waste when relocating achieve zero waste when relocating: away!
The Buccaneers picked Cappa with the 94th overall in or outside of Arcata. 1. Humboldt State University hosts 3. Sell or donate unwanted books,
pick. The countdown toward the end of its “Donation Dash” every year! HSU and sell unwanted clothing to local
The Dublin, Calif., native was a re- the semester has begun, and many students living on and off campus can businesses.
cord four-time Great Northwest Ath- residents and students find them- drop off unwanted clothes, bedding, • Tin Can Mailman, located at 1000
letic Conference Offensive Lineman selves relocating when the spring se- dishes, unopened food, books, small H St., will buy up to 2 bags or boxes of
of the Year and three-time All-Amer- mester concludes. Historically, this appliances and electronics at the Col- clean books and textbooks for cash or
ican. Cappa was recognized as one time of year means more unwanted lege Creek Donation Station located store credit, in addition to accepting
of the top linemen in NCAA Division furniture, household items, clothing in the campus parking lot across from donations
II and was a national finalist for the and books being left on street corners the Marketplace. This on-campus op- • Willow and Rags, located at 761
prestigious Gene Upshaw Award. or sidewalks as individuals move on portunity to donate to local charities Eighth St., accepts consignments for
Alex Cappa to new chapters. is open only to current HSU students. gently used clothing, up to 20 items
"The entire Humboldt family is
Most members of our communi- Students living off campus must be per month
unified today in our excitement for
ty are unaware that free boxes and able to provide their HSU ID at the 4. Donate unwanted unopened
Alex’s accomplishments," said HSU interim Athletic
dumped furniture are a violation of donation station when dropping off food items to Food For People. Food
Director Duncan Robins. "Congratulations to him, his
the California Penal Code and Arca- unwanted items. This year, the “Do- For People is the designated Food
family, teammates, coaches and boosters. We have been ta’s Municipal Code, and these viola- nation Dash” donation station will be Bank for Humboldt County.
fortunate to watch him develop and earn this huge op- tions create unnecessary damage to open: If you are unable to sell or donate
portunity." our environment. • Wednesday, May 9 and Thurs- unwanted items, and are already pay-
Cappa becomes the ninth Humboldt State football The City of Arcata is striving to day, May 10 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. ing for garbage service, call Recology
player selected in the NFL Draft common era, which achieve zero waste in our communi- • Friday, May 11 from 9 a.m. to Arcata at (70)-822-0304 to schedule
began in 1967, and is the program's 11th all-time selec- ty, and there are many other options midnight a bulky trash pickup.
tion. He is the first Lumberjack picked since Freeman for residents, students and landlords • Saturday, May 12 from 8 a.m. to All garbage service customers are
Baysinger was chosen by the New England Patriots in the to be considered before dumping un- noon entitled to two free bulky trash pick-
12th round of the 1992 Draft. wanted household items and furni- 2. Sell or give away unwanted ups each year.

Store| Concerns about crime, lights, trash A common complaint about the project
is that the store doesn’t seem compatible
community. One of the ideas was to allow
for neighborhood stores that people could
FROM A1 against the proposed store. for the area, which is mostly residential walk to, like Roger’s Market on School
the-counter permits from the Humboldt “I just don’t think it’s compatible,” said other than the school. Road. So the committee supported the idea
County Planning and Building Depart- Hilary Mosher, a resident of Ocean West. Committee member Ben Shepherd ex- of keeping the McKinleyville Avenue prop-
ment. The process does not include any Mosher told the committee that the plained at the meeting that the property’s erty zoned commercial.
public hearings or opportunities for the store would attract vagrants and result in commercial zoning was discussed during Although the McKMAC listened to peo-
public to amend or prevent the project. more crime in the area. There will be more the update of the McKinleyville Commu- ple speak out against the Dollar General,
However, that’s not keeping opponents traffic and more congestion, she said. nity Plan, the town’s growth blueprint ap- it did not take any action on the matter,
of the proposed store from speaking out. Other opponents of the store locating in proved by the Board of Supervisors in 2001 which was brought up under public com-
At the April 25 meeting of the McKin- the area said they were concerned about after a nearly decade-long update process. ments.
leyville Municipal Advisory Committee, trash, litter, vandalism, bright lights, deliv- At the time, Shepherd said, the com- The committee advises county depart-
10 residents of Ocean West were in atten- ery trucks and downstream drainage prob- mittee developing the town plan was trying ments and the Board of Supervisors, but
dance, with some of them speaking out lems. to create a walkable, pedestrian friendly does not have decision-making authority.

Committee member Ben Shep- lation of speed humps, traffic is- thing unrealistic,” she said.
Hiller| ‘People are velocitized’ herd suggested that Mattson, the
county’s director of public works,
lands, lights and a painted cross-
McKinleyville resident Den-
nis Mayo told the committee that
FROM A1 be installed at the intersection of be invited to an upcoming meet- Eckberg said that while the it’s important to consider traffic
east-west connection to other Hiller Road and the Hammond ing to discuss options for Hiller neighbors want something done calming measures that make peo-
parts of town. Trail/Hiller Park entrance. She Road. about the problem, they’re also ple slow down, because a lot of
Eckberg, who said she was said she would also like to have Committee members threw being realistic about the cost. people have no idea that they’re
representing several Hiller Road the speed limit reduced to 25 out several ideas for dealing with “We’re trying to keep the cost way going too fast. “People are veloc-
residents, is asking that stop signs mph, and have it enforced. the problem, including the instal- down, so we’re not asking for any- itized,” Mayo said.

5th District| Campaign contributions, cannabis growth.”

who live in our communi-
ties,” Madrone said.
Sundberg said.
Madrone agreed that the
FROM A1 contributions from the in- ing our current problems Sundberg, who is seeking Eco concerns black market cannabis in-
let’s make sure McKin- dustry. He also brought up before we’re trying to ex- a third term on the board, Asked about the biggest dustry is a major environ-
leyville has all the services,” the issue of conflicts of in- pand into something that stressed his accomplish- environmental concerns mental concern. “I think we
Sundberg said. terest. Madrone has said creates a lot of growth that ments during his tenure on facing Humboldt County, can do a better job manag-
Campaign contributions that because Sundberg has we’re not really prepared the board. Sundberg said the black ing that industry,” Madrone
The candidates were received contributions from for,” Madrone said. “Four years ago we market cannabis industry said.
asked about campaign do- the cannabis industry, he Sundberg was critical of were sitting here. We were was at the top of the list,
nations, with a specific que- has a conflict of interest and Madrone’s comments. talking about jobs and we In response to these illegal IN-HOME SERVICES
ry for them to tell everyone cannot vote on cannabis “What I have to say is were talking about public grows, the county has re-
their top three donors. regulations. Sundberg has you’re highly, highly mis- safety,” Sundberg told the vamped Code Enforcement We are here for you
Sundberg used the op- denied that this is a conflict informed on this subject,” crowd. and enacted $10,000-a-day
Registered nurse support
portunity to talk about and noted at the forum that Sundberg said. “This proj- Since then, Measure Z fines against growers,
Personal care
campaign finance reform he has received donations ect is not for any kind of was passed and more depu-
Light housekeeping
approved by the supervi- from people who support growth.” ties were hired. “So today... Wesleyan Church Assistance with
sors. the industry and oppose the The hotel and gas station we have a fully staffed Sher-
“Our board a few years industry. will likely be built long be- iff’s Department here in
of the Redwoods daily activities
Pastor Chuck Clark Respite care
ago did campaign finance Trinidad interchange fore the interchange is con- McKinleyville,” Sundberg Coffee/fellowship & much more
reform,” Sundberg said. “So The candidates were structed, Sundberg said. said. He also said that the at 10 a.m.
the most any one donor can asked about a controversial The interchange, Sund- unemployment rate has fall- Traditional worship Insured & bonded
donate now is $1,500.” proposal to build an inter- berg said, is needed because en and is now at 3.4 percent. at 10:30 a.m. H u m bol dt
“It’s really knocked change on U.S. Highway the county is planning an Madrone talked often about Bible Study Car egi ver s
down the amount of mon- 101 that would allow vehi- alternate road system for bringing people together to 7 p.m. Wednesday Serving Northern California
(Sept. through May) for over 20 years!
ey that are in these elec- cles onto Trinidad Ranche- people with homes on Sce- find solutions.
tions,” Sundberg said. “My ria property. Access to the nic Drive, which is slipping “As your supervisor, I 839-2625 F R EE
top donors, there’s a whole tribal land and its casino is into the ocean. will continue to reach out 1645 Fischer Rd., McKinleyville 1-877-964-2001
bunch of them at $1,500, now through Scenic Drive. “The county knows that to all stakeholders and help
and there’s a whole bunch Madrone said he sup- Scenic Drive is falling into our community to be able
at $99.” ports larger-scale transpor- the ocean. We need a plan to work together, to create
Sundberg did not name tation planning effort for on what to do,” Sundberg real community solutions.
the top three donors, as the area. said. I will work to create lasting
asked. “I fully support a broad, “It’s a necessary piece health and wealth for all
When it was Madrone’s community based effort of infrastructure for a road
turn to answer, he started where we bring all the that’s going to be in the
with his top donors. “My stakeholders to the table ocean,” Sundberg said. “It
three biggest donors are and we identify what are requires no water from
the Central Labor Coun- those transportation and McKinleyville. It induces no
cil, Humboldt County, circulation issues in the
$1,500; the National Union Trinidad area,” Madrone
of Healthcare Workers of said.
Humboldt County and the The interchange, he said, Year-round
classes in
American Federation of may be necessary for the clay and glass
State, County and Munici- hotel and gas station the Shop Our Gallery
across from the Marsh
pal Employees,” Madrone rancheria is proposing to
said. build. He also suggested
Madrone boasted that he that the project may require
has not receive any dona- water and sewer services
tions from cannabis farm- extended from McKin-
ers and said he probably leyville, Fire Arts Center
520 South G Street, Arcata, CA 95521
wouldn’t accept campaign “I think we should be fix- www.fireartsarcata.com

Twenty years from now you will be more

disappointed by the things that you didn’t
do than by the ones you did do, so throw
off the bowlines, sail away from safe
harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore, Dream, Discover.
–Mark Twain
A4 M AD R IVER U NION M AY 2, 2018

