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RC Father Side

Lecture # 3: Siang-co Zun-nio Baptized at San Gabriel Church
A Chinese Community in Binondo.

Rizal’s Ancestry (1697 at the age of 35)

Lam-co He adopted the name Domingo

migrated to the Philippines
1600’s (1690)
(Domingo Lam-co / Lamèo)

Father Side Agustin Chin-co Jacinta Rafaela Domingo Lam-co

was invited by two Spanish friars
(Fr. Francisco Marquez & Fr. Juan Caballero)
to settle in San Isidro Labrador in Biñan
Domingo Ines de la Rosa
Ines de la Rosa Laguna a Dominican estate
Lam-co / Lamèo Chinese Christian girl of Manila/
Building of irrigation (Tubigan)
Chinese mestiza resident of Parian

Half the age of his husband

Domingo Francisco Mercado
Ines de la Rosa Domingo Ines de la Rosa
Lam-co / Lamèo Lam-co / Lamèo Gesture of gratitude to a friar of
the same name

Mercado (1731) “Market” Spanish mestizo friar famous for his

Many Chinese merchants also adopted botanical studies
the same surname Francisco Mercado Josepha Didnio
(1731) (lived only for 5 days)

Francisco Mercado

Francisco Mercado Cirila Bernacha Francisco Mercado Bernarda Monica Settled his family at Hacienda of San Juan
Jose Rizal Native of nearby Bautista in Calamba.
Ma. Cielito G. Reyno
by Gregorio hacienda of San Pedro
& Sonia Zaide Tunasan Hostility to Chinese immigrants because a
local Chinese supported the British against
the Spaniards

He forced to return his family to

Biñan Laguna

Francisco Mercado
Francisco Mercado Cirila or Bernarda Juan Mercado Cirila Alejandro
Active in local politics Chinese-Filipino
elected as town’s capitan del pueblo /
gobernadorcillo (municipal mayor) One of Domingo Lam-
in 1783 co’s godson
Juan Mercado Clemente Mercado
He died in 1801

Francisco Mercado Rizal

Juan Mercado
Cirila Alexandro May 11, 1818 in Biñan Laguna
Juan Mercado
Elected as town’s capitan del pueblo
College of San Jose in Manila:
“Capitan Juan” Latin and Philosophy

In 1812 have the privilege of electing the “a model of fathers”

Philippine representative to Spanish
12 other kids Francisco Mercado

Teodora Alonso y Realonda

Lost his father at the age of eight (8)

November 8, 1826
He helped his widowed mother in
Francisco Mercado Teodora Alonzo
Realonda College of Santo Rosa
managing the family’s business.
Refined culture, literary talent,
business ability and others

Mother Side
“My mother is a woman of more than ordinary
culture; she knows literature speaks Spanish
better than I. Lakandula Eugenio Ursua Benigna
She corrected my poems and Japanese ancestry Filipina
gave me good advice when I was The last native king of Tondo
studying rhetoric.
She is a mathematician & has read many

Eugenio Ursua Benigna Regina Manuel de Quintos Brigida Lorenzon Alberto
Filipino-Chinese Alonso
Lawyer Spanish Filipino Mestizo


Teodora Alonzo Realonda Francisco Teodora

Lorenzon Alberto Died: August 16, 1911
Brigida Alonso
Before her death the government offered a
life pension
Saturnina Paciano Narcisa Olimpia
But she rejected it

Narcisa Teodora Gregorio Manuel Jose

Francisco Teodora Francisco Teodora
Saturnina “Neneng”
(1850 – 1913)
Lucia Maria Jose Concepcion Josefa Trinidad Soledad
Married to Manuel T. Hidalgo
of Tanawan Batangas

2 Paciano For Jose Rizal:

(1851 – 1930) Paciano
He was a second father
Narcisa “Sisa”
(1852 – 1939)
He had two children with Severina Decena “wise Pilosopo Tasio”
Confidant of Jose Rizal
“most noble of Filipinos” & “though an Indio, Married to Antonio Lopez
more generous & noble than all the Spaniards (a school Teacher and
Joined the Philippine Revolution
put together” nephew of Fr. Leoncio Lopez)
Died: April 13, 1930

4 5 Lucia 6
Olipia “Ypia” (1857 – 1919) Maria “Biang”
(1855 – 1887) (1859 – 1945)
Married to Mariano Herbosa
Married to Silvestre Ubaldo (nephew of Fr. Casanas Herbosa) Married to Daniel Faustino Cruz
(telegraph operator from Manila)

Jose Rizal
Baptized: June 22
7 Born: June 19, 1861 (Wednesday)
(Fr. Rufino Collantes)
His mother who was a devotee of St. Joseph ( San Jose)
Jose Calamba, Laguna Province Philippines
(1861 – 1896)
Jose: St. Jospeh
His mother almost died during the delivery
Protasio: 4th century saint who was
because of his big head
Bishop of Milan
“my coming out in this vale of tears would
have cost my mother her life...”

8 Concepcion “Concha” 9 Josefa “Panggoy”
(1862 – 1865) (1865 – 1945) Trinidad “Trining”
(1868- 1951)
She died of sickness at the age of 3 She died an old maid at the age of 80
She died an old maid at the age of 83

The surname Rizal

“I am the only Rizal because at home my
11 Decree by parents, my sisters, my brother, and my
relatives have always preferred our old
Soledad “Choleng” Governor-General Narciso Claveria
surname Mercado...
issued a decree in 1849
(1870 – 1929)
Allowing the Filipinos to change their names. It seems that I am an illegitimate son”
She married Pantaleon Quintero -Jose Rizal

The Mercado’s Family “Principalia”
1875: Don Francisco leased additional
lands in Pansol One of the distinguished families in Calamba
Leased farmland from its Domincan owners
Dominicans allowed
Don Francisco harvest rice in the area Carriage: symbol “ilustrados”
Before 1768: The Domincan estate
belonged to the Jesuits. free of rent for five years Private library (largest in Calamba)
More than 1,000 volumes of books
Inquilino or primary tenants Children were able to study in Manila & even
Corn, dyestuff, rice and sugar cane
in Europe

Two-storey building, rectangular in shape,
built of adobe stones & hard-woods,
Doña Teodora Agricultural town
roofed with red tiles.
managed a general goods store and
Near the town church Owned by: Dominican friars
operated a small flour-mill and
home-made ham press. Main product: Sugar

Poultry yard full of turkeys and chickens

Big garden of tropical trees

• South: Mt. Makiling and
province of Batangas
• East: Laguna de Bay and
Islands of Talim
• North: Antipolo
(Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage)