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Export Drilling International, LLC

Export Drilling International, LLC ABOUT US

is a diversified oilfield supply company providing As an exporter and international sup-
a complete range of equipment and replacement plier of oilfield equipment and related
parts. We offer professional, dedicated services to parts, EDI has significant capabilities
the international drilling industry, including Aus- and expertise to ensure the efficient
tralia, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. and timely movement of goods and
material worldwide. Both our ware-
EDI is a well-resourced company, striving for house facilities in the USA and The
excellence and total customer satisfaction. We Netherlands are in close proximity to
directly serve our customers by offering our ex- ports and airports as well as related
ceptional supply capabilities and service. As a re- services including foreign freight
sourceful company, EDI aspires to become one of forwarders, packers and container
yards. Our multi-lingual facilities and
the leading oilfield suppliers providing effective
logistics personnel provide pack-
solutions to its valued customers. ing, documentation and specialized
We have extensive experience and expertise to han- services.
dle and execute all aspects of oilfield procurement.
Our experience guarantees the customer with high
quality, cost effective, prompt and professional Contact EDI
for complete
parts and services. oilfield services,
oilfield equipment
& oilfield supply.
Procurement Services
Procurement has become a strategic, proactive process that contributes to
profitability, corporate growth and a competitive advantage.

Packing Documentation Special Services

• Consolidation-multiple orders, • Packing lists-detailed, • Inspections - on site
multiple manufacturers accurate, multiple copies or at dock
• Marshalling & staging • Certificates of Origin, Certifi- • Witness testing
cates of Compliance,
• Crating-to any specification Certificates of Conformity • Plant inspections
• Phytosanitary wood packing • Commercial invoices - • Expediting - order tracking,
materials legalized & chamberized status reports
• Marking and tagging • Cargo receipts • Special financing
• Lagging-wire & cable • Hazmat certificates • Letters of credit
• Containerization-packing, • Material safety data sheets • Sight Drafts
blocking, bracing, drayage (MSDS) • Time drafts
• Air and ocean shipments- LCL, • Waybills, bills of lading
full container and break-bulk • Wire transfers
• Pro forma invoices • Delivered pricing, to port, air-
• Hazmat certified packing
port, door, or jobsite
• Air and Ocean shipments anywhere
• Nesting • Trans-shipments -
International Sourcing

Utilizing our export and international services, our customers receive their material in good
condition as ordered, while obtaining real cost savings by taking advantage of our agency
contracts and eliminating the necessity for this exacting work to be in-sourced.
Partial Customer List

Algeria India Kuwait South America

Anadarko (Groupement Aban Offshore Ltd. Burgan Company Petreven, C.A. – (Argentina,
Berkine Sonatrach) Dalma Energy & Co LLC Peru, Venezuela)
Dalma Energy & Co LLC Deep Water Services (India) Ltd.
ENAFOR (Entreprise Nationale Essar Oilfield Services Ltd.
de Forage) Great Offshore Ltd.
ENAGEO (Entreprise Nationale Jagson International LTD
de Geophysique) Jindal Drilling and Industries Ltd.
ENSP (Entreprise Nationale Punj Lloyd
des Services Aux Puits) Quippo Oil and Gas Infrastructure
ENTP (Entreprise Nationale Ltd. Madagascar
des Travaux aux Puits) Madagascar Oil S.A. Tunisia
HESP (Halliburton Entreprise De Compagnie Tunisienne
Services Aux Puits Spa) Sonatrach De Forage

CV. DNR Global Tama Supply Mauritius
CV. Energy Putra Perkasa Essar Oil Fields Services Ltd
Austrailia Nations Petroleum
AJ Lucas Mitchell PT Barata Nusatama Prima Thailand
Drilling Tools Australia PT Mitrasejati Utama Century Energy Services
MB Century Drilling Vision Drilling Pte. Ltd.