This shoving is pointless... hey, let’s yell instead New APD chief picked,
• April Fools’ Day 8:21 a.m. When 5:03 p.m. A man at the 14th Street
a 13th Street man woke up with a entrance to the Community Forest
• Saturday, April 7 12:05 p.m. A
man at Ninth and H streets behaved
being background checked
swollen face and less money than he was seen starting a warming fire, aggressively with area business own- City of aRCata
had when he dozed off, he accused his which might not have been neces- ers, perhaps emboldened by the ARCATA – Arcata City Manager Karen Diemer an-
brother of beating and robbing him in sary had he simply put a shirt on, sheathed sword on his back. nounced last week that the city’s search for an interim
his sleep. though that might have tempered his • Sunday, April 8 1:49 a.m. Mul- police chief is still underway. The interim police chief
1:24 p.m. An H Street bare-chested wildman-chic tiple late-night funsters on Wilson will replace Tom Chapman, who resigned on Tuesday,
beggar’s sign read “HELP,” v ARCATA look. Street blasted the neighborhood with April 10.
which to him meant give POLICE • Wednesday, April 4 music. When confronted, they, per “Interviews for an interim chief have been completed.
me money or I’ll arrange my 4:46 p.m. Sparks flew at routine, just turned it up louder. The city’s top candidate is California based, but does not
fingers in naughty ways and the base of the statue of Wil- 10:28 a.m. Two men, two yaks and come from within the Arcata Police Department. Since
say bad words at you. liam McKinley, and not from goats of unknown quantity camped in the candidate is not currently employed with APD, we
10:42 p.m. A man walked Kevin L. some argument about the old and around a silver truck parked on have initiated a full law enforcement background review
up to the downtown fire Hoover goat’s morality or lack there- Diamond Drive near a trailhead. of the candidate. Police level background checks can take
station to regale firefighters of. No, it was just hangabouts 7:06 p.m. Two men, as men will do,
up to four weeks to complete, and based on the time it
with incomprehensible tales of neu- “manipulating the power outlet.” shoved each other in the middle of 11th
takes for this process, we hope to have an interim chief in
rosurgeons and parole agents. • Thursday, April 5 4:52 a.m. If and Union streets. This high-effort ac-
place by June,” said City Manager Karen Diemer of the
• Monday, April 2 9:40 a.m. A the man in the lobby of a Valley West tivity gave way to less strenuous and
hiring process.
cranially embellished man deployed motel is any example, the way to deal equally useful yelling at each other.
verbal abuse at a Fifth Street auto- with a credit card being declined is to • Monday, April 9 11:03 a.m. A Lt. Bart Silvers, a member of the Arcata Police De-
motive shop, doing nothing to reduce verbally aggress the night clerk, then man with a cast on his leg ran around partment for 16 years, is serving as acting chief of police
negative presumptions about people serenade them with obscenities dur- an Aldergrove Industrial Park build- until an interim chief is named.
with forehead tattoos and frankly ing the call to police. ing, yelling threats about killing peo- More information will be announced as it becomes
proving a disappointment to all of us. 9:40 a.m. A mom reported her chil- ple of color, and it’s questionable as to available.
9:36 p.m. When a man helpfully of- dren arguing, with a girl pushing a whether he used that respectful term
fered a jump to a guy in an old truck laundry basket at her brother. to describe his victims.
with the battery dead, the trucker dis- 2:30 p.m. A woman sitting in the 12:50 p.m. Someone drew obscene
played his wonderful firearm and be- middle of a Community Forest trail drawings in wet cement on a new Q
came argumentative. off East Park Road didn’t respond to a Street sidewalk. A contractor supposedly
• Tuesday, April 3 8:35 a.m. A query about her well-being, her unre- fixed it, but heavy rain somehow made
man was reported pacing around sponsiveness possibly connected with the problematic pictograms resurface.
Fifth Street, that is, as best he could the empty whiskey bottle sitting next • Tuesday, April 10 3:12 a.m. A
with his pants down around his an- to her. In more positive news, she ap- drunken maroon on a 10th Street porch
kles. The call was deemed unfounded, peared to be breathing. growled and banged on the residents
BURNING BOAT The Midori burns. Submitted Photo
but didn’t specify which part – the • Friday, April 6 6:51 a.m. Some- front door. This got him arrested.
pacing or the pants. one pulled up to an Alliance Road gas
1 p.m. The switchback trail linking station’s pumps, parked, left the mo-
11:58 a.m. The world’s least con-
vincing fraudster or lunatic went
Coast Guard comes to the rescue
Seventh Street to the Community tor running and settled in for a nap. into an I Street store in tan pants and U.S. CoaSt GUaRd
Park is host to all manner of unto- 12:13 p.m. No, sorry, nice try, but sneakers, carrying a packet of IRS pa- MCKINLEYVILLE — The U.S. Coast Guard coordi-
ward behavior, in this case a bloke HSU parking permits don’t let mul- perwork and pretending to represent nated fuel removal and salvage operations last Thursday
sitting under a tree and practicing his tiple vehicles ignore parking meters that agency. He wandered away. for a fishing vessel that caught fire the day before near
swearing skills. at Union and 17th streets. Tickets, • Wednesday, April 11 11:18 a.m. Eureka.
2:30 p.m. A man with an illegal tickets, tickets flooding into the real- A man near the West End Road Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Humboldt
Community Forest camp complained ity of today’s convenience-prioritized roundabout rode around in his bike Bay pollution responders determined the 47-foot vessel,
that someone had entered his tent, young person. somehow carried some metal doors Midori, was safe to tow to the Eureka Municipal docks,
stole some tarps and then poured 2:25 p.m. A woman walking on 13th that he was attempting to sell. This on where a reported 1,500 gallons of diesel will be removed
soap onto his paper towels. Street was using a crosswalk when a the off-chance that someone driving before the boat is salvaged.
3:48 p.m. A man went up on the roof car pulled up. She put her hand out to by was looking for a bike-borne met- The case began around 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 25
of an 11th Street church and started indicate that the car should stop, and al door salesperson. The concern was after a crewmember from the distressed fishing vessel,
cleaning the rain gutters, refusing at this point the driver got out and that if he didn’t find such a customer, Midori, contacted another fishing vessel, Charlie D, via
entreaties to come down. Police were slapped the woman in the face, then he’d just dump the doors there. An of- cell phone to report a fire aboard.
more effective. drove away. ficer interviewed him.
The Charlie D crew contacted Coast Guard Sector
Humboldt Bay watchstanders via VHF channel 16, re-
CROSSWORD porting the Midori was on fire with five crewmembers
ACROSS DOWN preparing to abandon ship approximately 10 miles west
1. __ Belushi 1. Patient one of Trinidad. Watchstanders issued an urgent marine in-
2. Phrases exchanged
4. Chauffeurs’ spots
3. Greater amount
formation broadcast and dispatched a Sector Humboldt
9. Trot or canter
13. Fragrance 4. Those with Bay MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew and a Coast Guard
15. Praying figure high golf scores Station Humboldt Bay 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew to
16. Dog in “The Thin Man” 5. Incensed
17. Make a hole 6. One of the Three Bears assist.
18. Island group 7. __ about; approximately The Midori crew donned their survival suits and aban-
8. Spend the night
north of Tonga
9. Male waterbird doned ship into a life raft prior to the Coast Guard’s arriv-
19. In order
20. Office worker 10. Bewildered al. A good Samaritan fishing vessel, Pacific Bully, rescued
22. Valley 11. Eur. language all five crew members before the Coast Guard helicopter
23. Attract 12. Noted London gallery
24. Lyrical work 14. Emily Dickinson or and boat arrived at the location to find the vessel’s pi-
26. Plays an guitar Howard Hughes lothouse engulfed in flames. Shortly after, a passing tug,
21. Jamaican exports
29. Power; effectiveness
25. TV room, often the Michelle Sloan, diverted from its course and extin-
34. Grouchy
35. __ with; burdened by 26. Discard guished the fire aboard the Midori.
36. Cath. or Episc. 27. Threefold The captain of the Midori reported that the vessel had
37. Roller coaster, for one 28. The Thinker’s sculptor
38. Beater 29. Lois and Lovers’ a maximum of 1,500 gallons of diesel remaining aboard,
39. Canary’s morsel 30. Treed garden and that no serious injuries were sustained by the crew
31. Common contraction
40. Black cuckoo
32. Nincompoops during the incident.
41. “He is __!”;
Easter phrase 33. Firstborn of two “The quick response of the vessels Pacific Bully, Char-
42. Stupid 35. Go on and on lie D and Michelle Sloan, along with the Midori’s read-
43. Hanging charms 38. Red pigment
45. Bowl-shaped cavity 39. Wax on Gouda, e.g. iness with appropriate survival equipment saved the
46. Possess 41. Like hors d’oeuvre lives of five fishermen yesterday,” said Cmdr. Brendan
47. Jack & Jill’s container
48. Half of a ’60/’70s duo
tray vegetables
42. Boring person now open Hilleary, the chief of response at Sector Humboldt Bay.
“Our crews continued the good work this morning by
44. Tommy or Jimmy
51. NASA employee’s field
56. Gets rid of a squeak 45. Nut variety mitigating the threat of pollution the vessel could have
57. Painter’s item 47. Sheriff’s assistants
11 p.m.
58. Bar regular on “Cheers” 48. Sounds of contentment
60. Flirt with the eyes 49. Lofty Before the vessel was towed to port, a helicopter crew
50. Spanish pronoun
61. Fragrant flavoring
52. Kind of eagle from Sector Humboldt Bay conducted an additional
62. Work
63. Light carriage 53. Destroy 822-3731 overflight Wednesday evening to assess any potential
64. Extend one’s 54. Eccentric old man
On the Plaza pollution and saw no signs of a spill in the area where the
subscription 55. Lake __
65. John Ritter’s dad 59. 53 times a score vessel caught fire.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

13 14 15 16
Full menu available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Couple assaulted near Eureka High
17 18 19 Mad RiveR Union
20 21 22 EUREKA – A couple walking near Eureka High School
was taunted and then assaulted by a group of juveniles
23 24 25
Wednesday afternoon, April 24.
26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
At approximately 1:23 p.m., officers from the Eure-
34 35 36 ka Police Department responded to the 1700 block of K
37 38 39
Street for a report of an assault that had just occurred.
Upon arrival officers spoke to several subjects and
40 41 42
determined that a male and female were approached by
43 44 45 several subjects, who appeared to be juveniles, on the
46 47 1900 block of J Street. The juveniles then followed the
couple, yelling taunts. The couple was followed to the
48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55
1700 block of K Street, at which time several of the ju-
56 57 58 59
veniles began assaulting them. The suspects then fled in
60 61 62 a vehicle.
63 64 65
The couple was ultimately transported to St. Joseph
Hospital and treated for their injuries. The Eureka Police
Solution on page B2 Department is actively investigating this felony assault
and following up on leads.
The weekly crossword is
brought to you by KINETIC KOFFEE
Organic, fresh, local and available at Eureka Natural Foods,
Anyone with information regarding this incident is
asked to call Officer Jenkins at (707) 441-4060, refer to
Murphy’s Markets, the North Coast Co-op and Wildberries! Case No. 18-0002815.
M AY 2, 2018 M AD R IVER U NION A5

