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Pharmacy name and

SOP prepared by SOP reviewed by
(full name and role) (full name and role)
Signature Signature
Date SOP prepared SOP reviewed date
SOP version number SOP version number

 This SOP sets out the dispensing processes to be followed when dispensing prescriptions
 This SOP does not cover:
o Supply of items requested via a signed order
o Supply of medicines for a monitored dosage system (MDS) – refer to relevant MDS SOP
o Supply of a Controlled Drug (CD) – refer to relevant CD SOPs

 IMPORTANT: The RP must be signed in to be able to undertake the steps involved in dispensing a prescription
o Generating dispensing labels
o Taking medicines off the dispensary shelves
o Assembling the item
o Labelling containers with the dispensing label
o Accuracy checking
 Refer to the “delegation of responsibilities” notes to ensure that for each action/activity to be delegated, it
takes into account the competency of the relevant team member to carry out that action/activity

Please refer to the NPA Dispensing process best practice resource for additional information and guidance.

© The National Pharmacy Association. July 2017.

Take in the prescription and
Private prescription
confirm all patient details
are present on prescription

NHS prescription

Verify exemption status Non-exempt

where applicable. Mark Exempt Ensure the reverse of the Obtain price
“evidence not seen” box if prescription is completed and advise the
not presented by patient patient

Advise patient of waiting Return

Ascertain whether item(s) is/are time and annotate Patient disagrees script to
in stock prescription accordingly
if the patient is waiting or
coming back Private prescriptions/
Non-exempt NHS prescriptions
Refer to
relevant legal Perform clinical check of Take payment or mark prescription
and clinical the prescription - P to indicate pending payment
check SOP

Check that patient has a

patient medication
record (PMR) and if not, Refer to the NPA
create one Dispensing process
best practice
Generate labels

Item(s) not Carefully select the medicine(s),

in stock Select stock and place in checking the name, strength,
Refer to basket/tray; ensure stock formulation and quantity for each
relevant is selected using the item
ordering SOP prescription and not the
If there is an owing, refer to relevant
owings SOP

© The National Pharmacy Association. July 2017.

Apply label to space designated
by manufacturer if applicable; Apply label(s) to the
otherwise, take care not to cover item(s) and initial
up name, strength or other dispensed box on the
important information label
Correct any errors; advise the staff
Check: Carry out an accuracy member who dispensed the item of
 Each item on the prescription check and initial the the error and enter the details into
 The label against the prescription “checked” box on the the near-miss log
 The stock container and the label – P (or accuracy
dispensed product against the
 The label against the dispensed
Complete NPA
 The bag label against the Bag the item(s)
prescription Patient Safety
 A patient information leaflet is Incident Report
included Form
 The expiry date of all items

Count the number of items and

confirm it is corresponds to the
number of items on the
prescription(s) Seal bag(s) with bag label/attach
bag label to bag (delete as

Attach prescription and any alert

stickers/ notes to the main bag

 Place fridge items in the fridge Store bag(s) in an

and mark bag appropriately appropriate location(s)
 Place CD items in the CD cabinet until collection
and mark bag appropriately

Place CDs in CD cupboard

© The National Pharmacy Association. July 2017.