Dalma Energy & Co LLC
MB Petroleum Services LLC
China Shaleem Petroleum Company United Arab
Quanzhou Twindisc Trading Co.Ltdl Italy S.A.O.C. Emirates
Drillmec SpA Arabian Ocean Services
LP Drilling SrL Blue Sea Industrial Equipment
Perazzoli Drilling S.R.L. Saiffee Marine LLC
Revoil S.R.L.

Egypt Qatar
OGDC Nafta Pila Dalma Energy & Co LLC
Pyramid Drilling S.A
Sakson Egypt S.A.E. Vietnam
Essar Oilfield Services Ltd.
Capital Drilling
Indeco LLP
JSC Karazhanbasmunai
Maersk Oil Kazakhstan Gmbh
Drill Pipe and Equipmen
Engineered Products & Services
Parts and Products
Export Drilling International, LLC specializes in the supply of a wide range
of drilling equipment, and spare parts. We supply API Equipment for overall drilling
efficiency for demanding oil and gas applications in a full range of sizes and types.

Air Compressors Drilling Control Equipment Kelly Spinners, Stabilizers, Oilfield Drill
Blowout Preventer And Engines & Parts Kelly Cocks String
Control Systems Elevators Kelly Pup Joints Subs
Blowout Preventers & Explosion Proof And Light Towers Swivel Joints
Spares TEFC Motors Mud Agitators, Swivels & Hammer
Brakes & Parts Filters Desanders, Desilters, Unions
Brake Rims & Band Shale Shakers, Temperature Indicators/
Fishing Tools & Degassers & Parts
Bushings, Master & Kelly Downhole Equipment Recorders
Mud pump Suction Hoses Thread Protectors
Butterfly Valves & Gate Valves for BOP
Gate Valves & Parts Hydraulic Drilling Mud Pumps & Parts Traveling Blocks
Casing Gate Valves & Parts Mud screens & shale Tongs
Cementing Equipment Generators Top Drives
Oilfield Hoses: BOP,
Centrifugal Pumps Handling Tools Rotary, HP Turbines and Downhole
Centrifuges, Drilling Heavy-Weight Drill Pipe Motors
Overshots Sucker Rod
mud/fluid High Pressure Rotary win Disc Torque
Pup Joints Converters and Fluid
Choke & Kill Hoses Hoses
Releasing and Circulating Couplings
Choke Manifolds Hooks & Swivels & Parts Overshot Valves, Ball
Circulating Heads Hole Openers Rig Instrumentation Valves, Butterfly
Closing Units and Hoses, Rotary, Standpipe, & Parts
Related Spares Steel Valves, Check
Rig Lighting And
Control Systems Hydraulic Amplifiers Electrical & Parts Valves, Float
Crown Blocks Hydraulic Casing Tongs Rig Safety Systems Valves, Gate
Desander, Desilter Hydraulic Clamps Rig Tools Valves, Kelly
Double Studded Adaptors for Drilling Rotary Swivels Valves, Manifold
Drawworks & spares Hydraulic Fishing Rotary Hoses, Valves, Mud
Drawworks & Parts Instrumentation Vibratory Hoses, Valves, Mud Pump
Junk Catcher Junk Subs Choke & Kill Hoses Valves, Needle
Drill Bits
Kellycocks, Kelly valves, Safety Clamps Slips Valves, Plug
Drillpipe, Drillcollars,
Hevi-Wate Drillpipe, Inside Bops & Parts Safety Joints Valves, Relief
Stabilizers Kelly and Casing Tongs, SCR Systems & Parts Washpipe
Drill Pipe Drilling Rig Solids Control, Drilling Watermakers & Parts
Drill Pipe Elevators Kelly and Pipe mud treatment
Straighteners Welding Equipment
Drilling Choke Control Stabilizers
Kelly Wipers, Drill Pipe Winches
we are Proud Distributors for
CPC Custom Safety Products
B.O.P. Closing Units, Test Units: Safety pad II FR for rotary table, safety pad II FR
www.cpcmfg.com for moveable pipe rack, safety pad II FR for der-
rick area and steps, safety pad CS 150 for pipe
rack: www.customsafetyproducts.com