It’s the appointments

OPINION ly regarded botanist who has consulted for the Indian Bas-

County Supervisors extend their power and vision of the v LET TER ket-weavers, evaluated contamination of our beaches and
dioxin in Humboldt Bay, and is widely known for her prag-
future through their appointments to Boards and Commis- matic, science-based and even-handed approach to prob-
sions. This provides us with a valuable lens through which of the McKinleyville Town Center, a site replete with wet-
lem solving.
incumbents can be evaluated. lands.
A month later, Ryan withdrew his nomination of Ms. Kalt
Here are some examples from Ryan Sundberg’s appoint- By contrast, Mary Burke is North Coast project manager
to the McKMAC citing “A small group of conservatives who
ments as we weigh our choice to replace him, and his ap- for CalTrout, including projects on the Mad River. Fortu-
threatened to somehow disrupt the fledgling committee,
pointees, in this election, or to stay the course. nately for us, Mary is now an MCSD Director.
perhaps by attending the meetings or “working behind the
McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McK- Twila Sanchez, Maternal & Child Health supervisor at
scenes.” (Union, Oct. 29, Nov. 6, 2014)
MAC): The McKMAC, conceived as “a consistent and invit- United Indian Health Services, with excellent references
Ms. Kalt bowed out gracefully, but what’s really disturb-
ing community forum,” has been anything but. The narrow from Judge Marilyn Miles and former Planning Commis-
ing is Ryan’s capitulation.
perspective of the appointees is no accident. Instead of sev- sioner and Yurok Tribal Chair Sue Masten, applied for an
Ryan will claim that three of the McKMAC members,
en mostly older white businessmen and one “outmanned” earlier opening. Ryan chose Otto van Emmerik, the retired
Jenkins, Shepherd and Dreyer, were chosen by the Board of
woman, we could have had a very different board comprised Green Diamond operations manager who has missed more
Supervisors (BOS), a distinction without a difference, since
of three more highly effective women from diverse and rel- meetings than any member.
this Board routinely defers to the preferences of the local
evant backgrounds. MCSD is currently negotiating with Green Diamond
Mary Burke applied for an opening on McKMAC, and at- for a McKinleyville community forest, likely involving ad-
The Planning Commission: Next to the Board of Super-
tended the Board of Supervisors’ meeting where Kevin Jen- vantageous development rights on McKinleyville’s eastern
visors, the County Planning Commission arguably has the
kins, owner of McKinleyville ACE Hardware, was chosen boundary. McKMAC chair Ben Shepherd has blocked this
most important role in shaping our future. When the divi-
instead. Mr. Jenkins was not only absent from the meeting, issue from consideration by the McKMAC, twice, leaving
sive Lee Ulansey was booted from a second term, Ryan had
he had not even applied. Ryan dredged up a previous appli- the public in the dark regarding the progress of these ne-
a chance to support Nicole Sager, assistant director of the
cation in order to nominate him. gotiations.
Yurok Tribe’s planning department. Instead, Ryan nomi-
Mr. Jenkins illegally filled in the wetlands around his new In 2014, Ryan nominated Jennifer Kalt to the McKMAC,
nated Brian Mitchell of Rob Arkley’s Security National Ser-
store, without any of the required permits. Threatened with touting his desire “… to try and balance that board out and
vicing Corporation despite the observation by Supervisor
a Clean Water Act lawsuit, he removed the fill, and entered have a wide array of opinions and thoughts on it.” (Union,
Wilson that “the Planning Commission, like so many other
into agreements to remedy multiple County code violations. Oct. 16, 2014)
government boards, is currently made up entirely of white
Mr. Jenkins is now in a position to “advise” on development Ms. Kalt has a Master’s Degree from HSU, and is a high-
The Airport: Ryan appointed Justin Zabel, co-owner of
Mercer -Fraser to the Airport Advisory Board, despite his

Camp Living Waters company’s record of shady dealings.

Mercer’s most recent plan for a Mad River marijuana
refinery next to our drinking water supplies was facilitated

July 22nd – 27th

by Ryan’s Planning Commission appointee, Ben Shepherd,
who ignored opposition from the Municipal Water District
and delivered a favorable 3 to 2 vote. Brian Mitchell, anoth-
er of Ryan’s appointees, abstained.
In 2016, when Mercer was fined $173000, and counting,
ASD SUMMER DAY CAMP Outdoor Games! Campfire! the Willits News reported:
“…the Mendocino County Air Quality Management Dis-
at Arcata Elementary School Crafts! Swimming & Kayaking! trict filed a claim against asphalt plant owners Grist Creek
June 18th
20th to August
August 24th
17th Aggregates, Mercer-Fraser… declared the plant a “public
nuisance” with “a pattern of ongoing refusal to address air
Monday through Friday 7:30am-5:45pm quality and compliance concerns on the part of plant own-
Come join us for a summer of fun,
A faith-filled youth summer ers and managers; the plant owners “acted negligently, with
callous indifference and/or intentionally, in their continued
exCitement, and amazing adventure! camp with a focus on community, willful operation of the facilities … endangering residents in
nearby homes, employees, and the public in general.”
Full Day Rate:
Rate: $23
Manila Dunes • Eureka Zoo • Geocaching •
love and inclusivity! Mercer-Fraser has applied to the Planning Commission
6 Hour
hour Block: $19
$21 for a similar permit to operate an asphalt plant using the
4 Hour Block:
Block: $14
$15 Trinidad Head & Marine Lab • Coast Guard Station same crumb rubber mixing plant near Big Lagoon.
CREATIVE ARTS In 2009 Mercer-Fraser settled a fraud lawsuit for $1.3
Ceramics •• Jewelry
Jewelry •• Tie-Dye
Tie-Dye •• Drumming
Minecraft •• million, after bidding on federal contracts for small local
Drama • Dance • 3-D Printing companies by concealing its affiliation with Contri Con-
WEEKLY ACTIVITIES struction of Reno, Nevada, a $50 million firm, which owns
Iron Chef Cooking • Bike Day • Swimming 55 percent of Mercer-Fraser.
Ryan Sundberg has consistently supported rollbacks of
Camp fee is $175 • Financial assistance is available environmental protection in favor of the well-connected in
2400 Baldwin St., Arcata For more information, contact St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
the General Plan Update. His appointees reflect this vision.
Is this our vision?
707-826-1915 (707) 822-4102 • CLWHumboldt@gmail.com Ken Miller

SUMMER Blue Lake Parks & Recreation


CAMPS!! June 18-Aug. 24,

Lights... Camera... Dance! Mon.–Fri.,
In this exciting dance adventure,
dancers will star in a music video
8a.m.-5:30 p.m.
that we will film in camp.
Join us for games, arts & crafts, sports,
July 23rd-27th – 10am-2pm • Ages7-10 • $125
skating, theatre, field trips, cooking,

Come join the 

  gardening, Wet Wednesdays & more!!! YOUTH MUSICAL THEATRE
WHO: All Kids Ages 5-13 Years SUMMER WORKSHOPS

Circus!!!  WHERE: At Prasch Hall & Perigot Park, Blue Lake Monday - Friday, June 18 – June 29
All of our dances, arts & FEES: Options vary based on attendance. Ages 7-11: 9 am - noon
activities will be circus
Camperships available! Ages 12-18: 1pm – 4 pm
themed. At the end of the Plus a performance on Saturday, June 30
camp dancers will present...
“The Greatest Show on Earth!”
Free breakfast & lunch every day! Fee: $150 • Scholarships available!
Find registration forms at Blue Lake
July 16th-20th – 10am-12pm • Ages 3 & 4 • $75 School, City Hall or www.bluelake.ca.gov. For registration go to ferndalerep.org
or call 707-786-5483
Register now…space is limited! Call 668-5655 or more info.
July 16th-20th – 12pm-2pm• Ages 5 & 6 • $75
All camps will be held at our Arcata location on
the corner of 10th & K Streets.
To register: call the studio office at 825-0922 or visit
the summer page of our website at Nolimitsdanceacademy.com

Summer Dance Camps

July 2-6 (but not the 4th) July 16-20
Ages 4.5-8 Ages 6-12
New this year – Youth Assistant Keeper (YAK) Camp for
CAMP & CRAFT CAMP 1 week only – June 18–22 • $150
August 6-10 August 13-17
Cub Club (ages 5–7) AND Junior Zookeepers (ages 8–11)
Ages 6-12 Ages 5-12 Week long day camps beginning July 9 through Aug. 17
10% discount for multiple camps & siblings! Camps include: animal encounters, crafts, games, tours, lunch
Before and After care available.
Half price spots for 9-11 year old helpers! Members receive a 10% discount
Scholarships available thanks to Humboldt Sponsors
For registration and details visit
redwoodraks.com Register online: sequoiaparkzoo.net
Call 707/441-4217 or email education@sequoiaparkzoo.net
A6 M AD R IVER U NION M AY 2, 2018
slowly walking around the
Two top birds of 2017 honored Log Pond, he decided to
head back to the parking
Sue Leskiw lot.
Special to the Union He had spent a couple of
ARCATA – “Great birds hours birding when a few
Humboldt Back & can come at the most un-
expected times,” opined
sparrows spooked and flew
into Coyote Brush shrubs
Neck Pain Center Tony Kurz. “I had just a
few things to do in the of-
along the street. One stood
839-6300 fice [he works for California
out immediately. It was col-
ored like a Savannah Spar-
1585 Heartwood Dr., Ste. B, McKinleyville State Parks], then started row but did not act like one.
thinking that I hadn't bird- “My reaction was Cas-
ed the Ferndale Bottoms in sin’s Sparrow as soon as
a while, and felt the itch to I saw it, but that was just
get down there.” too crazy to be true!” he ex-
823 H Street 616 2nd Street
Although the weath- claimed, as this would rep-
On the Plaza, Arcata Old Town Eureka
er on Jan. 18 was not the BIRD SPOTTERS Tony Kurz, left, and Noah Sanday. resent the third Humboldt

