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Table 7: Template for Peer Observation 1 & 2

Please ensure that the observer /‘critical friend’ has a copy of the lesson plan.
Peer Observation Number:
Date/Time: Name of Student Teacher to be observed:
26/2/2018 Anood Saleeh

Setting: Grade:
Classroom 3
Area of Focus: Name of Observer/Critical Friend:

Haya Ibrahim
Learning Outcomes:
In the end of the lesson student will be able recognize what
are the tree kinds of pollution .
In the end of the lesson student will be able to identify
what is pollution .

In the end of the lesson student will be able to explain the

effects and causes of pollution.
In the end of the lesson student will be able to create
example of land, water Pollution.



Observed Strengths: Suggestions for further development:

Teacher talk was more than 15 mints. Try to give important

Engaging worm up ideas and then move to the activity, and if student don’t
- Asking different levels of question. understand the point explain it.
- discussion
- Showing pictures and they are clear attract students Use Timer if you need
- Quick activity in the PowerPoint
- Relating to students experience
- Showing real example of pollution causes
Having hands on activity
- students create pollution of water and land “ Hands on
Activity “
- She ask direct questions and students were explaining
She is taking space in the class
- Going around to the students and listen to them .
Reflection (to be completed after discussion of Peer Review with colleague): e.g. how did you feel about conducting a formal
observation? How did your colleague feel about being observed? How did you feel about discussing your observations with your
colleague after the lesson? How did your colleague react to your assessment? Did she agree with your evaluation? Which of the
suggestions you made will your colleague apply in her next lesson? Do you and your colleague feel that this was a valuable
experience? Why/Why not?

Peer observation help me in developing my strengths and weakness, where in starting my partner tell me the
positive points , to encourage me and made me feel that I did something greet, and also give some ideas of
how I can improve them if I want for example the giving some hints of lower level students , to encourage
them to give more answers and participate more . on the hand she give me her point of view on my way of
teaching that on some parts am staking on it , and this takes from the other parts of lesson them , and am
agree with her because I didn’t reach to the elaborate part with the students because of the short time.
However my teacher talk is more than student talk and this is my biggest problem, but according to her I
can be absent from it , by providing the important points for the students , am give examples from realty
because this help the student to understand much batter and swifter and then move to the activity part
which is the second hand for the teacher to aid the student in understanding, and if the student didn’t
understand a point during the lecture he / she will clarify during the activity , because this part itself teach
student more things. And in the next lesson I will try to apply this suggestion and will see the result.

Observing each other is important because this is one element that helps the persona to move ahead and this
approach help me in moving and generating novel ideas for upcoming lessons.