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Practice Plan

Attacking Moves 1 Dan Visser

Topic Coach

Organization Description Coaching Points

 Lanes (5X12 yds.): 2-3 1. Players perform specified  Quick feet.
Fundamental Warm-up

players per lane footwork to far line then  Scissors and stepovers: low
pass to the next player: around the ball. “Mow the
Ouside-Inside (1), O-I (2), grass.”
O-I-Scissors, O-I-Double  Plant foot: next to the ball.
Scissors, O-I-Stepover, O-I- Don’t reach.
Double Stepover  1: “How many touches can
2. Players self pass and repeat you get?”
specified scissor/stepover  2: “How many moves can
combination at 1st line you get?”
without touching the ball.
“1 v. 1 Attacking Box”  Player A attacks; scores by  Attack the defender with
Match Related Activity 2

dribbling through the box. speed: laces dribbling.

 Player B defends; cannot  Keep the ball moving
leave the box. forward (i.e. scissors vs. V).
 If A scores, B stays and the  Timing of move: before
next player in the opposite entering the box but late
line attacks. enough to be deceptive.
 If A is unsuccessful, he/she  Use outside of the foot to
becomes the defender and beat the defender.
the opposite line attacks. B  Explode past the defender.
joins the back of a line.
“2 v. 2 Transition”  Team O attacks Team X and  1st attacker: attack with
Match Related Activity 3

tries to score. speed.

 Team X defends and tries to  “How can we create 1 v. 1
kick the ball out of bounds. situations?”
 After O scores or the ball  2nd attacker: stay away and
goes out of bounds, the behind the ball. Overlap?
defenders are off and the  1 v. 1: attack!
attackers become defenders.  1 v. 2: pass?
 X sends two new players
with a ball to attack O.

 Encourage players to create

Match Condition Game

and attack 1 v. 1 situations.