(707) 822-4800 (707) 443-7017

best – very cold, misty, and Photo by tom Leskiw record and the first for the
somewhat windy – birding Arcata Marsh and Wildlife
thing different about it. The ty Bird of the Year award,
from the car would be fine. Sanctuary. The Cassin’s is
head looked larger and the sponsored by Fowlerope
As Tony crossed Fern- described in the Petersen
bill darker and heavier with Birding Tours and tom-
bridge on his way into the Guide as a large, drab spar-
no yellow like the Tundra leskiw.com, which was
Bottoms, he bypassed Wad- row of open arid country,
Swans surrounding it. awarded during the April
dington and Goble roads, whose usual western limit
“Then, I noticed there 20 opening reception at Ar-
the usual areas he birds. He is southeastern Arizona.
was another swan right cata’s Godwit Days festival.
was drawn to Coffee Creek Noah “pished” and the
next to it that looked iden- The Runner-up: A New
Road because of the flood- bird called and gave a few
tical. I couldn't believe Bird for the Marsh
ing. chip notes.
it!” To confirm his ID, Noah Sanday, a fresh-
“The end of Coffee Creek He played a recording
Tony took some pics with man at Humboldt State,
Road usually washes out of Cassin’s Sparrow and it
his phone and sent them was up before just about
and birding is really good matched. He snapped a few
to Rob Fowler, who agreed everyone else and decided
in high water years,” he ex- photos, continuing to watch
with his assessment. that he would join the Sat-
plained. “Before I got there, it as it fed and hopped from
The pair of Trumpeters urday morning Redwood
I saw an impressive num- log to log.
stuck around until Feb. Region Audubon walk at
ber of swans not too far off Noah sent a picture
25, allowing many people the Arcata Marsh. As the
the road in a flooded grad- to the Humboldt Birders
to see them. This was the Oct. 7 walk started, several
ed pasture. chat group, saying that
first confirmed Humboldt species of sparrows were
Of course, when you see he’d found a sparrow that
record for this large bird feeding along the edge of
that many swans, you start he believed to be a Cas-
whose normal range is the Klopp Lake parking lot.
thinking about Trumpet- sin’s and asked whether
from Alaska to southwest- As the group discussed the
ers.” its members agreed with
ern Washington. sparrows at hand, Noah
The second or third his ID. Several did and
Tony received the fifth wandered off toward Mt.
swan Tony saw had some- headed over immediately.
annual Humboldt Coun- Trashmore alone. After
“Fortunately, the bird was
not very skittish, which
helped give many people a
chance to see it. It seemed
to be a very plain bird if
you did not look closely
and it gave great views if
you were patient enough.
With its subtle color chang-
es between gray and rusty
brown, it made for a beau-
tiful bird and a wonderful
birding experience.”

Our team is at the forefront of innovations
in hip and knee joint replacement resulting
in exceptional clinical outcomes. Join us at
our seminar to learn more.

Proprietary Techniques
We use proprietary surgical and pain techniques to minimize
post anesthesia side effects and improve clinical outcomes.
The means patients experience less pain and are mobile the
same day.

More Experienced Team

With over 25,000 surgeries combined, Drs. Thomas Coon,
Ryan Moore and John Diana are regarded as foremost authorities
on minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Exceptional Clinical Outcomes

Our achievements in advancing technology, developing
proprietary techniques and providing an exceptional patient
experience have resulted in superior clinical outcomes which
have led the Institute to be ranked among the nation’s top
performing Centers in knee
and hip joint replacement.


We take extra steps,

Verasense Knee System assists our
surgeons with soft tissue balancing,
proper implant position and limb
alignment. Studies show statistically

so you can
significant improvement in outcomes
including less pain, increased
knee function and high patient

Join us for a free knee and hip

joint replacement seminar
“I felt so well Tuesday May 15, 2018
cared for and Registration & Dinner: 6:00 p.m.
Presentation: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
so special”
Adorni Events Center
DIANE LIVINGSTON 1011 Waterfront Drive | Eureka, CA 95501
Knee Replacement Complimentary dinner and refreshments provided

RSVP: 877.596.0644
MAY 2, 2018
HEDWIG& Dance Party


John Cameron Mitchell & Stephan Trask
noRth Coast RepeRtoRy theatRe
EUREKA – The North Coast Repertory Theatre continues its 34th sea-
son with Hedwig and The Angry Inch. The production opens at 8 p.m.
on Thursday, May 10.
MAY POLE DANCE PARTY The Humboldt Folk Danc-
Called “the best rock musical ever” by Rolling Stone, Hedwig tells the
ers invite the public to a special May Pole Dance
STORIES Gaia Mencagli in Storytelling Proj- tale of genderqueer East German rock-and-roll singer Hedwig Robin-
Party to live music, Friday, May 4 from 7:30 to 11
ects, 2018. Photo by tushar Mathew | Dell’arte son. Painted on a canvas of 1970s glam rock in the style of David Bow-
p.m. at the Redwood Raks World Dance Studio at
ie, the show unapologetically examines gender, relationships and abuse
The Creamery, 824 L St., in Arcata. The event fea-
Dell’Arte, Union through the use of biting humor and punk rock. The show is recommend-
ed for mature audiences only.
tures an easy May Pole dance lesson and interna-
tional dance music played by The Maypole Band
team up for Hedwig and The Angry Inch is
directed by Rae Robison. The cast
and other musicians. This event is free for children
and their accompanying adults. All ages and
Stories in the Tent features Morgan Cox and Jo Kuzel-
ka. Band members include Justin
dance levels are welcome. (707) 599-0003, tutujo-
dell’aRte inteRnational yceB@gmail.com subMitteD Photo
Ross, Tamaras Abrams, John ‘JD’
BLUE LAKE – Dell’Arte Internation- Brown and Tristan Norton. Cos-
al, in collaboration with the Mad River tume and projection design is by
Union, puts out a call for stories from the Rae Robison. Make-up design is by
residents of Humboldt County. Aydan Ash Tillet. Lighting design is
From those submitted, five stories will by Santiago Menjivar. Sound design
be chosen and adapted by five actor-cre- is by Cory Stewart. Scenic design is
ators from the Dell’Arte Company and by Calder Johnson. The production
performed at Stories in the Tent at the is stage managed by Anna Gillespie.
28th Annual Mad River Festival on July 3 HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH Hedwig and The Angry Inch
at 7:30 p.m. in the Big Top Tent. Criteria: Morgan Cox as Hedwig. opens at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May
• The story submitted could be a real-life subMitteD Photo 10. A champagne reception will
experience of the author/ someone they follow the performance, and ticket
know or a previously unpublished work. sales benefit the cast and crew. Ticket prices are $18 general, $16 for
• Stories should not more than 2,000 students and seniors. The performance on Saturday, May 12, is a benefit
words. for Temple Beth El. All tickets are $20.
• Stories must be submitted in writing Friday and Saturday evening performances continue through June 9.

rag Doll review

to info@dellarte.com with the subject line There will one additional Thursday evening performance on June 7. All
“Stories in the Tent” by May 31, 2018. evening performances begin at 8 p.m. There will be three Sunday mat-
• Dell’Arte is NOT looking for plays. inee performances on May 20, May 27 and June 3. All matinee perfor-
This is strictly a call for stories. mances begin at 2 p.m.
• The stories can be about anything! NCRT is located at 300 Fifth St., Eureka. To purchase tickets online or
Once selected, the stories will be RAG DOLL HIGH Rag Doll Revue presents "Rag
to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit ncrt.net. You can also reach
handed over to the performers who will Doll High" at HumBrews, 856 10th St. in Arcata on
the theater at (707) 442-NCRT (442-6278).
craft a short storytelling performance Thursday, May 3 at 9:30 p.m. Join the Rag Dolls
from the written material. They’ll also be as they revisit memories from the glory days of
reported on in the traditional faux news- BIRDATHON Redwood Region Audubon Society and the Northcoast their youth; which given the range of their ages
paper page dedicated to the Mad River Environmental Center are sponsoring the Fourth Annual Tim McKay covers a lot of the ol' playground. There are acts
Festival in the Mad River Union. Birdathon. Participants can compete in the Birdathon on any day from inspired by our own personal experiences and
Stories in the Tent will be performed Saturday, May 5 to Sunday, May 13 and can count birds anywhere in the others based on high-school characters from
in the Big Top Tent, 131 H St. in Blue world! Birdathon teams will raise money for the two organizations from movies and TV and popular culture. Doors open
Lake on July 3, 2018, at 7:30 p.m. Entry sponsors who pledge to pay for the number of bird species seen during at 9 p.m. the show starts at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are
to the event is free and suitable for every- 24 hours. To register or support a team, call the NEC at (707) 822-6918 $10 in advance at humbrews.com or $13 at the
one. (707) 668-5663, dellarte.com or visit yournec.org/events/birdathon. door. Photo by tina georganas

From California’s coast to below Elysium Planitia with Mars InSight

Note: Union Space Correspon- room” and InSight sits there, qui- THE AREA IF THEY SMELL AM- ing the placement of the ablative
dent Roger Eckart recently trav- etly, diminutive, amassing only MONIA,” oh, and “CALL 911”! heat shield that protects it from
eled to Vandenberg Air Force 1,304 pounds. This room is huge. And InSight the 2,500 degree entry. They will
Base, from which the InSight The JPL representative is looks tiny sitting upside down, move the 40 foot tall fairings that
lander will be launched to Mars talking and telling us who is who its belly exposed to the ceiling, protect the craft during launch
on an Atlas V-401 rocket this and how we should be careful and little pie plate landing pads and and enclose the spacecraft before
Saturday, May 5. Second of two who we can talk to. I just need a legs all tucked in. It is just await- they move it out to the launch pad
parts. – Ed. minute to take it all in. for placement on the Atlas V rock-
Roger Eckart This feat of creativity and engi- et. The high ceiling makes sense.
Mad RiveR Union neering beauty is going to Mars! After six months of travel,
VANDENBERG AFB – As we THE LANDER Mars InSight. After a minute or so I am able EDL (entry, descent, landing)
suit up into our “clean” bunny We straddle a bench, don boo- to reorient and take in the vast ex- begins with the spacecraft travel-
suits, media wearing dark blue ties and place them across the panse of the Astrotech PPF (pay- ing 14,100 MPH. The heat shield
compared to the crew wearing bench onto the clean sticky side, load processing facility). There allows the craft to slow using ae-
very light blue, we must follow particles being removed at ev- are any number of warning signs: ro-braking even though there is
their PP protocols closely. With ery stage. Cleaner step by step, “WARNING, ORDNANCE IN- little “aero” on Mars. Then a su-
all but our eyes showing it can be we finally enter the “air shower” STALLED,” “WARNING HYDRA- personic parachute opens, slows
difficult to identify folks at a dis- rotating with arms above head ZINE HAS BEEN LOADED INTO the craft more and finally after
tance and they want to keep track as offensive spores are blown off VEHICLE, SPACECRAFT IS FU- dropping its heat shield and back
of us. In the meantime they have and sucked out of the shower. The ELED.” “Charged heat pipes con- shell Insight drifts down until it
been cleaning and bagging our shower stops, the door clicks, and tain Anhydrous Ammonia. ALL CLEAN ROOM Roger beholds Mars is dropped. At this point landing
camera equipment for entry. opens and we enter the “clean PERSONNEL MUST EVACUATE InSight. Photos courtesy roger eckart MARS B3

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disposal needs Friday-Sunday