Joliet Equipment Corporation

DC Motors, AC Motors, High Torque Drilling Drillmec
Motors, Traction Motors Derricks and offshore, masts, substructures, mo-
www.joliet-equipment.com bile drilling rigs, hydraulic drilling rigs, hydraulic
top drives, triplex mud pumps, drawworks, HH
series drilling rigs, mechanically driven MR-
NRP Jones series rigs, G-series drilling rigs :
Hydraulic Hose, Hydraulic Fittings, Hydraulic www.drillmec.com
Adapters, Hydraulic Assemblies, B.O.P. Hose,
Rotary Hose, Choke & Kill Hose: Drives Incorporated
www.nrpjones.com Roller chain, conveyor chain, precision
attachment chain, auger products:
TSC Manufacturing and Supply, LLC. www.drivesinc.com
Fluid Ends, Drill Pipe, Mud Pump Expendables,
Pulsation Dampeners: www.tscsupply.com Innovative Electronics
Integrated drilling cabins, drawworks controls,
automatic drilling systems, travelling block
Twin Disc controller, electronic crown protector, rig floor
Power Take Offs, Pump Drives, Electronic instrumentation - analog and digital:
Controls. EDI is not a distributor but a www.innelect.com
representative/supplier of genuine Twin Disc ®
Products. Twin Disc is a registered trademark of JC Valves
Twin Disc Inc.: www.twindisc.com Gate valves, globe valves, check valves,
ball valves, forged valves:
Global Manufacturing www.jcmiddleeast.com
Kelly Valves, Top Drive Valves, IBOP Valves
and Pump-In-Subs: www.globalvalve.net
Logan Oil Tools
Oilfield fishing tools (overshots, impression
blocks, spears, die collars, junk baskets, ditch
BOP Products LLC magnets, fishing magnets), drilling, milling and
Licensed API 16A (Pending) B.O.P.’s and spare cutting tools (junk, subs, rotary subs, junk mills,
parts, Ram Blocks, Flanges - Blind & Weld Neck, cutters), bumper, subs, wireline jars,
Double Studded Adapters - all sizes, riser spools hydraulic jars: www.loganoiltools.com
build to specification.
MCM Oil Tools
Through Hendra, our strategic partner in the Chokes, kill line, choke line, Cameron type F,
Netherlands, we are also distributors for: FC & FL valves, WKM type valves, Shaffer type
valves, Flocon type valves, check valves,
cup testers, pulsation dampeners:
American Block www.mcmoiltools.com
Drilling equipment - sheaves, travelling blocks,
hooks, rotary tables, swivels, mud pumps, Flow- O’Drill / MCM
line - hammer unions, cementing and circulating Centrifugal pumps, cyclone pump, skid
hoses, swivel joints, integral fittings and pup packages, gate valves, shear relief valves,
joints, ring gaskets: www.americanblock.com reset relief valves, float valves, butterfly valves,
plug valves, shale shakers, mud cleaners &
Blohm + Voss Oil Tools conditioners, shaker screens, mud agitators,
Links, elevators, elevator/spiders, slip lifter, floor- desilters & desanders, mud hoppers,
hand, pipe spinner, power slips, manual tongs, mud guns, mud buckets: www.odrillmcm.com
bushings, manual slips, safety clamps, dual
elevator system: www.blohmvoss-oiltools.com

USA Office Algerian Office

Export Drilling International, LLC Salim Igloui – Manager
16173 Whittier BlvdWhittier, CA Hassi Messaoud
90603 USA Mobile: +213 550 967 376
Phone : + 1 562 947 3341 Fax: +213 29 731 830
Fax : + 1 562 943 0414 Email: edi.algerie@gmail.com
Email : info@exportdrilling.com

Netherlands Office Hendra Trade France

H.K. Pootplein 1 (Strategic Partner)
2636 GJ Schipluiden La Source
The Netherlands 30140 Corbès, France
Phone :+31 (0) 15 285 55 72 Phone: +33 (0) 4 6661 8486
Fax: +31 (0) 15 257 17 98 Fax: +33 (0) 4 6654 9463
Email: logistics@exportdrilling.com www.hendra.nl