May 11, 12, 13
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all bulk Herbs and Teas
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B2 M AD R IVER U NION M AY 2, 2018
art from Australia. Fabric is wrapped
Let the sun shine on BL Fabric artists in the seaside village around leaves, such as eucalyptus,

alder, maple, oak and black walnut,
other Nature has been having a little fun with us opening, she will hang three large,
Trinidad arT Gallery and bound around copper pipes. Im-
lately, with some nonstop rain, followed by the The first Trinidad Art Night of the fully framed pieces. This year Molli- mersed in mordants such as iron and
most gorgeous of days, but what it is reminding year will be celebrated with many er has been working on incorporating vinegar, they simmer for hours, and
me of is that here in Blue Lake, our late spring through music and food venues all through the human form into her pieces. She are opened the next day. The result
fall weather is always the absolute best, and I cannot wait the streets and shops from 6 to 9 p.m. also designs and creates wispy, multi- always offers surprises and delights.
for what is in store. Friday, May 4. The Trinidad Art Gal- hued silk scarves. When asked about current work
Because of our incredible weath- lery, a cooperative of local artists, will In silk painting each fabric takes Demant replies, "I am even more
er, recreation activities are becoming proudly honor two unique artists: colors differently. Even the order the determined to become the scientist
more prominent in the city. Coming fabric printer Patti Demant and Am- colors are applied to silk changes the needed in this volatile art form. The
up on Friday, May 4 is the first of anita Mollier who hand paints silks. effects dramatically. Mollier’s expe- slightest jump in the PH can throw off
three more scheduled Friday Night Demant will pour wine to benefit the rience of light in her photography the process and create an entirely dif-
Magic opportunities for those who Winarainbow Scholarship, a summer brings added life to her paintings. ferent outcome than expected! Last
are young, and young at heart and camp specializing in circus arts that Mollier says her work gives her peace year, adding the natural dyes of black
enjoy playing the ever popular Mag- pulls in many Humboldt youth. Sing- of mind, altered sense of time, cre- walnut and avocado were my go-to
ic the Gathering card game. I like to er/songwriter Chief will be making ation of beauty from nothing, and joy when looking for contrast to the print
think I’m young and hip, but I defer merry music. The gallery is located at brought to others’ lives. process. This year I will boldly go into
to my two teenage sons who can play 490 Trinity St. in Trinidad Demant prints scarves and cloth- the world of madder and logwood."
circles around just about anyone with this game. Come Mollier's BFA was in Photography ing with actual leaves that transfer Always excited about trying some-
on out to the Mad River Grange, 110 Hatchery Rd., on at the Art Center College of Design their shapes and colors onto natural thing new, this year has also seen her
May 4 from 6 to 10 p.m. for some casual play for only a in Pasadena, but a series of chance fabrics such as silk, wool, and cash- experimenting in delicate silks like
suggested donation of $2. Draft is also available for any- encounters has led her to painting mere. Her pieces are soft and invit- chiffon and organza to create dreamy
one wanting to participate for $15. on silk, the medium where she now ing, almost as if one had been able summer dresses. Cashmere, Austra-
If the weather stays nice for the weekend, we are also specializes. She creates wall hangings to drape the spirit of the forest floor lian wool and Irish weavings are add-
going to try drop-in bocce ball again. In April, the weath- with seascapes and landscapes that around one's shoulders. Demant's ing warmth to Humboldt County's
er rained out the event, but on Sunday, May 6 from 1 to 3 reflect the beauty of our area. For the botanical printing is an ancient fiber windy days.
p.m. join Blue Lake Parks and Recreation for some drop-
in bocce fun! The game is free and loaner balls available.
If it rains, we will have to cancel again, but let’s hope for
Explore Creamery history Gospel choir Spring Concert
And speaking of recreation, the City of Blue Lake HUMboldT coUnTy HiSTorical SocieTy arcaTa inTerfaiTH GoSpel cHoir
Parks and Recreation Commission has new energy, and EUREKA – Fran Beatty, a local landscape histori- EUREKA – The Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir (AIGC)
recently changed its meeting times to take place monthly an, presents "A Photographic History of the Cream- presents its uplifting Spring Concert at 7 p.m. on Saturday,
on the second Thursday of every month. This is a great ery District" at the Humboldt County Historical So- May 5 in the beautiful Arkley Center for the Performing
opportunity for citizens to get involved in the commu- ciety program meeting on Saturday, May 5 at 1 p.m. Arts, 412 G St., Eureka.
nity through shaping the parks system and recreation in the first-floor conference room of the Humboldt The AIGC, the AIGC Youth Choir and guest soloist Ter-
program. County Library, 1313 Third St., Eureka. Admission is rance Kelly will perform. Terrance Kelly is the visionary,
The next meeting will take place on Thursday, May free, and everyone is invited. Grammy Award winning director of the Oakland Interfaith
10 at 6:30 p.m. plus, if you are like me and like to go to As a landscape historian, Beatty explores photo- Gospel Choir. The AIGC Director Louis Hoiland and AIGC
meetings, there is a Public Safety Commission meeting graphs as a primary record and point of departure in Youth Choir Director,Lorenza Simmons Phillips, have cho-
on Monday, May 7 at 6 p.m. and a Blue Lake City Council understanding the history of our built environment. sen beautiful and moving music for the Spring Concert.
meeting on Tuesday, May 8 at 7 p.m. Her talk "A Photographic History of the Creamery Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 at the door. Advanced
There are just so many opportunities to become in- District" illustrates the transformation of this Arca- tickets are available at The Works (434 Second St., Eureka)
volved, and there has never been a better time than right ta neighborhood from colonial times to the present. and Wildberries Marketplace (747 13th St., Arcata), or on-
now to participate in your local community. She will accompany her talk with a PowerPoint show line at AIGChoir.org.
Lastly, just a quick reminder of a couple of other of photographs by notable photographers A.W. Eric-
things to do in our awesome city. Don’t forget to check son, Merle Shuster and Peter Palmquist.
out the museum every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday The Creamery District is a vibrant arts and com- FREE THE BEASTS 555 Contemporary Dance Company and
from 1 to 4 p.m. You can come walk the trail behind the merce neighborhood, which is centered on the 1918 The Ink People present an eclectic evening of dance, brought
newly named Power’s Creek District, enjoy our tennis Creamery Building between Eighth and Ninth streets to you by the finest dancers from all over Humboldt, on Sat-
courts or outdoor basketball courts, come see wood bat in Arcata. The district's transitions from a busy in- urday, May 5 at 8 p.m. at the Redwood Raks World Dance
softball every Sunday (except Mother’s Day weekend), dustrial area to thriving art and business enclave Studio, 824 L St. in Arcata, Free The Beasts Choreography
and of course visit our Grange for its monthly breakfast have been at once dramatic and gradual. The Cream- Showcase has been uniting the dance community for the last
on the second Sunday of every month. Also coming soon ery District is an example of how the arts can trans- six years by inviting choreographers of every style, studio,
to the Grange is a special Coffee Club on Friday. More form a neighborhood and renew economic and com- company, and beyond to perform their works in an intimate
details on that next time. munity health. and candid setting. Tickets available at the door are $10 gen-
Enjoy all of life’s moments as you explore our area. (707) 445-4342, humboldthistory.org/ eral and $5 for kids 10 and under.

This year’s OysterFest kicks off Saturday with a party at the Vets Hall
arcaTa Main STreeT ters for you to enjoy, along wine. Coast Seafood, Humboldt ny, who has partnered with award-winning oysters and
ARCATA VETS HALL – with glorious hosted goat Visit in this year’s Mer- Bay Oyster Co., Aqua-Ro- Pacific Choice Seafoods, has other tasty non-oyster deli-
Join Arcata Main Street cheeses by Cypress Grove maid Lounge at the 28th deo Farms, North Bay been a leader in local shell- cacies, local beverages, live
for Oysters! Oysters! and and Redwood Hill Farms Annual Oyster Festival Shellfish and Hog Island fish production since 1946. local music, and art.
more fresh Oysters at the with savory breads from during the Kick Off and cel- Oyster Co. As a local shellfish grower Other highlights include
Oyster Festival Kick Off Brio Breadworks. ebrate local oyster farmers “As a farmer, I enjoy the and steward of Humboldt Oyster Calling and Shuck-
Party Saturday, May 5 All the noshing is set and aquaculture experts, opportunity to showcase Bay since 1955, Coast Sea- n-Swallow Contests, the
from 5 to 10 p.m. at the to the tune of local music including Humboldt Bay my product at the Oyster foods’ goal, like all local new Green Street, Play-
Arcata Veterans Memorial by Ruby and Ari Guillette, Oyster Co., Aqua-Rodeo Festival Kick Off event and growers, is to produce the house giant puppets, an
Building, 1425 J St. The Kentucky Warblers, Farms, North Bay Shellfish, talk with people about my perfect oyster that reflects expanded Art Market, the
A fresh oyster reception La Mancha and Cold Blue Hog Island Oysters and farm on the bay. That per- the beauty of the natural Flupsy Zone for kids and
takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. Water on Cinco de Mayo. Coast Seafoods! sonal contact with people environment in which it is adults, and much more.
Local oyster farmers are And it wouldn’t be Cinco The event is co-spon- enjoying my oysters is al- raised. Local beer, wines and
bringing and shucking over de Mayo without organic sored by Pacific Seafoods, ways a good time. I take a Tickets are $25 at Peo- hard cider will be served 10
3,000 raw fresh hosted oys- mango-habanero margari- with oysters being donated, lot of pride in what I do and ple's Records, Wildber- a.m. until 4:30 p.m., along
tas, craft cocktails, beer and shucked and presented by really enjoy sharing it with ries Marketplace or at with a variety of non-al-
my neighbors,” said Todd brownpapertickets.com/ coholic drinks. There is
CROSSWORD SOLUTION EMPLOYMENT Herpe of Humboldt Bay event/3390939. easy access to off-site shut-
J I M L I M S O G A I T Oyster. About this year’s tles between Arcata High,
O D O R O R A T N A S T A Visiting Angels is
B O R E S A M A O N E A T Arcata Main Street has Oysterfest Humboldt State and the
S E C R E T A Y R D A L E seeking Caregivers, been cultivating local cul- Arcata Main Street’s Ar- downtown from 9 a.m. to 6
S T R U M S L E V E R A G E CNAs & HHAs to assist ture through Oyster Fest cata Bay Oyster Festival p.m.
R I D E C A N E R S E E D seniors in Fortuna, for over 26 years. The eve- takes place Saturday, June Uber will also pick up
R McKinleyville, and ning will also include an 16 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and drop off at the 10th St.
Eureka. Part-time and overview of the Arcata Bay It’s a celebration of shuttle stops all day. No
Full-time, flexible hours. Oyster Festival and the Pla- North Coast culture with dogs, coolers, or glass bot-
S H A Y R E N E W T E X Please call 707-362- za Watershed Program. chefs, merchants, volun- tles allowed in the festival.
See crossword on page A4 Coast Seafoods Compa- teers, and guests reveling in Arcatamainstreet.com

NorCal PCT guide is beautiful, useful

Kevin L. Hoover For so much information, rare clarity is
Mad river Union ensured by the book’s smart and modern
HUMBOLDT – To those pining for the layout. Read step-by-step, camp-to-camp
trail, every guidebook is a beautiful escape. route descriptions plus data-filled side-
And there are few more bars loaded with tips and
appealing than Philip breakout detail, with 150
Kramer’s new Hiking mind-melting trail photos
the Pacific Crest Trail: and 57 maps that help ease
Northern California. planning and make the trail
Meet Kramer this Fri- doable. Elevations, mileage,
day, May 4 at 7 p.m. at history, science – it’s all here.
Northtown Books, 957 Clear references to the
H St., on the 50th anni- PCT’s established section let-
versary of the National ters, designating 11 trail seg-
Trails System Act. ments from south to north,
Part of Mountain- help you look up other trail
eers Books’ four-volume resources. There are way use-
Hiking the Pacific Crest ful details on campsites, wa-
Trail set of guidebooks, ter sources, trail access and
the book breaks the 740-plus miles from the necessary minutia of permits, hazards
Tuolumne Meadows to Donomore Pass and restrictions, plus alternate routes, de-
into 46 trail legs. Useful for thru-hikers, it is tours and connecting trails.
truly optimized for section hikers. Over 367 At $24.95, Philip Kramer’s practical,
pages, it breaks the trail down into assimila- beautiful Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail:
ble two- to nine-night trips one may consid- Northern California is the first piece of PCT
er while shopping for short excursions. camping gear you should consider acquiring.
M AY 2, 2018 M AD R IVER U NION B3

Remember Phoebe and raise money to complete Bay Trail

Nancy Stephenson or pick a fixed dollar amount. One hundred the coast between Eureka and Trinidad for
Special to the Union percent of the money goes to completion and 15 years, and I plans to sprinkle Phoebe’s
HUMBOLDT BAY – It’s been a year maintenance of the Humboldt Bay Trail. ashes at our favorite spots along the way.
since Phoebe the Pug left us, but her mem- Donations May be made by going to Check the website to join special rides.
ory lives on and inspires us to ride our phoebe4baytrail.org which has links to the The National and Humboldt Bike Chal-
bikes to get the most out of life, and to get Humboldt Bay Trail Fund on Humboldt lenges want to get more people riding bikes,
the most life on our bikes we need to finish Area Foundation’s website, the Humboldt more often, for all the reasons: healthier,
the Humboldt Bay Trail! Arcata and Eure- Bike Challenge, plus other links, informa- happier people; more livable communities;
ka have completed their trails, now it’s time tion, photos and video. Sponsors can also improved air quality; drivers are more used
to connect the two. give a check or cash to me for and I’ll pass to seeing people on bikes; more people rid-
I’m looking for sponsors during Humboldt it on, or they can sign up and raise money ing and more of a political voice for cycling
Bike Month, May 2018. Sponsors can con- on their own team. and improving bicycling infrastructure and
tribute based on the number of miles or days, TRAILMATES Phoebe and Nancy. Submitted photo Phoebe and I used to ride up and down many more reasons.

Mars | Burrowing FROM B1

ground to measure Mars’ interior. But it must be under-
stood that at this distance and cost it makes sense to take Transit
thrusters take over the descent and land the craft at a gen- it slow. Slow is good.
tle 5.4 mph. All of this being run by autonomous onboard If past missions are a good indicator, this probe will last Operations
computers. With a delay of several minutes to communi- much much longer than its design life of two years. Oppor-
cate with Mission Control there is nothing they could do tunity is still gathering data after 14 years (design estimate Assistant
anyway – it has already happened. When they get the first three months). Curiosity, the 2012 rover, is still roving $37,807.90 - $45,955.74/yr.
indication of a successful landing, they are cheering an after six years – three times its design life. The Jet Pro-
event that took place too many minutes ago. pulsion Laboratory, Boeing and Lockheed Martin Space’s Filing Deadline: : 4:00 p.m., May 11, 2018. Performs a wide
At this point, the craft has turned its long axis to face work has proven reliable. variety of administrative and support functions for Arcata’s
East and West on Mars to keep two solar arrays’ shadow We have used up our alotted time with the lander, As- public transportation system including ticket sales, providing
out of the work area, and maximize the robot arm’s work trotech and NASA folks are encouraging us to finish up. schedule and fare information, and responding to customer
space. For InSight’s only power during its one SOL (a Mar- The next group is prepping. As we reverse the gowning inquiries and complaints. The position will also serve as a
process we realize how hot and moist it was getting inside back-up driver when necessary with the City sponsoring the
tian year, about two Earth years) mission is from the Sun. selected candidate through the DOT process of obtaining
Like Curiosity, the last lander, a rover, InSight does ev- our suits. And these professionals work all day this way. It a Commercial Driver’s License. EOE. Application packet
erything very slowly. It is move, check, move, take a pic- is nice to be out in the open air. available at: www.cityofarcata.org or City Manager’s Office,
ture, check, move. Unloading the science experiments is InSight will begin its 301 million mile journey this Satur- 736 F Street,A Arcata; (707) 822-5953. 5/2, 5/9
planned to take two weeks and all they are doing is un- day, May 5, at SLC 3, Vandenberg AFB near Lompoc, Cali-
loading a seismometer and burrowing 15 feet into the fornia on a ULA Atlas V. Go Atlas, Go Centaur, Go InSight!

NOTICE OF PETITION TO the personal representative will PROFESSIONALS sonal representative, as defined in Case No. JV170072 resented by an attorney. If you do doing business as:
ADMINISTER ESTATE OF be required to give notice to inter- CA 1505981 section 58(b) of the California Pro- To Jeremy Cringle and anyone not have an attorney and cannot BEITH CREEK COMPANY ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE
VIOLA ETHEL RISLING ested persons unless they have 2301 S EL CAMINO REAL bate Code, or (2) 60 days from the claiming to be a parent of Kayden afford to hire one, the court will 1120 ANDERSON LANE FOR CHANGE OF NAME
RYERSON waived notice or consented to the SAN MATEO, CA 94403 date of mailing or personal delivery Daniels born on 4/11/2017 at Mad appoint an attorney for you. ARCATA, CA 95521 KRYSTAL LEE FARRIS
CASE NO.: PR180092 proposed action.) The independent This business is conducted by: to you of a notice under section River Hospital, Arcata, CA. If the court terminates your paren- COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT SUPERIOR COURT OF
To all heirs, beneficiaries, credi- administration authority will be A CORPORATION 9052 of the California Probate A hearing will be held on 7/2/2018 tal rights, the order may be final. TOM E. MENDENHALL CALIFORNIA
tors, contingent creditors, and per- granted unless an interested per- S/ DAVID A STURMAN Code. Other California statutes at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 7 located at The court will proceed with this 1120 ANDERSON LANE COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT
sons who may otherwise be inter- son files an objection to the petition /PRESIDENT and legal authority may affect your Superior Court of California, Coun- hearing whether or not you are ARCATA, CA 95521 CASE NO. CV180316
ested in the will or estate, or both, and shows good cause why the This statement was filed with the rights as a creditor. You may want ty of Humboldt, 825 Fifth Street, present. This business is conducted by: TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
of: VIOLA E. RISLING RYERSON, court should not grant the authority. Humboldt County Clerk on APRIL to consult with an attorney knowl- Eureka, CA 95501, Juvenile Divi- ATTORNEY FOR: AN INDIVIDUAL 1. Petitioner has filed a peti-
VIOLA E. RISLING, VIOLA E. RY- A hearing on the petition will be 18, 2018 edgeable in California law. sion, 2nd floor. CHILD WELFARE SERVICES S/ TOM E. MENDENHALL
held in this court as follows: KELLY E. SANDERS At the hearing the court will con- tion with this court for a decree
ERSON, VIOLA EVANS. You may examine the file kept JEFFREY S. BLANCK, COUNTY /OWNER
Date: MAY 17, 2018 SE DEPUTY CLERK by the court. If you are a person sider the recommendations of the changing names as follows:
Petition for Probate has been COUNSEL #115447 This statement was filed with the
Time: 2:00 PM 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16
interested in the estate, you may social worker or probation officer. Present name: KRYSTALL LEE FARRIS
filed by: GARY RISLING in the Su- KATIE BACA, DEPUTY COUNTY Humboldt County Clerk on APRIL
perior Court of California, County Dept.: 6 file with the court a formal Request The social worker or probation offi- to Proposed name AVA IONE ATWOOD
COUNSEL #188031 19, 2018
of HUMBOLDT. Address of court: Superior Court FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME for Special Notice (form DE-154) cer will recommend that your child 2. THE COURT ORDERS that all per-
of California, County of Humboldt, STATEMENT 825 FIFTH STREET KELLY E. SANDERS
The Petition for Probate re- of the filing of an inventory and be freed from your legal custody so sons interested in this matter appear
825 Fifth Street, Eureka, CA, 18-00229 appraisal of estate assets or of any that the child may be adopted. If EUREKA, CA 95501 SM DEPUTY CLERK before this court, located at 825 5th
quests that: GARY RISLING be
95501. The following person(s) is (are) petittion or account as provided the court follows the recommenda- (707) 445-7236 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/24
appointed as personal representa- Street, Eureka, California, at the hear-
If you object to the granting of doing business as: in Probate Code section 1250. A tion, all your parental rights to the DATE: APRIL 5, 2018
tive to administer the estate of the ing indicated below to show cause, if
the petition, you should appear at SEQUOIASONG PUBLICATIONS Request for Special Notice form is child will be terminated. Clerk, by Kim M. Bartleson, Deputy CITATION FOR PUBLICATION
decedent. any, why the application should not be
The petition requests the dece- the hearing and state your objec- 47 RAYIPA LANE available from the court clerk. You have the right to be present at 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2 UNDER WELFARE AND
granted. Any person objecting to the
dent’s will and codicils, if any, be tions or file written objections with TRINIDAD CA 95570 Attorney for the petitioner: the hearing, to present evidence, INSTITUTIONS CODE
name changes described above must file
admitted to probate. The will and the court before the hearing. Your PO BOX 2551 ZACHARY CURTIS, GALE & and you have the right to be rep- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME SECTION 294
a written objection that includes the rea-
any codicils are available for ex- appearance may be in person or by MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 NIELSEN resented by an attorney. If you do STATEMENT Case Name: Robert Smith
sons for the objection at least two court
amination by the court. your attorney. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT 2850 HARRIS ST not have an attorney and cannot 18-00186 Case No. JV170107
days before the matter is scheduled to be
The petition requests authority If you are a creditor or a contin- CYNDY M PHILLIPS EUREKA, CA 95503 afford to hire one, the court will The following person(s) is (are) 1. To Bradly Howarth and any and
heard and must appear at the hearing to
to administer the estate under the gent creditor of the decedent, you 47 RAYIPA LANE (707) 269-0167 appoint an attorney for you. doing business as: all unknown alleged fathers and
must file your claim with the court TRINIDAD CA 95570 4/18, 4/25, 5/2 If the court terminates your paren- CARTER HOUSE INNS anyone claiming to be a parent of show cause why the petition should not
Independent Administration of Es-
and mail a copy to the personal This business is conducted by: tal rights, the order may be final. 301 L STREET Robert Smith born on 3/16/2017 be granted. If no written objection is time-
tates Act. (This authority will allow
representative appointed by the AN INDIVIDUAL The court will proceed with this EUREKA, CA 95501 at Mad River Community Hospital, ly filed, the court may grant the petition
the personal representative to take
any actions without obtaining court court within the later of either (1) S/ CYNDY M PHILLIPS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME hearing whether or not you are COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT Arcata, CA. without a hearing.
approval. Before taking certain four months from the date of first /OWNER STATEMENT present. HOTEL CARTER & WINE 2. A hearing will be held on Date: JUNE 6, 2018
very important actions, however, issuance of letters to a general per- This statement was filed with the 18-00189 ATTORNEY FOR: CELLAR INC. 8/6/2018 at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 7 lo- Time: 1:45 p.m.
the personal representative will sonal representative, as defined in Humboldt County Clerk on APRIL The following person(s) is (are) CHILD WELFARE SERVICES 301 L STREET cated at Superior Court of Califor- Dept.: 4
be required to give notice to inter- section 58(b) of the California Pro- 18, 2018 doing business as: JEFFREY S. BLANCK, COUNTY EUREKA, CA 95501 nia, County of Humboldt, 825 Fifth 3. A copy of this Order to Show Cause
ested persons unless they have bate Code, or (2) 60 days from the KELLY E. SANDERS NORTHWEST INVESTMENT COUNSEL #115447 This business is conducted by: Street, Eureka, CA 95501, Juvenile shall be published at least once a week
waived notice or consented to the date of mailing or personal delivery SM DEPUTY CLERK COMPANY KATIE BACA, DEPUTY COUNTY A CORPORATION Division, 2nd floor. for four successive weeks prior to the
proposed action.) The independent to you of a notice under section 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16
1450 BROADWAY ST COUNSEL #188031 S/ MARK CARTER 3. At the hearing the court will con- date set for hearing on the petition in
administration authority will be 9052 of the California Probate EUREKA, CA 95501 825 FIFTH STREET /PRESIDENT CEO sider the recommendations of the the following newspaper of general
granted unless an interested per- Code. Other California statutes COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT EUREKA, CA 95501
This statement was filed with the social worker or probation officer. circulation, printed in this county: Mad
son files an objection to the petition and legal authority may affect your FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME RICHARD W LITTLEFIELD (707) 445-7236
Humboldt County Clerk on APRIL 4. The social worker or probation River Union.
and shows good cause why the rights as a creditor. You may want STATEMENT 5300 CUMMINGS ROAD DATE: APRIL 5, 2018
4, 2018 officer will recommend that your Date: 4/23/18
court should not grant the authority. to consult with an attorney knowl- 18-00213 EUREKA, CA 95501 Clerk, by Kim M. Bartleson, Deputy
edgeable in California law. The following person(s) is (are) 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2 KELLY E. SANDERS child be freed from your legal KELLY L. NEEL
A hearing on the petition will be BETTY J LITTLEFIELD
You may examine the file kept doing business as: 5300 CUMMINGS ROAD SM DEPUTY CLERK custody so that the child may be Judge of the Superior Court
held in this court as follows:
4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2
adopted. If the court follows the 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/24
Date: MAY 24, 2018
interested in the estate, you may 5720 WEST END RD CHRISTOPHER M PITZER UNDER WELFARE AND recommendation, all your parental
Time: 2:00 PM
Dept.: 6 file with the court a formal Request ARCATA, CA 95521 3415 OREGON STREET INSTITUTIONS CODE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME rights to the child will be terminat- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
Address of court: Superior Court for Special Notice (form DE-154) COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT EUREKA, CA 95503 SECTION 294 STATEMENT ed. STATEMENT
of California, County of Humboldt, of the filing of an inventory and PACIFIC CREST DISTRIBUTION STEVE M PITZER Case Name: Kayden Daniels 18-00192 5. You have the right to be present 18-00248
825 Fifth Street, Eureka, CA, appraisal of estate assets or of any INC. 3775 ERIE STREET Case No. JV170072 The following person(s) is (are) at the hearing, to present evidence, The following person(s) is (are)
95501. petittion or account as provided 5720 WEST END ROAD EUREKA, CA 95501 To Jeremy Cringle and anyone doing business as: and you have the right to be rep- doing business as:
If you object to the granting of in Probate Code section 1250. A ARCATA, CA 95521 SUZANNE J LITTLEFIELD claiming to be a parent of Kayden BAND ARTS resented by an attorney. If you do BOB’S FOOTLONGS
the petition, you should appear at Request for Special Notice form is This business is conducted by: 2518 F STREET Daniels born on 4/11/2017 at Mad 2520 BOLIER AVE. not have an attorney and cannot 505 12 ST.
the hearing and state your objec- available from the court clerk. A CORPORATION EUREKA, CA 95501 River Hospital, Arcata, CA. MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 afford to hire one, the court will FORTUNA, CA 95540
tions or file written objections with Attorney for the petitioner: S/ ERIC WIGGIN, CFO BENJAMIN B LITTLEFIELD A hearing will be held on 7/2/2018 COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT appoint an attorney for you. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT
the court before the hearing. Your TIMOTHY J. WYKLE #216943 This statement was filed with the 2231 WYCLIFF LANE at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 7 located at LISETTE E. SPEK 6. If the court terminates your pa- JESSE G. CHOWN
appearance may be in person or by MATHEWS, KLUCK, WALSH & Humboldt County Clerk on APRIL EUREKA, CA 95503 2520 BOLIER AVE. rental rights, the order may be final.
Superior Court of California, Coun- 246 SUNNYBROOK DR.
your attorney. WYKLE, LLP 13, 2018 This business is conducted by: MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 7. The court will proceed with this
ty of Humboldt, 825 Fifth Street, FORTUNA, CA 95540
If you are a creditor or a contin- 100 M STREET KELLY E. SANDERS A GENERAL PARTNERSHIIP This business is conducted by: hearing whether or not you are
Eureka, CA 95501, Juvenile Divi- EHAB M. HADDADIN
gent creditor of the decedent, you EUREKA, CA 95501 SC DEPUTY CLERK S/ RICHARD W. LITTLEFIELD AN INDIVIDUAL present.
4/18, 4/25, 5/2 sion, 2nd floor. 371 FRANKLIN AVE.
must file your claim with the court
4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9
This statement was filed with At the hearing the court will con- FORTUNA, CA 95540
and mail a copy to the personal /OWNER CHILD WELFARE SERVICES
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE the Humboldt County Clerk on sider the recommendations of the This business is conducted by:
representative appointed by the This statement was filed with the JEFFREY S. BLANCK, COUNTY
court within the later of either (1) Humboldt County Clerk on APRIL COUNSEL #115447
four months from the date of first 5, 2018 KATIE BACA, DEPUTY COUNTY
issuance of letters to a general per- SUPERIOR COURT OF BETTY WYONIA ROSS SM DEPUTY CLERK cer will recommend that your child /OWNER
be freed from your legal custody so KELLY E. SANDERS COUNSEL #188031
sonal representative, as defined in CALIFORNIA CASE NO.: PR180088 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9
This statement was filed with the
that the child may be adopted. If SC DEPUTY CLERK 825 FIFTH STREET
section 58(b) of the California Pro- COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT To all heirs, beneficiaries, cred- Humboldt County Clerk on APRIL
the court follows the recommenda-
4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/
EUREKA, CA 95501
bate Code, or (2) 60 days from the CASE NO. CV180322 itors, contingent creditors, and FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME 24, 2018
persons who may otherwise be STATEMENT tion, all your parental rights to the (707) 445-7236
date of mailing or personal delivery TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: KELLY E. SANDERS
1. Petitioner has filed a peti- interested in the will or estate, or 18-00198 child will be terminated. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME DATE: APRIL 26, 2018
to you of a notice under section SE DEPUTY CLERK
tion with this court for a decree both, of: BETTY WYONIA ROSS. The following person(s) is (are) You have the right to be present at STATEMENT Clerk, by Kim M. Bartleson,
9052 of the California Probate 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/24
changing names as follows: Petition for Probate has been doing business as: the hearing, to present evidence, 18-00231 Deputy
Code. Other California statutes
Present name: AMBER LEA READ filed by: PENNY ROSS in the Su- NORTH COAST FABRICATORS and you have the right to be rep- The following person(s) is (are) 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23
and legal authority may affect your
rights as a creditor. You may want PATZLAFF to Proposed name AM- perior Court of California, County 4801 WEST END RD
to consult with an attorney knowl- BER PATZLAFF WOODWARD of HUMBOLDT. ARCATA, CA 95521
edgeable in California law. 2. THE COURT ORDERS that all The Petition for Probate re- COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT
You may examine the file kept persons interested in this matter quests that: PENNY ROSS be AQUATIC DESIGNING, INC CITY OF ARCATA
by the court. If you are a person appear before this court, located at appointed as personal representa- CA 2573014 NOTICE OF ARCATA CITY COUNCIL PUBLIC HEARING
interested in the estate, you may 825 5th Street, Eureka, California, tive to administer the estate of the 4801 WEST END RD FOR A LAND USE CODE AMENDMENT
file with the court a formal Request at the hearing indicated below to decedent. ARCATA, CA 95521
for Special Notice (form DE-154) show cause, if any, why the ap- The petition requests authority This business is conducted by: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Arcata City Council will conduct a Public Hearing on Wednesday, May 2,
of the filing of an inventory and plication should not be granted. to administer the estate under the A CORPORATION 2018, beginning at 6:00 p.m. (or as soon thereafter as can be heard) in the City Council Chambers, Arcata City Hall,
appraisal of estate assets or of any Any person objecting to the name Independent Administration of Es- S/ TIMOTHY J CROWLEY 736 F St., to consider a Land Use Code text amendment to allow cannabis retail sale and service land use activities.
petittion or account as provided changes described above must file tates Act. (This authority will allow CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER
in Probate Code section 1250. A a written objection that includes the the personal representative to take This statement was filed with the This item was originally noticed for April 18, 2018, City Council meeting that was adjourned early before this item
Request for Special Notice form is reasons for the objection at least any actions without obtaining court Humboldt County Clerk on APRIL was heard.
available from the court clerk. two court days before the matter approval. Before taking certain 9, 2018 Project Description: The City Council will consider introducing Ordinance No. 1501 to amend the City’s Zoning
Attorney for the petitioner: is scheduled to be heard and must very important actions, however, KELLY E. SANDERS
appear at the hearing to show the personal representative will SE DEPUTY CLERK Ordinance, the Land Use Code (Code), to add permit requirements for cannabis retail and service land uses and
P.O. BOX 361 cause why the petition should not be required to give notice to inter- 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9 activities. The proposed amendments will affect sections: 9.26.030, Table 2-10 Allowable Land Uses; 9.28.130 Can-
TRINIDAD, CA 95570 be granted. If no written objection ested persons unless they have nabis Innovation Zone Combining Zone; 9.42.040 Accessory Uses; and 9.42.105 Medical Cannabis: Cultivation and
(707) 442-4431 is timely filed, the court may grant waived notice or consented to the FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
the petition without a hearing. proposed action.) The independent STATEMENT Dispensing. The Code amendments will require a Use Permit for cannabis retail sale and service land use activities.
4/18, 4/25, 5/2
Date: JUNE 11, 2018 administration authority will be 18-00176 The City proposes to limit the number of Use Permits for cannabis retail sale and service land use activities.
NOTICE OF PETITION TO Time: 1:45 p.m. granted unless an interested per- The following person(s) is (are) Project Type: Land Use Code Text Amendment
ADMINISTER ESTATE OF Dept.: 4 son files an objection to the petition doing business as:
3. A copy of this Order to Show and shows good cause why the TRINIDAD MASSAGE AND
Location / Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APN) / Property Owner: The Code text amendment affects commercial
CASE NO.: PR180086 Cause shall be published at least court should not grant the authority. DAY SPA and industrial zoned parcels.
To all heirs, beneficiaries, cred- once a week for four successive A hearing on the petition will be 529 TRINITY ST Applicant: City of Arcata
itors, contingent creditors, and weeks prior to the date set for hear- held in this court as follows: TRINIDAD, CA 95570
File Number: 178-047-LUCA
persons who may otherwise be ing on the petition in the following
interested in the will or estate, or newspaper of general circulation, Time: 2:00 PM PO BOX 74 Zoning: Commercial Central, Commercial General, Commercial Mixed, Industrial Limited, Industrial Limited 2 –
both, of: SCOTT STEVEN ESKRA. printed in this county: Mad River Dept.: 6 TRINIDAD CA 95570 Creamery District, and Industrial General with a Cannabis Innovation Zone Combining Zone.
Petition for Probate has been Union. Address of court: Superior Court KATHERINE T PERRY General Plan: Commercial General, Commercial Mixed, Commercial Central, Industrial-Limited, and Industrial-Gen-
filed by: STEVE ESKRA AND Date: 4/16/18 of California, County of Humboldt, 1765 LUNSFORD AVE
CATHERINE GRACE in the Supe- WILLIAM P BARRY 825 Fifth Street, Eureka, CA, MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 eral.
rior Court of California, County of Judge of the Superior Court 95501. This business is conducted by: Coastal Status: Some Commercial General and Commercial Central properties are located in the Coastal Zone.
4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16
If you object to the granting of AN INDIVIDUAL Environmental: The proposed Code amendments are exempt from environmental review according to California
The Petition for Probate re- the petition, you should appear at S/ KATHERINE PERRY
quests that: STEVE ESKRA AND FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME the hearing and state your objec- /OWNER Code of Regulations § 15061(b)3 as there is no possibility the activity will have a significant effect on the environment.
CATHERINE GRACE be appoint- STATEMENT tions or file written objections with This statement was filed with NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that anyone desiring to present testimony regarding said project may do so prior to or
ed as personal representative to 18-00226 the court before the hearing. Your the Humboldt County Clerk on at the public hearing noticed herein.
administer the estate of the dece- The following person(s) is (are) appearance may be in person or by MARCH 29, 2018
doing business as: your attorney. KELLY E. SANDERS NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the information regarding the proposed project and environmental review may
The petition requests authority PLEASURE CENTER If you are a creditor or a contin- SM DEPUTY CLERK be reviewed at the Community Development Department at Arcata City Hall, 736 “F” Street, Arcata, on weekdays
to administer the estate under the 1731 G STREET; SUITE D gent creditor of the decedent, you 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9
between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Phone 707-822-5955. Contact person: Joe Mateer, Senior Planner.
Independent Administration of Es- ARCATA, CA 95521 must file your claim with the court
2301 S. EL CAMINO REAL and mail a copy to the personal CITATION FOR PUBLICATION NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that, pursuant to state law, “If you challenge City action on a proposed project in court,
tates Act. (This authority will allow
the personal representative to take SAN MATEO, CA 94403 representative appointed by the UNDER WELFARE AND you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this
any actions without obtaining court COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT court within the later of either (1) INSTITUTIONS CODE notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the hearing body at, or prior to, the public hearing(s).
approval. Before taking certain ASSOCIATED SYSTEM four months from the date of first SECTION 294
APPLICATION issuance of letters to a general per- Case Name: Kayden Daniels
Publish Date: May 2, 2018, 1/8 page ad MRU
very important actions, however,
B4 M AD R IVER U NION M AY 2, 2018

These shy, sweet pups need a happy home

edwood Pals has been working with two shy shep- its of the shelter’s generosity towards a dog that will never
herd girls, Marina and Trinity. These two have come go up for adoption there.
so far and could use foster or adopter I think this dog would blossom in a home
homes to help them come the rest of the way with other dogs and a nice fenced yard to re-
out of their shy shells and be the wonderful lax in. She has a personality that will melt
dogs that we know them to your heart! If you would be interested in
be. fostering this big girl, please contact us at
Marina is a young adult redwoodpalsrescue@gmail or the phone
female German Shepherd number below.
mix. We would guess her to The other shy girl we’ve been working with
be around 2 years old. Her is Trinity. Trinity is about 8 months old and
face looks like she could could be a shepherd and cattle dog mix. She
have Doberman or Rott- is fairly small, probably under forty pounds.
weiler in her, but her body Trinity was posted on Craigslist one day and
is definitely German Shepherd dog. abandoned in a crate in front of Sequoia Humane Society
Marina had been spotted on the riverbank in the Carlotta the next. Perhaps some people think that leaving your dog
area when someone noticed that she had a fishhook stuck outside a shelter will take care of a rehoming issue, but
in her mouth (and not a little one, either). Animal control unfortunately it doesn’t really work that way. Trinity was
was contacted and due to her shyness, they had to use a transported to the Humboldt County Shelter in her crate,
catch pole to capture her. It can be fairly traumatic for any which was then parked inside a
dog to be at the end of a catch pole, but for a shy dog, it kennel. Trinity was so scared that
is terrifying. The kind animal control officer didn’t really she didn’t really want to come out
have a choice, as the fishhook had to be removed for Ma- of her crate for quite a while. One
rina to survive. of the kennel staff was able to win
Add in that Marina had likely been living outside for a her trust and found out that Trin-
while, and the shelter did not become her favorite place to ity also loves other dogs, which
be. In the eight weeks that she has been at the shelter she we then used to help her be more
has made enormous progress. comfortable with us.
We have been giving her meat scraps, brushing her, She has been out walking and Trinity
leashing her up and introducing her to other dogs. We have playing with other dogs and is
found that she is very dog-friendly, likes being brushed, a very happy little pup! In her kennel she is still a little
prefers being outside, is sensitive to loud sounds and is shy about new people and she will have to overcome that
Artisan Tofu, Sauerkraut & Pickles completely non-aggressive towards humans. She likes to to make it to the Adoptable wing of the shelter. If we can
sit in the sun with me and is so much more relaxed than get her out sooner, that’s one less occupied kennel. Trini-
she was at first. ty would be happy in a home with other playful dogs and
With another two months, we could probably get her people who have some patience and will help her shed the
much closer to a “normal” dog, but that is pushing the lim- last of her shyness. She is a lovely little dog and will make
a great family pet.
Ask for us in your favorite market, restaurant or deli Both of these girls are available for foster or adoption

Tofu Shop Specialty Foods, Inc., Arcata, CA through Redwood pals Rescue, who can be reached at
www.tofushop.com 707-822-7401 Since 1980 redwoodpalsrescue@gmail.com or by calling (707) 839-
Mobile 9692.

t t
In other news, the shelter’s Saturday afternoon adop-
Rentals tion event, Wags and Whiskers, is coming up on May 12.

You can fill out an adoption application at the shelter
Temporary and Portable fencing ahead of time so as to be pre-approved for adoption on
Security Storage Containers that day. Some shelter dogs and Redwood Pals dogs can
Mobile Offices also be seen this Saturday, May 5, at the May Day Arti-
ARCATA INTERFAITH sans Fair at the Blue Ox Millworks. Come on out and meet
(707) 443-6600 them!


$18 ADVANCE, $20 AT THE DOOR Shaffer recommends:
Tickets: Wildberries, the Works or AIGChoir.org Fetzer Pinot Noir
t t On sale for $5.99 from
May 2nd through May 15th.
This Pinot Noir is smooth and
Forbes & Associates
dark in color with pleasant
Broker/Owner aromas of rich ripe berries.
Independent In Arcata: At Wildberries Marketplace 826-1088
suewho1@aol.com 707.677.1600 In Eureka: 2297 Harrison 442-6082 • 209 E Street 445-2923 Meet Shaffer Smith
DRE#: 01144007 sueforbes.com • At Pierson’s 476-0401 Wine and Liquor Coordinator
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361 Main St, Trinidad COASTAL SPECIALIST

Join Us in Supporting Ryan for

5th District Supervisor 2018
Jim Baker, Trinidad City Council
Virginia Bass, 4th District Supervisor
Rex Bohn, 1st District Supervisor
Marian Brady, Eureka City Council Member
John Corbett, McKinleyville Community Services District
Estelle Fennell, Humboldt County Supervisor 2nd District
Rich Grissom, Fieldbrook Elementary School District Trustee
Erik Howell, California Coastal Commission
Jared Huffman, Congressman
Ryan Jackson, Chair, Hoopa Valley Tribe
Frank Jager, Mayor City of Eureka
Tim La Londe, Willow Creek Fire Dept. Chief
Fiona Ma, Member State Board of Equalization
Dennis Mayo, McKinleyville Community Services District
Mike McGuire, California State Senator
Brian A. Mitchell, Humboldt County Planning Commission
Thomas O’Rourke
Susan Rotwein, Mayor of Trinidad
Jack Shepherd, Fieldbrook School District Trustee, Fieldbrook Fire Chief
Roy Sheppard, Fieldbrook/Glendale Community Services District
George Wheeler, McKinleyville Community Services District
Jim Wood, California State Assemblymember
Blue Lake Rancheria
Sundberg for Supervisor 2018 Operating Engineers Local 3, District 40, AFL-CIO
Hoopa Tribe
PO Box 2979 sundberg4supervisor.com Trinidad Rancheria
McKinleyville, CA 95519